By Terri Savage


Austin smiled seeing the big shock on their faces.

He was expecting this anyways, he knew they would be shock to see his face.

It’s quite shocking cos he never liked them, he was always against them, so it’s normal for them to be shock on seeing him.

“Austin” Henry called as he eyes kept widening, same thing with Hilliary.

“Guys stop staring at me like you saw a ghost” Austin scoffed and sat down on one of the couch.


The twins stood up from the floor with unbelievable eyes.

They glanced at each other before looking back at Austin who has his eyes on them too.

“Why did you risked your life to saved us?” Henry asked.

“Cos I’m not the guy everyone pictured me to be” Austin replied, rubbing his temples.

” But you hate us why saved us?” Hilliary asked still not getting why it has to be Austin that will saved them.

” I may hate you guys but that doesn’t mean I wish for you guys to die.

I’m not like that, the bomb was installed secretly, don’t expect me to tell you how I get to know about it but I had my eyes on you two, someone is after you Henry, I am glad I got here on time” Austin said.

“Honestly I don’t know what to say?” Henry said.

“I don’t expect you to have a say, Collins is still alive, I saved him from de.ath.

The same person is after his life too cos of Summer” Austin said and the twins moved closer.

” I know what is going on in your minds but I don’t like exposing him in the secret.

I love doing it in the public, same thing I did to Tiffany”.

“So where is Collins now? and why’s the person against us?” Henry asked.

” Somewhere safe, the person tried to kll Collins believing the vice president’s wife will come for you, I don’t want to talk much about it now” Austin replied.

” The public confession, you were behind it?” They asked.

Austin smiled and nodded.

” Right now, I am going to expose the person behind everything that happened.

Collins never tried klling you, he may hate you so much but he doesn’t have that heart, same with me.

I can’t kll another human, I don’t love Summer again, reason I didn’t have to change.

I don’t hate you guys, you can decided to believe me or not, I didn’t save you guys to earn your trust… I don’t need it” Austin said and stood up to walked out.

” Austin stop” Henry said and Austin stopped.

” I know we were never in good terms, I don’t know a thing about you but you’re someone who can’t pretend, thank you” Henry said.

“Come on, you don’t need to say thank you to a hero, I’m a hero” Austin said proudly and Hilliary h!t him.

“Ouch gee”.

“Id!ot, friends with the twins” Hilliary said.

“I rather be friends with pssy and bbs than mingle with Roman reigns and John Cena.

I don’t want my face getting pvnched again, I love my life, bye two mad men” Austin said funnily.

“Friends are the in house enemies be careful of people you called friends” Austin said seriously and left the house.

” We would have been dead by now” Hilliary said, making a cross sign.

“Friends?, what did Austin meant by that” Henry said.

“I don’t understand either but for him to know a bomb was secretly planted here is a clear evidence he knows everything happening and the person behind it, I really underestimated him” Hilliary said.

“I feel bad for pvnching”.

“Come on twinnie, he was a jerk back then.. don’t feel bad” Hilliary said and they hugged.


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