Ariel was caught short, because Dario kssed her. Her eyes were widened opened as Dario’s lips were on hers.

Dario broke the kss and smile. “I knew it. It wasn’t a dream. You kssed me that night” He said, and Ariel hiccupped.

“Should I get you a glass of water?” He asked and Ariel quickly stood up from his lap.


“Good… Goodnight” She stuttered and rushed out from Dario’s apartment.

Dario lie down on the couch and smile, with so much joy in his heart. “It feels so good to be kssed by the girl you love”

“Why did she kss me? Does she love me? Should I ask her out? Would it be better if I tell her how I feel?”

This was the questions Dario kept asking himself smiling. As for Ariel she spent the entire night, rolling on the bed smiling, she kept touching her lips throughout the night.

The following day, Jessica walked around the school’s library, looking for HOW TO BE A COP textbook.

They should have been on training, but the school decided to give them a training day off, to focus more on their books.

Jessica whose dream is to become a good cop, came to the library, to learn more about being a cop.

“I wondered where the textbook is” Jessica muttered searching around the library shelves and she smiled when she saw the text book.

She tried taking the text book, but her hand couldn’t get to it, and even when she raised her toes, she still couldn’t reach out for the book.

Someone helped her take the book from behind, and Jessica turned to look at the person. “Were you trying to reach out for this?” Leo asked, smiling.

“Yes, senior Leo” She said, and Leo smiled again.

“Here you go, Jessica” He said.

“You know my name?” She asked.

“Yes I do. I am a little bit closed to Dario, so that’s how I got to know your name” Leo said.

“Now I understand how you know my name”

“You are fond of books, right?”

“No I am not. I only love books that talks about being a cops” Jessica said, smiling.

“How sweet of you. You just have to get taller” Leo said ruffling her hair, and Jessica smile.

“Happy reading Jessica. See you at the training ground tomorrow” Leo said and walked away.

Jessica kept looking at Leo as he walked out of the library, smiling.

She sI.apped herself when she realized she was smiling. “Get a hold of yourself Jessica, it’s just Leo” Jessica said, and she got a call from her mom.

“Hello, mom” She said smiling.

“How are you Jessica?” Paulina asked.

“I am fine mom. Why did you call?” She asked.

“I just wanted to check up on my only daughter” She said, and Jessica smile.



Nora had a happy smile on her face as she waited for Jasper.

She was standing outside the boy’s dormitory, holding a shopping bag, with a cute smile on her face.

“Nora” Jasper called her name, and Nora turned to look at him with a smile on her face.


“What are you doing here Nora?” He asked.

“I came to give you this” She said, showing him the shopping bag.


“Well I…”

“Are you suddenly interested in me because I kssed you?”

“huh?” Nora muttered.

Jasper sighed and said. “Let’s get this straight Nora. I only kssed you because I was just trying to get rid of Priyanka”


“I am sure you heard me correctly Nora. I am not the kind of person that starts a relationship, so don’t fall in love with me”

“But I am already in love with you Jasper. I was in love with you way before you kssed me.

In order to get close to you, I became a student of MCC” Nora said as her eyes became watery.

“Then you are so stupid Nora”

“What?” Nora said and tears came rolling down from her eyes.

“I don’t know why you love me Nora, but you should stop loving me, because I won’t love you back”

“Then why are you nice to me?”

“I am nice to everyone, you’re just so stupid to realize that”


“Just get lost Nora. Here I thought that we can just be friends and you went ahead to fall in love with me, and even came to MCC, just because of me.

You are indeed so dumb. Don’t ever show your face in front of me again” Jasper said and entered the dormitory.

The shopping bag Nora was holding fell down from her hand. She fell to the ground too, crying.



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