By Terri Savage


Thomas came downstairs and walked to the kitchen, getting there he saw Joyce cooking already.

“Honey” He said.

Joyce looked back and smiled.

Thomas dropped the nylon on the counter.

“You got the ingredients?” She asked.

“Yes” He replied.

“They will soon be here, what should I help with?” He asked.

“What can you help with? all you know to do is to fk” She scoffed rolling her eyes.


“Must you say it out loud?, but you know I’m a master in it right?” He winked.

” You can help me clean the plates” She said.

Thomas sp..anked her her @ss before going to the plates shelf.

” Thomas!!” She screamed.

” Yes baby” He winked again.

Joyce frowned and took out the ingredients and continue cooking.

Thomas took the plates to the sink and started washing them.

“Is it ro.mantic?” He asked, looking at Joyce.

“Nothing is ro.mantic here pe.rvert”.

“What did you expect when you fell in love with a playboy?” He said and laughed.

“I was planning to surprise you tonight but now that you got me annoy forget it” She said.



Two cars entered the mansion at the same period.

Hilliary’s parents came out from the first car and the twins came out from the second one.

Mr Samson looked around and smiled.

” Nice view”.

” I love when a house is painted in white” Janet said.

The twins smiled as they watched them admired the mansion.

” Your parents really have a nice taste” Mr Samson said.

” Let’s go in dad, you can’t stand here admiring the mansion forever” Hilliary said and they laughed.

” Okay let’s go inside” Janet said.

The four of them went towards the door and walked in.

They met Joyce setting the table and Thomas coming out with the plates.

” You people are here already?” Thomas said but suddenly his eyes widened.

Mr Samson too suddenly gasped at the same time.

He rubbed his eyes and looked at Thomas again.

Thomas too had his eyes on him.

The rest started looking at them in confusion.

“TK” Mr Samson called.

“Samson” Thomas called, surprise in his voice.

“The only baddest playboy in Clinton high” Mr Samson replied.

Thomas suddenly placed the plates on the ground and walked towards Samson.

They hugged each other immediately, taking the others aback.

“Thomas, I can’t believe I’m seeing you again” Samson said.

“I am shock to see you Sam” Thomas said and they broke the hug.

“Violence till..” Samson said.

“December, 25 December for peace” Thomas replied and Joyce gasped.

“Samson” Joyce called.

“Joyce” He called back.

Joyce left the table and ran to him, they hugged.

“The lady that tamed the baddie in Clinton high”.

“Wait!, what is going on here” Henry asked and they broke the hug.

“Samson here was my best friend in highschool, we were being called twins that time, we were the most popular students in school” Thomas replied.

” Honey, he is the Thomas you told me about?” Janet asked.

” Yes honey” Samson replied and she smiled.

” I can’t believe our parents knew each other” Hilliary said.

” Your wife is so beautiful” Janet said and pulled Joyce into a hug, Joyce hugged her back with smiles on her face.

“I can now see where Hilliary and Henry bonds came from, what we did from school came back to repeat again” Thomas said and the twins smiled at each other.

“Let’s eat” Joyce screamed.

Soon they all sat around the table, eating and talking about their past memories.

“Why did you left?” Thomas asked.

“Dad got into a serious attack and I was rushing to Nigeria but I got an accident too.

I lost my memories for a temporary time, I lost all my contacts and the time I came back.

I was told you left London, I tried tracing you but it wasn’t futile” Samson replied.

” Only God knows how I almost loss my mind when you left..”.

” He turned to a cry baby” Joyce said and Thomas laughed.

” Fate has brought us back again, this time nothing will separate us”.

Janet looked at Joyce and they smiled.

” And our sons are sharing the same bond” Thomas said.

“How are you copying with this mad man?” Samson said, pointing his hand at Hilliary.

“No bro, say mad men” Thomas said and the twins scoffed.

“It’s a good thing they are living in their own house, I can’t die at a early time” Thomas said.

“Hilliary got expelled from twelve schools in London” Janet said and everyone started laughing at him.

“Stop mocking me ” Hilliary pouted.

“Henry may be a bunch of trouble but Hilliary is the boss” Joyce said.

They continue laughing.


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