The phone continued ringing and distracting chinedu. Finally it stopped ringing and Chinedu was busy walking around the room.

“Hmmm… I don’t think I should do this, how will she feel after this incident” Chinedu said running his fingers through his head. “and am definitely sure that Amara will here of this and I don’t want to ruin my relationship with her”.

“I love Chioma for real but I won’t do this to her, thats cowardice” he said looking at her body on the bed. He fetched his phone, open the camera and started taking pictures of her. As soon as he was through he dressed her up and carried her back to the bar chair and went back to his room to sleep…


Chioma forcefully woke up, looking around which looked surprised to her…

“Where am I? OMG” she shouted bringing out her phone from her pocket, checking the time and saw so many missed calls from Jake and Amaka.

“What? What happened to me? ” She shouted immediately and zipped down her trouser to be sure it wasn’t what she was thinking.

“Chinedu!!!!! Chinedu!!! Chinedu!!!!!” she shouted running upstairs to find him.

Chinedu heard her shouting and immediately came out of his room because he was partially not sleeping.

“oh Chioma you are awake” he said while a heavy slap landed on his face pushing him backward.

“Chinedu you are very stupid, you had the guts to drug me and r@ped me?” She shouted out crying.

“Cmon Chioma I didn’t drug or r@pe you, the alcohol was having great effect on you and that was same reason why I left you in the bar because if I took you upstairs to rest you would say I r@ped you”

“Shut up you liar… By the way where is Amara, where is she!!!!” Chioma barked in anger and tears”

“erm.. Erm ok am sorry for deceiving you but I swear I didn’t r@pe you, I only wanted you to be by my side tonight”

“(crying) Chinedu why??? Why?? Why did you do this to me, I thought you were a good person, God will punish you for this act” she said packing her things and left the house…

“hey chioma it’s almost 2am, I can’t let you risk your life. It’s late why don’t you stay then when it’s bright you can go”

Chioma gave him another slap before heading to the gate
“open this gate” she shouted hitting the gate while Chinedu’s gate man came out immediately.

“aunty where you dey vex go this night” the gate man said to Chioma.

“will you open this gate before I slap you to death”.

The gateman quickly opened the gate and made way for her to pass..


“Cindy how are you?”

“bro am fine how are you too”

“doing great, how is mum and dad have you heard from them”

“they are good, I spoke with mum. How is studies”

“stressful, my final exams is coming in three months time”

“wow finally you will be a doctor”

“haha yes dear. I will be coming to Lagos tomorrow, I want to get something”

“ok… So unfortunate that I won’t see you”

“oh that’s true, how is Port Harcourt and service”

“going fine Sha”

“hmm OK ooo we will talk let me do something”

“ok bro have a nice day”

Jake got to Lagos the next day but couldn’t see Chioma, she was giving lame excuses and probably dodging him. He finally left Lagos still wondering why Chioma was acting weird.

Six months later, Jake graduated and came to Lagos for his six months house training while Chioma was going for her service. Jake manipulated the location for her service, so she served in Lagos.

Their relationship was growing day by day but Chioma was still having this feeling that she betrayed him… Chioma was cooking when a knock landed on the door.

“who is there”


She quickly went to open the door and hugged him while he k!ssed her on the fore head…
“wow here is booming with aroma”

“(smiles) am cooking rice”

“Hehe am at the right time” he said sitting on a chair. It was actually Amaka’s house, a one room self contain.

“How is sister Amaka?”

“she is not yet back”

“ok.. Can I join you in the kitchen”

“Ermm… Ok no problem”

He assisted Chioma in few things before he asked her a question…
“My queen, ever since you left Enugu, you have been behaving weird to me”

“(stammering) weird as in how??”

“well never mind, hope the food is almost ready”

“(smile) sure”

Chioma one year service was almost over while Jake was presently in his sixth month of service. She was about going home after the day’s work when a guy approached her at the hospital gate.

“hello, you should probably be Chioma” the guy asked

“yes am Chioma can I help you??”

”I was asked to deliver this to you” He said giving her a brown envelope

“what’s it all about?”

” I don’t know, I was only sent to give you that”

“by who??, Who sent you”

“Don mic”

“Don mic?? I don’t know anyone with that name”

“I will be on my way, I have done my job”

“ok” she said still looking confused. She wanted to put the envelope inside her bag but later changed her mind and opened the envelop immediately…..

“Jesus Christ!!!” she shouted looking around and quickly hid the picture “OMG what’s this all about??”.

At this point she was totally confused and felt like crying…
“ahhhhh chinedu, the day he drugged me in his house” she said as tear flowed freely from her eyes

Chioma got home and cried herself out, she didn’t even talk to her sister as she was busy shedding voluminous amount of tears. The cry was getting out of hand and her sister couldn’t sleep that night.

“Chioma if you are not ready to tell me the reason why you are crying, I will send you out of this house or you stop crying let me have rest” Amaka scolded but she continued crying and lamenting…

“ok OK.. It’s OK, what happened, you just came back home crying over three hours now what’s the problem???”

“(panting) Chinedu!!! Chinedu” she said and burst into tears again

“what happened to him, did he do anything to you???”

“chinedu betrayed me,” she said bringing out the envelope from her bag and gave it to her sister

“what’s this??” she said opening the envelope.. “blood of Jesus. Chioma are you not the one in this picture??”

“(crying) chinedu drugged me I didn’t know when he did that”

“chioma listen to yourself chinedu drugged me I didn’t know when he did that” she mimicked in anger. “honestly chioma you are a big fool, I regret ever having you as a sister… Haven’t I warned you about chinedu after all I told you, you still went ahead going to his house, oh Chioma”

“I didn’t know he was this bad, he introduced the girl he wanted to marry to me which gave me an instinct that he wasn’t interested in me again. His fiance is my best friend”

“so you went to his house and he drugged you… Imagine”

“but the drink was from the bar, the cups we used I was the one who brought them. He also drank from same drink but I woke up in the bar realizing that I have been sleeping for hours”

” Chai.. Imagine chioma you are a disgrace, who knows he even r@ped you and took pictures of you. You better don’t be pregnant ooo because you can’t bear a cursed child in my house and uncle will not even accept you into his house”

“(crying)sister I hate the way you talk, did I know !!! He used a message to deceive me and am not pregnant is it because am in your house!!!”

“ok is that so…it’s your problem handle it mind you first thing tomorrow morning Just leave my house”

“sister!!!! I should leave your house??”

The next day, chioma was sick and couldn’t go to work, her sister didn’t even care, she gave chioma an instruction to vacate her house before she return from work…

“(still sobbing)”

She didn’t want to pick the call but later picked it incase it was from her work place.

“(dripping nose) hello who is on the line”

“hehehehe… Don mic”

“chinedu may God punish you, what sort of wickedness is this. I never knew you were this bad and harmful”

“hey hey hey don’t blab much, I hope you have seen the parcel I sent you of course I know you have seen it. The case here is very simple those pics you saw will get to your miserable boyfriend, to the social media and your timeline even the streets of Enugu if you don’t abide by the rule”

“(crying) chinedu what did I do to you, what’s so special about me that you can’t let me be. The same body I have is what Amara also have, I love Jake and not you Pls leave me alone”

“Hmmm… Interesting, let me make it clear to you I give you one week to meet me at eko hotel I have a special room there. As soon as you come, we will end all these by giving me your golden body”

“chinedu Pls Pls don’t do this to me, why don’t we look for other ways to sort this out”

“it’s so unfortunate that there is no other way…. Eko hotel room 104 I will be expecting you in one week time bye for now” he said and ended the call.

“no no noooo.. I can’t do this, I also can afford to see that pics on the media, it’s better I commit su!cide”
” that’s the best option, if I tell Jake about this, he would hate me for life”

Later in the evening, Amaka came back home and saw chioma lying on the chair sleeping

“whats this girl still doing in my house”

She touched chioma and her body was very hot…
“look at what she has put herself into… Chioma wake up!!!” she shouted tapping her..

“what are you still doing here,”

“sister am sorry na where do you want me to go to in this situation you suppose to be by me” she sobbing while her sister felt for her..

“it’s ok just relax everything will be fine am sorry for everything. I think we need to confront Chinedu” Amaka said placing Chioma’s head on her laps.

“he called today and said he gave me one week to meet him in eko hotel for him to have me else he will send the pics to Jake, post it on social media and even in the village”

“never!!! That guy must be sick”

“am already tired of life, I want to die”

“no no sweetheart don’t say that, we will resolve this. Have you told Jake about the incident on ground”

“do you want him to hate me forever?? I can’t tell him”

“Hmmm.. Jake won’t hate you, I know he loves you so much and we really need him now”

“(shaking her head) sister I can’t, I can’t… I will look like a s–t to him, I don’t have the courage”

“fine, I will help you talk to him okay”

“thank you, I hope he help matters”

“you have no problem. Let me get you drugs down the road, your body is hot and I think you need to rest for a long time. Have you eaten”

“no.. Lost appetite”

“don’t worry I will get you something tasty… Just forget chinedu he is going down”


“hehehe wow finally I will have her, she thinks she is smart after enjoying my hard earned Malaysian money. Chioma you must pay heavily and I will dig you on that day without mercy, next time she would know that no one messes with Don mic the Malaysian boy. But this adventure cannot just end like that”

“yes it can’t end there. I will have to plant a camera in the room which will record the s-x scene and I will still use that against her and continue f—–g her at intervals Hehehe.. Don mic the sharp guy”

“I will so so deal with chioma and that useless idiot called Jake I will tell him I have powers more than him. I will make him look like a fool and a worthless person and you know what… I will f–k chioma in his presence soon” he said smoking from his tobacco.

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