MONEY LOVE : Episodes 1 – The End


Episode 1

Jovita had been married to Henry for nearly a decade, Henry was a good man, who adored his wife and children and everyday he worked harder to give them a good life.
Jovita and Henry LOVE each other so much but the great problem Henry had was that Jovita was too obsessed with MONEY.

For that reason, Jovita always had issues with her husband for the past few years.

There came a time Jovita had used the money meant for her children’s school fees to play lottery, She lost all that money and Henry was so pissed with her.

“Why are you so obsessed with money, I know that we are not rich but we are not lacking anything, why are you bent on frustrating my efforts, the last time you lost the money meant for our house rent and now our children’s school fees, what’s your problem, why are you so obsessed with money, why?” Henry had thundered angrily.

MONEY LOVE : EPISODES 1 - THE END. Thingscouplesdo

If not for the love Henry had for Jovita, he had thought of quitting the marriage as Jovita’s obsession with money was tiresome and it’s was affecting their marriage.


Most times Jovita even over spends money and it had almost rendered them bankrupt But Henry was a hard worker, he always looked for ways to get extra money, sometimes he would take a loan to meet up with their bills each time Jovita overspends or gambles.

From the day Henry met Jovita, He had realized that she was ambitious and a fierce lady, which was a good thing at first but after marriage he wasn’t finding it funny, He always gave his wife a specific amount of money every month for her own personal expenses but it is never enough money for her, She is always after money. If she can’t make money doing something, that thing is not worth her time.

One night, Henry so lovingly woke Jovita up in the middle of the night for a discussion.
“Honey, I don’t like our constant quarrel over money, our children are watching, all these fight and quarrel are tiresome, please i hope for a change, stop gambling, stop spending money lavishly, please, I’m in so much in debt already, I barely sleep at night please” Henry pleaded but he got a nasty reply from Jovita.

“Your duty as my husband is to provide comfort for me and your children but I’m not comfortable, I’m suffering, if your salary can not comfortably foot our bills, I guess this is the time to look for a better Job that will be able to take care of our needs, haven’t you notice that we are poor and this is not the life I want for myself and my children, infact I’m tired of your constant nagging, you are always complaining. You don’t know that each time I gamble, I’m only helping you out, who knows i might win and we will become rich, why are you always against whatever I do in this house, is not that you have other plans to get us out of poverty” Jovita responded sharply and hissed.

Henry was speechless and at the same time, he was boiling in anger.
” I would do whatever it takes for good money to come into our lives, people win alot of money in gambling and betting, you can’t stop me from gambling, except you go get a better job” Jovita entered.

“Oh really, I think it’s time you go get a Job too and let’s share the responsibilities, I can’t be working hard and you will be wasting my hard earned money on foolish things, I guess it’s time, you join the work force and stop being a pain in the ass” Henry replied angrily, he picked up a pillow from their matrimonial bed and stormed out from their bedroom and he headed straight to the living room, where he passed his night.


The next day, Jovita got Henry’s sister involved in their matter and to Henry’s displeasure, His sister Blessing, took Jovita’s side. “How could you ask your wife to go get a job, when you can set up a business for her, I don’t want to meddle or interfere in your marriage but the right thing to do is to set up a business for your wife” Blessing had told her brother Henry bluntly.

Henry listened, he some how got a loan from the company, where he worked and he set up a business for his wife, to Jovita’s merit, it was a fantastic business which allows her to overcharge her customers enormously.

Henry had told her constantly to reduce the price for her services and goods, so she could gain more customers but Jovita never listened.

With time, the new business wasn’t progressing, It was almost at the edge of collapsing, when Henry intervened, he was on his annual leave, he handled the business by him self for a month and the new business began to progress.


One-day, Henry was at Jovita’s business location, where a female customer walked in, she was a very beautiful lady, probably in her late thirties.
The Beautiful female Customer stared at Henry helplessly the whole time, she admired Henry’s good looks.

Henry had attended to her and she was about to pay for the goods she bought, when she broke the silence.

“Hey bros, I’m your sister’s good customer, and for a while now, I haven’t set my eyes on your sister, I hope she is okay?” The female customer entered.

“My sister? Who are you referring to as my sister?” Henry replied with a straight face.

“I mean, the lady that owns this store, Jovita” The beautiful lady added as she handed some cash to Henry as payment for the goods she bought

“Oh, point of correction, She is not my sister but my wife, she is fine, she will be here soon” Henry corrected as he counted the cash.

The beautiful lady felt bad when Henry announced that Jovita was his wife, she gradually packed up the goods she paid for and she left quietly.


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