MENDED WINGS : Episode 11 – The End

Mended Wings

Episode 16

Ella lay in bed in the room she shared with Joel, her pillow
soaked with the tears she’d uncontrollably shed. Her head hurt asthough thousands of drummers were seated on it, drumming. The painsin her body flagrantly disregarded her plea for relief. Her ribcage hurt.
And only if she hadn’t needed to breathe deeply, would the pain in her ribcage have been minimized. She whimpered as the event of theprevious week flew through her mind.
Joel had never shown any sign of aggression. He’d been the
meekest person she’d known. Perhaps she’d said too much. But didn’tshe deserve expression of her mind? How could he keep such a thingfrom her? How did he expect her to spend the rest of her life withsomeone like him? How could he not tell her before they married? How she wished she hadn’t married him. Had she known, she’d have listened to her aunt. She wouldn’t have ended with a man like Joel.
Distaste welled up her throat. She would file for a divorce. But
what would she tell the church, her aunt, and all those who looked up to her? Divorce in a marriage less than a year. She couldn’t do that. She was too respected to do that. She was a pastor’s wife, and a minister. She was a role model for majority of the sisters in her church. She was always an example given whenever a happy marriage or choosing the right partner was discussed in church. How would she explain it? Wasn’t
she asked if she had confirmation from God before her wedding? How could she tell them that she’d heard herself and not God? But what ifshe had died while he was beating her? Wouldn’t he have married another wife? Or even use that as an excuse to stay single without anyrumour about his problem? She kept wondering, tears dripping off her face.
Her phone rang. She ignored, her mind focused on her thoughts.The phone rang again and she reluctantly reached out to it on the bedside table. She wiped her tears with her palm and cleared her throat. She picked the phone and placed it against her ear.
“Hello, Ella,” the voice at the other end of the line said.
“Hello, sir,” she answered, forcing her voice to steer clear of her
“How’re you?”
“I’m better.”
“I’m so sorry I haven’t called to check on you.”
“No problem. Thanks, sir.”
“I hope you’re feeling better now.”
“Yes. I should be able to resume work on Thursday.”
“Alright. Take care of yourself.”
“Thanks so much for your care and support, sir. I appreciate.”
“You’re welcome. Have a nice day.”
“Thanks and you too,” she said before she hung up.
It was her boss checking on her. She’d been absent from work
since the event happened the previous Saturday and she’d told him that she was sick, as she couldn’t afford to let the real news out.
She dropped the phone and rolled in bed. Her phone rang. What was it again? she wondered. She took the phone and saw her aunt’s name displayed on the screen. She pressed the receive button and lifted the phone to her ear. “Hello, how are you?” she said.
“I’m fine. I went to Kerry mart and dropped by your office, I
learnt you’re sick and not at work.”
“Yes, but I’m better now. It’s mild malaria.”
“Hope you’re resting at home.”
“Yes, I am.”
“I’m on my way to your place. I just wanted to be sure you’re at
“You don’t need to come. I’m fine already.”
“I’m on my way,” Evelyn said and dropped the phone.
Ella knew her aunt was serious. But she didn’t want her to see her like that, although the swellings and redness on her face had gone. But her face was still in a bad shape and the bruises on her arms were just healing. She got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She washed up hurriedly and stepped into the room, towelling her body. She picked and wore a long-sleeve blue gown she was sure would cover her body. She powdered her face and removed the net covering her hair, allowing her weave to dangle, covering the sides of her face and her scars. She took a last look at her reflection in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw before she stepped into the living room.
She branched at the dining and eyed the breakfast Joel had
prepared for her before going out. She took the food into the kitchen and threw it in the trash can. She opened the fridge, took out a can of juice, and poured into a cup. She drank from the cup, moistening her dry throat.
She was just beginning to cook when her aunt knocked. She
opened the door and welcomed her aunt.
“Hope you’re better now?” Evelyn said after exchanging
pleasantries with her niece. Ella forced a smile. “Of course. I told you not to bother to come,
but you insisted.”Evelyn grimaced. “Are you sure it was malaria you had or…”“Or what, Auntie?”
“Did you go to the hospital?”
“Yes, I did.”
“And the doctor said you had malaria?”
“Couldn’t you ask him to run a pregnancy test on you?”
Ella shook her head. “I’m not pregnant. I’ll know if I am.
Nothing’s changed.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am. I’m not pregnant. Was that why you came after you
were told I was sick?”
“Partially,” Evelyn said and smiled. “I wanted to hear the good news first-hand.”
“I’m sorry to disappoint you. There’s no good news.”
“You didn’t disappoint me. You’ll have your own children soon by
God’s grace.”
“And what if I don’t have children?”
“Don’t say such rubbish in my ears. You’ll be fruitful in Jesus
“Amen. You don’t get. I’m just saying what if…”
“Stop talking in the negative. You’ll have soon. How could you
allow such an evil thought to play on your mind? You know how abarren woman is viewed in our culture. Never say such a thing to yourself.”
“Okay. I’ve heard you.”
“How’s your husband?”
“He’s fine.”
“That reminds me. Kunle is getting married next week.”
“Wow. Congratulations to him.”
“I’ve always wanted to tell you but it kept skipping my mind. He dropped an invitation at my shop.”
“You can’t believe who he is marrying.”
“Precious Matthew, Professor Matthew’s only daughter.”
“Good for him.”
“He even called me to…”
“Can we stop talking about Kunle already?” Ella shouted.
“What’s wrong with you, Ella? Did you just shout at me?”
“I’m sorry. I just have heard enough of it. I’m sorry I shouted. I am edgy, sort of, today.”
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine.”
: I didn’t mean to upset you with the news. I merely wanted to tell
you about him. I thought you’d be happy that God is finally settling him.
After all, you are happily married, too.”
“I’m happy for him,” she said before her emotions took over and she burst out crying.
“Ella, what’s wrong?” Evelyn jumped up from her seat. “What is
going on? Please talk to me.” She sat beside Ella and mopped her face.
Ella forced back her tears and wiped her face with the hem of herdress. “Auntie, I’m fine.”
“You’re not fine. Stop saying that. I am your aunt. Talk to me.”
Ella sighed. She wished she could tell her aunt what she was
passing through. Although Joel had been remorseful after battering her, and had promised never to repeat such. But she wanted to confide in her aunt, perhaps it would reduce the heaviness she felt on her heart.
But what about her fears? Wouldn’t Evelyn remind her of how much she begged her not to leave Kunle? Would it not be a huge shame for her if her aunt knew Joel maltreated her? Would her aunt not say thatshe got what she deserved? She swallowed and discarded her thoughts.
“I’m not happy. My friend at work is facing some challenges and I can’thelp her,” she said after much hesitation.
“Is that why you are crying? What is happening to your friend?
Tell me about it?”
“Her husband is maltreating her.”
“That’s bad. Is she a believer?”
“She attends my church and is even a worker.”
“Has she told your pastor about it?”
Well, she’s reluctant. It took her a long while before she could
confide in me. She wants a divorce.”
“Divorce? Doesn’t she know what the scripture says about
“She knows Christ dissuades us from it, except in the case of
“Exactly, which is why one must get it right from the beginning.”
“Now that she’s gotten it wrong, should she fold her arms and
continue to be abused?”
“She could separate from her husband temporarily while they arebeing prayed for and counselled. After some time, when both are ready,they can move back together.”
“I am not sure she’s interested in temporary separation, because what is between them is beyond what can easily be resolved.”
“What could that be then?”
“She didn’t tell me. She only said it’s beyond my understanding.”
“Well, if she must divorce, she’d have to remain single until the
man dies. Would she be able to bear that?”
“What’s the difference between being single and this?”
“And what? I don’t seem to understand you. Is Joel maltreating you in any way? You can confide in me.”
“Auntie, it’s not me but a friend. You should know Joel can’t do such a thing.”
“I know. But I can’t be absolutely sure.”
“He’s not that kind of a man.”
“I hope not.”
The door opened and Joel entered with a bag in his hand. “Honey,
I’m home,” he said.
Speak of the devil, and he’d show up, she thought. “Welcome,
dear,” she said, against her desire to do otherwise.
Joel heart raced as she sighted Evelyn. Had Ella told her what had happened between them? After all, he had apologized and told her to keep the incident between them. How could she have done that?
“Auntie, good afternoon,” he said. He prostrated and greeted Evelyn,grinning.
“Good afternoon, my dear. How’s work and everything?”
“Very fine, ma. How’s your family?”
“Everyone is fine.”
Joel sat beside his wife, hugged her, and k!ssed her cheeks. He
dropped the bag he’d brought in on her laps. “I was passing by a shopping mall so I decided to drop by and get you some stuffs.”
“Thank you,” Ella said and smiled.
“You’re welcome. You know I’ll do anything for you.” He planted a k!ss on her forehead.
Evelyn smiled. “I’m jealous,” she said and they all laughed.
“Sweetheart, did you eat your breakfast I left on the table?” Joel said.
“Yes, I did.”
“Okay. Let me quickly prepare lunch so we could all eat.”
“Water is on the cooker,” Ella said.
“Alright. I’ll boil some rice.”
“Okay, darling.”
Joel stood up and went into the kitchen.
“Ella, you are enjoying. Should you not have prepared lunch
before he came back?” Evelyn said as soon as Joel was out of earshot.
“I was about doing that before you came in. Besides, he likes
doing the cooking. He doesn’t see it as a big deal.”
“Hmm. I must say, Joel is a good man.”
“He’s the reason I’m crying for my friend.”
“Now I understand. You don’t need to cry for her. Just pray for
Ella brought out the content of the bag Joel had given her—shoes, clothes, jewellery, and a greeting card.
“Oh my God, greeting card! Do you celebrate Valentine’s day
every day here?” Evelyn said, marvelled by the gifts. “Aren’t these too much?”
Ella smiled. “I’m not surprised, I’m used to it.”
“I’m so happy for you. You’re such a lucky girl.”
Ella forced a smile. Lucky, my foot, she thought.
They talked on and on before Joel set the table and called them toeat. They chatted and laughed over the meal. And a while after the meal,Evelyn left for her home, satisfied that her niece was in great hands.

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