MR ARROGANT SEASON 2: Episode 41 – The End

? Mr
Arrogant ?
(Ãnd the strãnge maidën)

Episode 41

By: Faith Lucky

Chelsea’s pov
“Dad, this is fking bullshts! You have a daughter aside me? C’mon dad, if this is a joke then please stop it because I’m not finding this funny.” I huffed ridiculously and ruffled my hair.

What the fk!

How can that l0wlife Alicia be my sister?
Something I’ve never dreamt off.

What sort of dream is this?

“It’s the truth Chelsea.” Dad said calmly and held my shoulders and stared sadly at me. “I’m a big fool, yes I know. I made a mistake, I know.

But please Chelsea, don’t be mad at me for too long. You can be mad at me but not for too long.

Your mom, she’s threatened to leave the house with you. Please Chelsea, I can’t do without the both of you in my life, please don’t leave me.” Dad said sadly and I could tell he was fighting the urge not to cry.

I felt so pity for him and his countenance showed he’s been sincere. I know dad and I know he’s feeling sad and guilty.

“It’s okay dad. Mom and I won’t leave you, we are still gonna be together as one happy family.” I cooed and hugged him.

“Thank you Chels.” He muttered and stroked my hair affectionately.

I’ve forgiven dad because he sure does regret whatever mistake he did in the past. But can I really accept her as my sister?


Hera’s pov
I held the necklace and I didn’t know if I should be angry or happy. Angry that Delaney lied to me about misplacing it or happy that I’ll finally be able to save my mom.

Why did Delaney lie to me?

I arranged her books and dropped the necklace back. I sighed despondently and started with the dusting and arranging first.

I’m gonna confront Delaney later.

“Hey.” I turned to see the male of the other day, climbing down the stairs in hurried steps.

G0sh! He’s so beautiful.

“Hi. How are you doing?” He asked and smiled at me. I just stared at him dumbfounded.

He’s been nice and I wonder why.

“Hey, you don’t have to feel shy around me okay? My name is Rio and I’m Xavier’s friend.” He enthused and brought out his hand towards me – probably for an handshake.
I darted my eyes from his hand to his face and I couldn’t help but admire him.

He’s Xavier’s friend?
But he isn’t arrogant and rude like Xavier.

“What’s your name?” He asked sweetly and withdrew his hand when he got the signal that I didn’t want to shake him.

“I’m… Hera.” I said with my voice a little hoarse and tiny.
“Alright. I guess you’re a maid here.” He said, still smiling.

“Yeah.” I nodded my head positively.

“Okay.” The two of us fell into an uncomfortable silence as none of us were reading to break the silence by saying something first.

As I made to walk away, he also did and we ended up colliding together and the glass of water I was holding fell from my hands and the it gotten broken while the water was spilled on the floor.

I panicked and crouched to pick the broken glass but Rio took my hands and prevented me from touching it.

“You don’t have to, one of the maids we’d clean it up.” He insisted and held my wrist. I stared at him and unconsciously licked my lips as I stared at his wet and pink lips.

G0sh! It looked so attractive and cute.

I nodded my head absent-mindedly and stood up.
As I made to move away, I stepped on a broken glass and it pierced painfully under my feet.

“Ouch!” I yelped in pain and winced loudly. I was already bleeding and I couldn’t place my leg on the floor, instead I made it hang in the air while the bl00d dripped.

“Oh my!” Rio panicked worriedly and supported me by holding my arm and wrapping his hand around my waist.
As I tried to leap away, I felt myself been swept off my feet from the group.

I gasped in shock and it dawned on me that Rio had carried me up in his arms.

Aww. I felt so safe in his arms and a part of me wanted us to remain that way.

“Stay still!” He ordered, his voice not cold or stern but laced with concern.

I was deeply touched because Xavier had never turned to stare at me that way.
It’s glad to know that somebody cares about you.

“I’ll treat your injury.” He added while I just nodded my head.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body more against his broad chest.

I want to stay like this forever in his arms.
It’s more comfortable than a bed.

A smile tung on my lips as he held me firmly and started for the stairs.


Kenny’s pov
I was overwhelmed with joy that as I made my way to my car, I couldn’t help grinning cheekily.

I’ve liked Delaney the first day I had met her and if not because I was in a hurry that day, I’d have gotten to talk to her.

I have a child outside that Jerry doesn’t know about and Jerry had a child I didn’t know about until few hours ago.

Things are so complicated and messed up.

I’ll definitely have to accept his child, so he’ll accept mine.

This is so complicated than I thought.

But I pray Delaney accepts me as her mother and not hate me for abandoning her for years.


Chelsea’s pov
I glared daggers at Alicia ad she sat comfortably like a queen beside dad. I was sitting beside mom and Alicia and her mother beside dad.

I was literally seething in anger as I glared at Alicia.

How can this l0wlife be my sister?
If I was to have a sister – half sister, then it shouldn’t have been Alicia.


“So, I called for this meeting so we can settle this issue once and for all. I have decided that I’ll buy a m@nsion for Clarissa and her daughter and take care of their needs.

But they’re not allowed to come here. I’ll try my best to come visit you at your new place.

I’m married already and I can’t have another family under one roof. I’m really sorry for everything I did to the both of you.” Dad sighed and stared at all of us.

Silence. Nobody said a word but their eyes did the talking.

I really liked what dad said but at the same time, I’m angry that I’ve a half sister who’s more like a l0wlife and gosh, I hate l0wlifes.

“It’s fine. We agree. You’ve chosen already and we can’t do anything about it.” Alicia’s mom spoke and she sounded like she was about to break down in tears while Alicia just had a plain expression.

“And I want to enjoy same luxury as Chelsea.” She spoke up and smirked at me. I felt like slapping off that stupid smirk off her face.

Dad nodded his head and took a quick glance at mom who had her gaze on her newly medicured nails, “okay.”


Xavier’s pov
I stared admiringly at Delaney as she typed flawlessly on her PC.

G0sh! She looked so cute and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I can’t wait for prom so I can get this over with because I’m becoming impatient just by mere looking at her.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize my feelings for her on time.

Her gaze suddenly caught with need and she smiled. I smiled back while she winked and giggled lightly, then she focused back on what she was doing.

My heart flutter and I felt butterflies dance happily in my stomach.

Is love like this?
If this is really love then I want to fall deeply in love with Delaney.

She’s worth it. She’s in my head, my mind, my heart and almost everywhere.

I feel like a different person when I’m with her and sometimes, I behave like a child.

I can’t wait for prom and I hope she’d reciprocate my feelings.

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