By: Mister Allen

Episode 15

“What’s going on here?” Lara asked looking at Jeff suspiciously, “why is Mr Benson so angry?”
“I said some things I shouldn’t have said” Jeff confessed, “things like what?” Lara asked, Jeff looked back and forth still wondering how to respond, “things like what?” Lara said raising her voice, “I was telling him some horrible things about your boss, I called him a womaniser; I didn’t know he was your boss till after you returned” Jeff explained, “I also said worse things but I didn’t mean to offend him, I assumed I was talking to a total stranger.”
“Hand me my bags” Lara said snatching her luggage from him, “I’m going to Enugu” she announced, leaving Jeff standing confused while she tried to catch up with Mr Benson.

Jeff could only hope that all would be well as he headed back home that day.
Lara called him much later to let him know that she had arrived safely and although she had convinced Mr Benson to allow her go on the trip, he was still being cold to her.
As Jeff retired to bed to sleep that night, he could tell it was going to be a long and lonely week ahead without Lara at home and being jobless didn’t help at all.

The next morning, Lola shocked him with the news that she had an important resit exam coming up and she had to stay with her friend on campus so she could make use of the library to study late into the night, “who’s going to take care of Jojo in your absence?” Jeff had asked, “you of course!” Lola retorted, “isn’t she your daughter?”
On hearing those words, Jeff knew there was no point arguing because if he insisted, he might come home one day to meet Jojo locked up in the house all by hersel.

He made a call to one of his aunts, Aunty Fanny who was very fond of Jojo, her husband died a few years ago from colon cancer and since then she had been living alone with her house-help. Colon cancer is cancer affecting the large intestine, its cause is currently not known but factors such as smoking, heavy drinking of alcohol, family history of colon cancer, taking foods low in fibre and high in fats are thought to increase the risk of getting it.


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