(They are both cr@zy ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??

SEASON 1 episode 1


“Bryan! Where is my white shoe?” I yelled angrily at my three year old brother who was playing with his face cap in my room.

“I.. I.. The water closet was dirty, and I saw your shoe, and I thought it would wash it better than the soft brush.” He said fondling with his fingers.

“What!!! You used my shoe to wash the WC!!” I yelled running into the toilet to meet my shoe in the WC.

“Ah!! Mother!! I am going to kill Bryan!” I yelled storming out of the toilet.

Bryan was already looking at me with great fear. He knows very well when I am so mad, I can’t control it.

I rushed to where he sat on my bed and carried him by his feet in anger. I turned him upside down and stormed to the living room.

His hands and head kept jangling as I walked and instead of crying, he began to laugh.

He is so annoying, he thinks I am joking with him!

“Mother, I will flush Bryan in the WC!!!!” I yelled making her run out of the kitchen.

“Bryan.” She called running to me. She quickly carried him from me hiding him behind her back.

“Your son used my white shoe to wash the WC!!!” I yelled and I saw her laugh.

“Mother is it funny?” I added rolling my eyes.

“Calm down Sarah, he is just trying to be a good child. Since you refused to wash your toilet, he decided to help you do it.” She said smiling.

“So he had to use my shoe?” I asked again angrily.

“Mother her shoe was thicker than the brush. And I wanted to surprise her.” He said grinning.

“Mother tell him to shut up before I strangle him.” I said walking close to mother.

“Bryan that is enough. Sarah am sorry, you can just get a new shoe.” Mother said pouting her mouth.

“That is why I didn’t want a younger brother, he is too annoying!” I stormed back to my room slamming the door angrily.

? Introduction ?

I am Sarah Hart. I am 25 years old, and I am the first and only daughter of my parents.

I am known everywhere for my hot temper and that makes people fear me so much.

I work as a secretary in my father multi billionaire company, where I am paid good cash, so I have never thought of any guy when I have my own money.

These past few days, mother and father had always been on my neck asking me to bring an husband home.

But I am really not interested in any relationship for now, but they doesn’t seem to understand. They keep reminding me of my age.

Any one who will marry me has to be a very gentle person, if not we will kill ourselves in the house.

? End of Introduction ?

“Sarah daddy is back!” Mother yelled jolting me out of my thought.

“So?” I yelled back throwing my wonderful white shoe in the waste bin outside my room.

“Don’t be so rude , he wants to speak with you, come down now!” She yelled again.

I rolled my eyes walking down the stairs still fuming in anger. I bought that shoe $100.

“Hi Father.” I said standing in front of him.

“How are you Sarah? Sit here.” He said tapping the space very close to him. I sat close to him, while mother sat with Bryan in front of us.

Bryan kept grinning and I shot him a deadly look making him frown.

“Sarah, there is a very wonderful offer for you.” Father said facing me and smiling.

“In the company?” I asked.

“No. It is about your relationship.” He replied.

“Father I am not in any relationship.” I said rolling my eyes.

“I know Sarah, and that is why Harry Wick is coming to visit with his family tomorrow.

” Harry wick? Who is that?” I asked frowning.

“A very rich guy who needs a wife urgently.” He replied looking at mother.

“So you are giving me to him? When I don’t even know him?” I asked angrily.

“Calm down, I am not giving you to him. He is the son of my business partner, so I asked him to come check my daughter out.” He replied.

“Mother are you listening at all? Why are you so silent?” I asked.

“Sarah it is your choice. If you don’t like him when you see him, you can’t say no. No one is forcing you.” Mother said smiling.

“Father, mother, whosoever that Harry is, my answer is no. Even when they arrive, I won’t show up.” I said firmly, standing up from the couch and walking to my room.

“Sister Sarah can I play with your phone?” Bryan said behind me.

“If I see you in this room, I will slaughter you!” I smacked making him laugh.

“Mother Bryan mustn’t come close to my door!” I added before running up the stairs.

How will father take that kind of step without telling me. What does he take me for?

I will make sure that Harry will regret coming here. I will make sure I lock myself in my room.

I don’t want a boyfriend talk less of an husband, don’t they understand?

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