MEANT TO BE: Chapter 41-50

(being Elva)

Chapter 41

Zeemah writes?

?Monday Morning?

?Elva’s POV?

I smoothen my hair and then walked to Fleur’s door after i finished dressing up for work.

I opened the door and walked in. I met her sitting on the bed,her hair has outgrown the Bob so she packed it in a ponytail. She’s also dressed.

“Good morning Fleur” I said.
“Good morning Elva”
“I’m so anxious to know the outcome of yesternight” She said.
“Me too” I said and joined her on the bed,we sat in silence waiting for Mig to come give us the feedback…The door opened and we both rose to our feet.
Mig walked in with a smile and at that moment i knew our plan has worked…
I noticed he has trimmed his hair and shaved his beards.

“Mig what’s up?” Fleur asked eagerly.
“I got the unlock pin” He whispered and we jumped in excitement.

“Wow… that’s won’t have to sleep in her room again tonight” I said and they both turned to face me…They smiled .
I gave a little blush.

“Quickly fetch me a pen with a piece of paper” He said. Fleur quickly ransacked her bag and brought put a piece of paper with pen.

Mig collected it and was about scribbling the pin on the paper.
“I’ve forgotten it” He said.
“What!” We exclaimed.
“Yes” He said with his head down.

“Mig you are not someone to forget things like that” Fleur said in disappointment.
Mig bursted out laughing and i knew he just played a prank on us.

“I was only pulling your legs” He said and Fleur made to hit him.
He dodged it and stuck out his tongue.
“Aaaargh…” Fleur shook her head.

“So, here goes the pin” He said and began scribbling it on the piece of paper.
He stretched it out to his and we read;


“Wow…” I said.
“So what’s the next plan…?” Mig asked.
“Well…once we are back from work..we will put some sedative in her will make her sleep for some hours,then we will go through her iPod” Fleur suggested.

“Ohh…I hope the sedative won’t hurt her?” Mig asked.
“No it won’ all. It’s a medication used to induce sleep ” Fleur said .”
“Ok then” He said.

“We gotta go” Fleur said picking up her bag.
“Okay…have a nice day at work” Mig said..”And don’t eat lunch with that…Doc” He whispered and i chuckled with a smile.

He bounced on Fleur’s bed with a sigh of relief.
“Mig ! just scattered my neatly spread bed” Fleur complained.
“I need to sleep” He said.
“Isn’t your room available?” She asked.

“It is. But i want to sleep in yours” He said with a fake yawn.
“Tch…I must meet it well arranged when i get back”
“Okay …bye” Mig said.
“Bye” We walked out of the room.
“Plan planners” Mig shouted after us and we laughed.

We walked out of the main house and headed to work.


“Good morning Cuties” I said on entering the ward.
“Good morning Elva” They said rushing to me.
“How was your weekend?” I asked hugging them one after the other.

“It was fine” They said walking back to their beds.
I walked to my desk, dropped my bag and sit.

“Mitch pile all your assignments and bring it to me” I said.
“Okay Elva”
She submitted the assignments on my table.
“Elva we missed you” Mitch said.
“We don’t like Miranda and you promised to talk to Doc Steph on our behalf” Dan said.

I don’t know why…I do feel a connection towards this boy.
“I’m so sorry,i will go talk to Doc Steph once it’s lunch break okay?” I said and they nodded.

The cook walked in with their breakfast and their faces lit up with smile.
“Good morning ma’am” We greeted.
“Good morning all” She replied with a smile and dropped the basket on my desk before walking away.

I opened it droppedled …it’s pasta and the aroma seems nice.
I dished it out and served them round before sitting down to eat mine.

(Lunch Break)?

I finished serving them their lunch.
“I will be right back..I need to go see Doc. Steph” I said.
“Okay Elva”
“Make sure you maintain your table manners” I said before walking out.
I got to the door of Doc Steph’s office and knocked.
“Come in” I heard and opened the door.
I walked in.

“Good morning Doc” I greeted.
“Good morning Miss Wilson,have your seat” He said and i sat down.

“Doc, i came on behalf of the children, they said they don’t like Miranda because she’s mean. And they would like you to replace her” I said.
“Yes Doc”
“Thanks for caring Miss Wilson and about that..I will replace her very soon” He said.
“Thank you Doc” I said standing up.

“Ok Miss Wilson,and i really appreciate your work here,you work diligently and you are also good with the children” He said.

“Thanks Doc. Steph” I said with a smile walking to the door.
“You are welcome miss Wilson”

I walked out and headed back to my ward..just then i saw Ben walking towards me.
“Hey Elva,how are you?” He asked .

I kinda missed him.
“I’m fine Ben” I said.
“I’m so sorry for all i did and i hope you forgive me” He said.
“It’s okay Ben, I’ve forgiven you …I understand” I said.
“You made me start eating the cook’s meal,since you no longer go with me to the cafeteria” He said and i smiled.

“It’s delicious…I also eat it now” I said.
“Yes it is” He said staring at me.
“ have to go back to the children now” I said.
“Okay bye” He said.
“Bye” I said and walked away.
“Cuties..Doc. Steph promised to replace Miranda very soon” I said as soon as i entered the ward.
“Yaaay” They squealed excitedly and i smiled.
I sat down,opened my lunch and started eating… Fleur will be here soon.


“Bye darlings ” I said to the children after Fleur came to get me.
“Bye Elva” They said.

We signed out and bid the nurses goodbye, heading home.
“Our second plan is gonna be carried out tonight” Fleur said.
“Yeah..her iPod is gonna be explored tonight” I said and we both giggled.

?Daisy’s POV?

“What!” I exclaimed in shock as i stared my iPod.
I kept saying Elva looks familiar..why couldn’t i think in this direction all this while.

Elva is Vinnie Winters ,the most popular model and musician in Mexico.
And…Vinnie Winters is my friend’s rival.

She’s still alive?!

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