(They are cr@zy ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 1 episode 21


I sat in the living room thinking about yesterday. I sighed rolling my eyes checking the screen of my phone.

It was weekend and it looked just like the week days, boring as ever. Harry was in the room and I didn’t feel comfortable around him.

I heard a knock on the door and I rushed to get it. I opened the door and I saw Bryan and mother grinning.

Bryan looked so handsome in his suit and I kept wondering if we had a special outing.

“Sarah!” He called jumping on me.

“Bryan!” I replied holding him tight. Though he is troublesome, I really missed him.
“Mother.” I called putting Bryan down and hugging her.

“How are you?” She asked smiling.

“I am good. Please come in.” I said and Bryan ran in instantly.

“I won’t be staying for long. Have something to do, make sure you take care of him okay?” She said kssing my cheeks.

“Okay mother. Love you.” I replied and she walking away smiling.

I locked the door and I walked back to where Bryan was. He kept admiring his suit and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Bryan why are you dressed in your graduation suit?” I asked grinning.

“I want to impress Piper.” He said proudly making me laugh louder.

“Piper? Seriously? And who told you she lives here?” I asked furrowing my brows.
“No one. If she doesn’t stay here, you can help me call her.” He said happily when I heard footsteps from the stairs.

I looked up and I saw Harry looking at us coldly.

“Your Harry?” Bryan yelled and I shot him a deadly look.

“Woah he looks so handsome today!” He said running to him and I was scared he would push him away.

But to my surprise he opened up for him and carried him swaying him in the air, as they both laughed
I stared at Harry speechlessly, I have never seen him smile, talk less of laugh. He looked so cute when he smile.

“Dude you look stunning.” He said dropping Bryan and adjusting his suit.
“I do!!! OMG! Piper will so love this.” He jumped happily.

“Now I get why you dressed so good. I will give her a phone call and she will be here in no time.” He said and my mouth dropped open.

Seriously!! He will call her for Bryan? My brother? What is wrong with him.
I stared at him as he laughed with Bryan and my lips curved into a smile.

He looked at me still smiling and I quickly looked away. I feel weird seeing him like that.


I ignored Sarah and walked to get my phone, so I could call Piper.
? Hey Piper

? Hi Harry. *happily*

? I have something for you. But hold on, why are you the one answering the calls. Where is Mother?

? She is busy in the kitchen. What do you have for me?

? Tell mother to bring you over. Someone you would love to see is here.

? Love to see? Who Is that?

? Bryan.

? Bryan!!!! Mother I need to get to Harry’s house!!!! * yells happily*

? I will be expecting you.

I hung up and walked back to the living room. I saw Bryan and Sarah laughing when i got there.

They looked up to look at me while I smiled back at of course Bryan.
“Is she coming?” He asked eagerly.
“Sure she is.” I replied.

“Yes!” He yelled jumping up while I sat on the couch opposite where Sarah was seated.
She was with her phone doing some stuffs, she didn’t even bother taking a look at me. I stared at her and I saw Bryan beaming widely.

“She Is yours.” He whispered into my ear and my mouth dropped open.
“Why are you small children thinking about things your brain can carry.” I asked furrowing my brows.

“I am way smarter than you think.” He replied boastfully making me burst into laughter.
I looked at Sarah again and I saw she wasn’t even listening. She was already engrossed with whatsoever she was doing.
She looked very serious and I was forced to wonder what she could be doing.

I heard a knock on the door and I stood up to get it.
“She is here.” Bryan whispered happily hitting Sarah. Who for the very first time looked up from her phone.

I got to the door and opened it to see Piper dressed very beautifully.
“Okay this children are insane.” I mumbled as she jumped on me.
“Harry!” She called happily.

“How are you girly.” I replied carrying her and locking the door.
“Great.” She replied looking around the living room.
Her gaze fell open Bryan and her mouth dropped open.

“Put Me down please.” She said eagerly. I nodded and placed her on the floor.
She rushed to where Bryan was and stopped in front of him.

They both looked at each other smiling and I couldn’t stop staring at them. They looked so cute.

“Piper.” Sarah called happily.
“Sarah!” She called hugging her tight.

“I thought you were both eager to see each other some minutes ago. Now you can’t even say anything to each other?” I asked and I saw Bryan stare at her.
“I am short of words. He looks so cute.” Piper said shyly and I saw Bryan grin.

I was becoming uncomfortable with the discussion. I really wish I had someone to act this way to me.
“Let’s play.” Bryan said and Piper nodded.

“So you want to play to indirectly express your feelings?” Sarah askrd giggling.
“Let’s play.” I answered and she looked at me coldly.

“Let’s okay hide and seek!! I hide from Bryan and then Sarah hides from Harry, then you both look for us.” Piper rapped and I looked at Sarah who also stared back at me.

“Please don’t say no. It will be fun, no one is busy anyways, today is Saturday.” Bryan said pouting his mouth.

“Fine.” Sarah and I chorused and we ended up looking at each other again.
“Yipi!!! So you guys stay here while we go hide!” Piper yelled pulling Sarah with her.

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