MR ARROGANT – Faith Lucky: Episode 21 – 30

Arrogant ?
(And the strange maiden)

Episode 21

By: Faith Lucky

Chelsea’s Pov:
I returned home from school and met dad in the sitting room, going through a magazine.

“Good evening, dad” I greeted casually and tried walking away, but he called back my attention.

“How was school today, Chelsea?” He asked, flipping through the pages of the magazine.

“Yeah…it was fine” I rolled my eyes.
“I guess….mum isn’t home, right?”

“No. She’s still at the office”.

“Perfect” I grumbled and tried walking away again.

“Are you angry with id, Chelsea?” He called back my attention again.

What the heck??

“Seriously dad; what do you expect?” I snapped and for the first time since I arrived, he lifted his face from the magazine to look at me.

“You need to understand this – Chelsea. Whatever your mum and I are doing is actually for your benefit…”

“Oh! Please…what’s the need of having a wealthy lifestyle when I feel so alone?” I snapped.

“I get it – I live like a princess, I have all I want, but not all I need. I don’t have my parents’ attention!” I said, almost yelling

And he sighed.

“I understand you, Chelsea. But don’t worry, soon enough, we’ll have all the time in the world to ourselves” he said and I scoffed.

“Old story” I rolled my eyed and walked away.

D@mn it! I just needed to leave this place.
Delaney’s pov:
I stared keenly at the woman as she smiled mischievously.

“So, this is going to be the plan and please Delaney, don’t fail me okay?” She breathed out and made me seat on a chair beside the mirror; she also sat down.

“Okay ma’am, I’m going to try my best.” I smiled nervously.

“So…” She drew closer to me and whispered some words inside my ear while I nodded my head understandably.

“So, can you do it?” She asked with a sided smile.

“Uh… Yes… Ma’am, I can.” I stuttered and nodded my head positively.

“Alright, just wait a little for some minutes before you’ll carry out the plan.” She smiled.

“Alright ma’am.”

Xavier’s pov:
After I had gotten dressed up in a pair of white trousers and white shirt, I sat on top of my bed.

Rio already left seconds ago because he had an urgent call and he had to scream my name and tell me he was going.

I took my phone and unlocked it. Immediately, a message popped on my screen from Chelsea.

Urgh! I mentally groaned.
We just saw each other not less than an hour ago and now she already messaged?

“Hey Xavier.”

I grumbled lightly before typing a quick reply.
“Hey Chels.”

“I just wanted to check up on you.”

“Yeah, thanks.” I typed back and dropped my phone.

I suddenly felt tasty and I decided to get water from the kitchen.

I stood up and went towards the door. I opened the door and got out.

I climbed down the stairs and I roamed my eyes around the sitting room but it was empty.

There was no sign of Delaney. I don’t even know why exactly why I even care if she’s in the sitting room or what.

Perhaps, it’s because she broke a glass cup and I wanted to know if she was still there picking the broken bottles.

I ignored what ever my subconsciousness was saying and made my way to the kitchen.


Delaney’s pov:
I got to the kitchen and her son; Xavier, wasn’t there.

I waited patiently until I heard footsteps.

I walked to the door and peeped fortunately for me, it was Xavier coming.

I quickly took the cup I kept and let it fall from my hand.

I bent to pick it and I pricked my tiny finger.

And immediately, the door opened and Xavier walked in.

He creased his eyebrows and stared at me like I’m some piece of dirt.

Please let this plan work! I prayed fervently in my heart as I stared my already bleeding finger.

“Ouch!” I winced lightly as my blood dropped on the floor.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes.

“Always clumsy.” He muttered and walked past me.

I took a quick glance at him and he was drinking water.

G0sh! He looked so cute as he drank elegantly from the cup.

When he was done, he licked his lips and dropped the cup.

I took my gaze back to my bleeding finger and thank goodness the pain wasn’t too much.

It was just a slight pain but the blood coming out it’s as if I’ve gotten a big injury.

He grumbled angrily and rolled his eyes annoyingly.

He shook his head pitifully and made for the door.

Oh God let this plan work!

I winced again and tried touching my injured finger when I felt a hand grab my wrist.

“You’re so clumsy, aren’t you?” He groaned angrily.
He crouched in front of me and placed my hand on his.

“I don’t know why mom’s still keeping you in this house!” He grumbled rudely.

This guy sure deserve an award for the being rude and arrogant.

He doesn’t even smile.

“Just stand up.” He groaned authoritatively and help me stand up.

“And Delaney or whatever you call yourself, stop trying to pick broken pieces of anything you break, it’s harmful.

Just call one of the maids and it’d be taken care of.” He snorted.

“I don’t even know which of the planet you fell from that you’re behaving like… Argh! I don’t even know.” He frowned.

“I’m sorry… If I make you feel uncomfortable with my presence in this house.” I muttered lowly. I feel so intimidated and nervous with his looks and harsh words.

“You should be!” He snappy and purposely pressed my finger that got injured lightly while I winced loudly.

“I’ll have a maid clean up this mess.

Meanwhile, let’s go to my room so I can treat your finger.”

I didn’t say anything but followed him like an obedient puppy.

We got to his room and he walked in while I trailed behind him.

He made me seat on the bed and he brought out a weird box from side of his bed.

“This is a first aid kit in case you don’t know.” He said and rolled his eyes.

Hmm, what’s a first aid kit?

He opened the kit and brought out some strange objects from it.

He told me their names begrudgingly and it was just few of the object names that assimilated. The other names were too long for me to even pronounce.

He sat beside me on the bed and put a cotton wool; like what he had called it earlier on a bottle that I didn’t know the name.

Then, he placed it on my finger.

I winced as the cold cotton wool touched my finger, it was painful.

After doing other strange things on my finger, he brought out what he called a plaster.

He took my hand and after a little hesitation, he started blowing air on it.

Jeez! It felt so good.

I watched him keenly and admiringly as he continued to blow air into it.

Suddenly, it hurt and I found myself screaming.

“Arghh!” I screamed and jumped on him, holding him tight.

“Delaney!” He hushed, but i didn’t let him go as I wrapped my hand around him.

Well, that was part of the woman’s plan.

And immediately, the door opened, revealing Chelsea.

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