Written By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 51

Noel walked into her and Scarlet’s apartment, thank God Scarlet was at the office so, she could fall on the floor and shed her tears without any interruption.

She cried her hearts out and clutched her chest hard.

Why would Camille want her to break Gray’s heart? She knows why but isn’t that too extreme? She knew Gray loved her more than he had loved Camille when they were still together.

He might if she decides to break his heart but there was nothing she could do.

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70. Thingscouplesdo

She took a paper and pen then wrote down her resignation letter.

She sighed and took it.

“I’m sorry Gray.” She said, shedding more tears.




Gray entered his office but he wasn’t himself at all. What could have been wrong with her? The Noel he knew doesn’t act that way. Something might be wrong somewhere but what is it?

Austin entered the office and saw Gray lost in thought.

“What’s up?” He tapped Gray who jerked up.

“Hey!” Gray said.

“What’s wrong?” Austin asked.

“It’s Noel.” Gray answered.

“Noel? What about her?” Austin asked.

“She has been acting strange since Quinn got admitted to the hospital. She rarely talks to me or come close to me. I feel like she’s avoiding me.” Gray said.

“You don’t have to worry about that Gray, I think she’s behaving like that because she can’t stand Quinn’s condition. You know how much Noel loves Quinn.”

“Yes I do but she looked scared and anxious.” Gray said.

“It’s normal considering Quinn’s state now, so you can’t blame her. Just give her a bit of space, she will be fine.” Austin assured him.

“I hope so.” Gray sighed.

“Here are the documents you asked for.” Austin said.

“Okay, just keep them, I’ll attend to them later.” Gray said.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll be in my office.” Austin stood up and left for the door.

He opened it and came face to face with Camille, he glared at her and she rolled her eyes before he left.

She scoffed and put on a smile before approaching Gray’s desk.

“Hey bestie, how are you doing today?” She pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Been good.” He sighed.

“You don’t look good, is anything the matter?” She asked.

“I’m fine, just going through some emotional challenges but I will be fine.” He assured her.

“Gray, I’m your friend right?” She asked.


“And friends trust each other right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” He replied.

“Then tell me what’s wrong so we can solve it together.” She held his hand that was on the desk.

“I’m just worried about Noel, she has been avoiding me lately and I’m worried. Austin said it’s because Quinn got involved in an accident.”

“Accident?” She gasped.


“Oh No! Where is Noel now? I’m sure she’s going through a lot right now. Oh my baby girl!” Camille pretended to cry.

“Stop crying, you know I can’t stand that.” Gray said.

“But I’m worried about Noel, I just can’t help it.” She cried again.

Gray sighed and stood up.

“Where are you going?” She sniffed.

“I need to go somewhere and clear my head.” He tucked his hands in his pockets.

“Come on, I know a perfect place for that.” Camille held him and led him out.




“Thanks for bringing me here, it’s quite relaxing.” He managed to smile.

“Yeah, I figured a nice place with refreshing water and spectacular view will be good for your state of mind.” She chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess, I would really love to bring Noel here one day.” He smiled.

Camille clenched her fists, why can’t he stop talking about her for one?

“Yeah, I’m sure she would adore it.” She said between gritted teeth.

“Yes she will, she is easily pleased. Really, I can’t wait.” Gray smiled again.

“I get that.” She said, getting annoyed but tried to control it.

“Let’s leave here now, I really need to see her.” Gray stood up.

“Come on, sit down and relax. She’s going through alot now and needs some space.” Camille said, almost yelling.

“I guess you’re right.” Gray said and sat down.

Camille smiled satisfyingly, she praised herself for her achievements so far and couldn’t wait for when she will make Noel a past tense in Gray’s heart.



Noel walked through the streets, trying to clear her head when a car stopped beside her. Jeremy came out, looking so dashing and handsome, Noel ignored him and continued moving but he stopped her.

“Please, let’s talk, I’m begging you.” He said.

“Leave me alone.” She snapped at him which didn’t shock him because her voice was cracking like someone who had finished crying.

“I know you’re not in a good mood but walking around the streets like this will endanger you. Please come in and I’ll give you a ride to wherever you’re going.” He said.

Noel sighed, he was right. She needed to clear her head.

“Okay.” She nodded then he opened the car door for her and she entered.

He entered as well and started the engine.

“Where were you heading to by the way?” He asked.

“I was heading nowhere.” She replied sincerely.

“It’s fine, let me take you to a place where you can relax and clear your head.” He smiled.

She nodded and he zoomed off.




“I couldn’t connect to Gray so we have to inform the police to get him arrested before he thinks of escaping.” Harry said.

“I guess you’re right, we have to be fast about it. He is very cunning.” Krysten chimed in.

“Sure!” Ryan said.

Harry took his phone and informed the police immediately. He didn’t hang up till they assured him they were on their way to his residence.

He dropped the phone and faced Ryan and Krysten.

“The police are on their way to his house.” He smiled.

“I hope they get him before he escapes.” Ryan said.

“Me too.”

“They will, you guys may go now.” Harry smiled and they stood up.

“Come on Krysten, I’ll drop you off.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” She nodded and stepped out.

Harry winked at Ryan before he stepped out with her. When they got to where his car was, he opened the door for her and she entered. He closed it then sat at the back and ordered the chauffeur to drive.

“Thanks for all your help.” He smiled, facing her.

Looking at his face alone made her heart flutter, she had tested her feelings over and over again and now she knows how much she had fallen for the guy beside her.

“I should be thanking you for opening my eyes to the truth.” She smiled.

“That’s cool, I love the new you.” He smiled back.

His words sent butterflies down her stomach.

“Really?” She rubbed her hands on themselves nervously.


They arrived at her destination but she didn’t feel like leaving him. She was going to miss him badly so she decided to make use of the opportunity.

“We’re here.” He smiled at her.

“Oh… Yeah… Thanks.” She said.

“You’re the most welcome dear.” He replied.

She turned to face him.

“I’m sorry.” She muttered but he heard her.

“For what?” He asked confused.

“For this.” She kssed him.

Ryan’s eyes widened, almost popping out of the sockets. Like… What the fk!

She pulled out after ten seconds and ran out of the car.

Ryan touched his lips.

That lady just stole a kss from him and ran away.

He licked his lips and smirked.

“Drive.” He ordered the chauffeur and they drove off.

Krysten entered her house and giggled like a little girl.

“I kssed him! I really kssed him!” She squealed happily.

She touched her lips and smiled but the smile disappeared when she got the reality of what she did.

“Oh No! I kssed him… Without his permission. Gosh! What if he hates me now? What if he refuses to ever talk to me again? Oh my! I’ve made a big mistake.” She sighed and put her hand on her forehead.



Jeremy drove Noel into Zack’s Garden.

They got down and he led her in, showing her different things so as to lighten her mood but none was working.

“Let’s get a table.” Jeremy held her hand and took her to a table.

She sat down and sighed sadly, Jeremy was hurt seeing her like this. He wished there was a way he could help lighten up her mood.

“What would you like to eat?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She answered carelessly.

“Okay,” There was silence for a while, he didn’t even know how to begin asking her. “Um, Noella, what is wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing is wrong, I’m fine.” She answered rudely but he didn’t mind.

“Whatever it is, share and we’ll find a way out together.” He said.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said.

“But we can_”

“I said I don’t wanna talk about it so leave me alone!” She yelled at him.

“Oh, I’m sorry for asking.” He bent his head.

“I.. I.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you, I’m just frustrated, everything seems to be going down hill, I’m confused that I don’t know what to do.” She burst into tears.

“Sorry about that, please don’t cry.” He pleaded.

“I just can’t help it.” She cried more.

“It’s okay, everything is gonna be fine. Whatever you’re facing is just a phase, it’s your choice to either let it rule you or you rule it. When we’re faced with troubles, we need to face it squarely. Noella, you need to be strong and brave, face your problem boldly, if it’s human, show them that you aren’t afraid of them.” He said.

“Really? You think that would work?” She asked.

“You never know until you try.” He smiled.

Those words calmed her down a bit and she smiled at him.

“Thanks a lot.”

“My pleasure, wanna go see the lake here? It’s an amazing view.” He said.

“Yes please, I love water.” She said.

He led her to the lake shore and they sat down, looking at the water and the way it moved in rhythm with the wind. Noel wished she was peaceful like that.

“This looks amazing.” Noel said.

“I’m glad you like it.” He said.

“Can you take me home now? I need to check wmy sister in the hospital.” She said.


They stood up.

Gray and Camille were behind, Gray’s eyes caught Noel.

“Is that not Noel? What is she doing here?” His eyes darkened. “Who is that guy?” Gray stood up immediately.

“It might be a friend Gray.” Camille said, meanwhile she was jubilating within her.

“She talks to her friend but refused to talk to me? Is it fair?” Gray sounded hurt.

“I’m not sure about that.” Camille smiled.

Gray stormed to where they were while Camille tagged along.

“So when next can we meet again?” Jeremy asked, moving close to her.

“I don’t know, just take me home.” She said.


She was about to leave but he drew her closer and hugged her.

“Jeremy, what are you doing?” She asked in a shocked tone.

“Just giving you a hug of comfort.” He replied.

Suddenly, she felt Jeremy being pushed backwards, making him fall on the floor.

She gasped in shock when she saw who was standing before her.

“G… Gray.” She whispered. She could see the hurt in his eyes, she turned to face Camille who was giving her a deadly look.

“Noel, so you’re here on a date with another man when your fiance is waiting for you? What a shame!” Camille said, adding fuel in the fire.

“No… I.. did nothing like that.” Noel said.

“Then who’s that guy?” Gray asked, pointing at Jeremy who was already standing.

“A friend.” She answered.

“A friend? And he hugged you like that?” Gray was hurt. “Thanks.” He said and walked away angrily.

Camille glared at Noel before following him.

Noel ran after Gray and held him.

“Please, it’s not what you’re thinking.” Noel said.

“Just keep quiet! Shameless bi*ch. How could you cheat on your fiance?” Camille asked.

“No, Gray I didn’t.”

Gray withdrew his hand from her and entered his car, Camille rushed in and he drove off immediately.

Noel fell and sat on the floor in tears.


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