STRANGE BEAUTY: Episode 11 – The End

Episode 11

?Strange Beauty ?
?[Diary of a beautiful she dev!l] ?

By: Blessing D writes
? Dana’s POV?
“Dana?? What’s happening to you?” I heard Jason’s voice.

Yes there was something else happening to me, a lot blue lights surrounded me lifting me up.

Everyone just starred at me on their feet.

For some minutes I forget about the pains and watched the lights.

This is just so unbelievable.

Even the Dean teaching us kept quite and observed me.

Is this because I haven’t mastered my power’s yet.

Did this happen to all of them here too? I continued thinking.

“I don’t no what’s happening to me” I replied Jason who was also on his feet.

Then the pain hit at me again when I saw that demon man stab me a second time.

I screamed loudly and struggled with him.

“Dean, you have to do something, make the pains stop” I heard Barry tell the Dean who continued watching me.

“Please help me” I cried and held unto my chest.

My hair kept floating in the air.

“Please help, I feel like dying, just make the pains stop” I cried even more loudly and the Dean came to me and stretched his hand up to my head and placed his thumb on my forehead.

The pains stopped immediately and I fell on the floor relived of it.

“G0sh, this is so painful” I winched when my bvtt hit the floor.

Jason and Barry ran to me immediately.

“Are you okay?” They both asked and I nodded.

“Go have some rest, that’s it for today” the Dean said and left almost immediately.

There was this unexplainable look on his face since he saw what happened to me.

I can’t really tell but I feel he knows what just happened and why its happened.

Barry was the one that escorted me to my room and left me at the door.

Jason of course could have come along but can’t because he can’t get into the place made for Tara’s.

I think its part of their rules.

Barry left immediately and I went to lie down to sleep, I think all my energy got drained when I had that vision or should I call it imagination?

?Dean’s POV ?
I got to my office and sat down ruminating on what I saw.

That seems really strange.

When I touched her I felt a lot of power in her.

Why is she this powerful? I kept thinking but my thoughts got disrupted by the door opening.

I looked up to see Sam, Sam is also one of the teachers here.

Let’s say he got his powers from touching my book and he is also very powerful and my closest friend.

We have lived here for the past 20 years waiting for all the Tara’s and mano’s to show up.

“I heard what happened” he began taking his sit.

“Is it true? Are what the students gossiping about true?”

“Did she really exhibit those powers?” He asked at once and I nodded.

“Yes, I’m still shocked at it, her powers are very very strong, its almost uncontrollable.,

“I lost a lot of energy trying to calm her down” I explained.

“And I also saw someone familiar in her vision when I touched her, I’m not too sure because her powers are too strong, I couldn’t have a look at his face clearly but I have a feeling about who he is” I explained further.

“Okay, who do you think he is?” He questioned and I hesitated for a while.

“Like I said,I have a feeling but I’m not too sure, I think I saw Deli dee dev!l in her vision” I revealed and he gasped and looked back Immediately.

“Don’t mention his name again, but seriously?”

“What could he be doing in the little girl’s vision?” He inquired muttering his words.

“I don’t no, I have been thinking” I answered him.

Deli’s name is forbidden, we aren’t allowed to mention his name here because of the sins he committed.

“We have to check her very well, we have to make sure she becomes pure and free from ev!l” he said and I nodded in agreement.

“Perhaps Deli is trying to send a message to us through her” I suggested.

“A message? What message? He has been lost for ages, could he just come out from know where and starts sending message to us?”

“The only way he can send a message through her is if they have an connection, Deli is too powerful and dangerous, do you think he did anything to her or do they have a connection?” He asked.

“I don’t no Sam, I seriously don’t no” I answered.

“But we have got to do something about it,unfortunately the only person we can tell about this can’t come out till next year,should we call him out?” He asked again.

“No, we will find a way to handle it if its keeps on coming, but once its gets out of hand we’ll inform him” I replied him and he sighed deeply.

“She needs to be pure, we have to make sure of it, with her powers if she turns ev!l this place won’t be safe for any of us and if Deli is trying to get her we’ll have to find a way to stop him.”

“We surely have to stop him” I said aloud.

Who is Deli dee Dev!l(DDD) and what do you think is truly happening??

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