(They are cr@zy πŸ˜‚)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š
SEASON 1 episode 11

This girl really has some nerves. I walked to the kitchen to pick up some pancakes too. Since she is fake, I don’t expect any meals from her.

I walked to my living room and sat on the couch devouring my pancakes, when my phone rang in my pants pocket.

I dropped the pancakes on the plate and removed my phone from my pocket. I saw the callet through my Trucaller app.

It was the contract chairman. Mr Bruce.

πŸ“² Mr Bruce.

πŸ“² Mr Harry, how are you?

πŸ“² Great Sir.

πŸ“² We will be having a meeting on Friday at Crowns Motel.

πŸ“² Okay sir, I will be there. *happily*

πŸ“² You have to come with your wife, you know this is the first stage of the contract. Mr Barman will be present too.

πŸ“² My wife? *rolls his eyes*

πŸ“² Yes, she needs to be present, Mr Barman’s wife has to be present too.

πŸ“² Okay Sir, no problems. We will be there.

πŸ“² Okay, meet you there at 6pm.

πŸ“² Okay.

He hung up and I placed my phone on the centre table thinking about what he just said.

“How will I tell Sarah she will be following me to an official meeting.”

I stood up and wore a straight face summoning courage. At least, I am still her husband.

I walked to the room and I saw her busy with her phone. I moved to the bed thinking of how to place my words.

“Ernn Sarah.” I called coldly. She rose up her head and looked at me coldly.

“We will be going for an official meeting on Friday.” I said.

“Why? That wasn’t part of the plan.” She said calmly. That’s strange.

“Yes, but you should know that anything could come up.” I added.

“Fine, I will, only on one condition.” She smirked.

“Condition? Because you want to follow me to an outing? You wants be saying anything!” I smacked angrily.

“I guess you will have to take one of those b**ches you draw along then.” She replied facing her phone.

“And how do you know I draw?” I asked furrowing my brows. I know she would have gone into my art studio.

“My condition is, Once I follow you to that meeting, I will be allowed to go anywhere I want anytime.” She smirked.

“What? You are my wife… Yes fake wife tho, but you can’t just be seen anywhere.” I replied angrily.

“Then I am not going anywhere!” She smacked and laid on the bed covering herself with the duvet.

I stood their looking at her angrily. I know if I didn’t comply, I would be at loss and all thus marriage shit will be in vain.

“Fine! Its none of my business where you go.” I replied.

“Good, consider it done.” She replied smiling.

I moved to the other side of the bed, I removed my shirt leaving me on only my p@nts. I carried my laptop and moved to the table.

The table was right in front of where Sarah faced. I intentionally sat there, knowing how hot I am. She will be able to see me clearly.

I brushed my hair back with my hands making my abs evident. I licked my lower lips before switching on the laptop.


I opened my eyes to see Harry with only shorts in front of me. He sat on the chair doing some things on his laptop.

I stared at his body, he looked so hot! I could see his abs neatly arranged, and his pink lips under the light from the laptop’s screen.

My mouth dropped open as I kept drooling over him. He is so f**king cute, he is just so arrogant and annoying.

I kept staring at him doing whatever he was doing when his phone rang. He turned to look at me, but I quickly shut my eyes pretending to be asleep.

“Hey, why are you calling me by this time. I am busy. Don’t come over, I don’t want to f**k anyone this night.” I heard him say and I spoilt my face in disgust.

So he fcks b**ches.

“Sarah don’t be silly. He draws them n@ked, why won’t he bl*eep them.” My mind said and I sighed heavily.

“He should at least respect the fact that he has a wife.” I mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

He looked back and I quickly closed my eyes, facing the other side.

Why do I even care? This is a fake marriage. He can do whatever he want and I will do whatever I want too.

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