DANGEROUS LOVE: Episode 11-20

? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 11?

Written By: Tamara Blair

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

“Bella,stop it,i don’t like Brandon” i said to Bella for the umpteenth time.

For a week,she has been saying that i have feelings for Brandon.

“Yes,you do, it’s in your eyes,they sparkle when you talk about him”

“Am not talking about this anymore”

“Whatever,dude,am going to the cafeteria”

“See you there”

I watch her walk away,Bella is such a handful.

“There’s my pretty Shawty” Brandon said as he approached me.

“I told you that am not short so stop calling me Shawty”

“I got you something”

“What is it?”

“Close your eyes”

I closed my eyes expecting the gift.

“Now open it”

I opened it and he was holding a rose.

“You like it?”

“I love it,thank you” i said smiling.

“I know where to put it”

He removed the ribbon on my hair making my hair fall on my shoulders,then placed the rose in my hair.

“Perfect,now you look even prettier” he said and i blushed.

“You know,i wonder why you don’t havea girlfriend,since you are this sweet”

“A girlfriend? I don’t think i want one yet besides most of the girls in this school are h*es”

“Don’t say that,you haven’t seen all the girls in this school”

“But i have screwed a good number of them and all they want is money and popularity”

“But you are different,so different” he said and held my hands.


“How about after school,i take you out on a treat”

“Sounds nice,am in”

? Brandon’s P.o.v?

Anytime am with Nicole, everything makes sense.
I always want to be around her, making her laugh, annoying her.

Am not supposed to get attached to Nicole or any girl for that matter,if i do,the girl’s life will be in danger.

I can’t fall in love with Nicole and i can’t also stay away from her.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

I was sneaking back into the house after my amazing night out with Brandon.

I was already in the living room when the lights suddenly came on.

“Nicole Liliana Norman,where the h.ell did you go to?”

I turned around to see my dad and my uncle sitting down.

Am so sc.rewed,i had no idea he would be around.

“Dad? Uncle? You are here?”

“Yes,we came back this afternoon” My uncle said.

“Your school closes by 2:45 pm and this is 2 in the morning” My dad said sternly.

“Dad,i went out with with my friend”

“The only friend you have is Bella and i know Bella is not like that,i did a background check on her”

One thing with my dad is that he does background check on all the people i know and i have no idea why.

“Who did you go out with?” Uncle said.

“It’s not Bella but i think i can go out however i want,am 19 for Pete’s sake”


“So i think i can make….”

“Wait,wait, hold up, What’s that on your shoulder?” My dad asked cutting me off.

Goodness,he has seen my tattoo,i forgot to wear my jacket.

“Is that a tattoo?” He asked, I could tell he was so angry.


“You got a tattoo,after what I told you”

“It’s just one and i did it in honor of mom, it’s not that big”

“It’s not that big? I told you i didn’t want you staying late at night, getting tattos or going to the club which am sure that you are coming from”

“I went out with a friend, simple,you can’t control me ,dad,i have my own life”

“The life of a miscreant”

“Gerald, that’s enough” my Uncle said to my dad.

“No,this girl has lost her manners,i know i have never been around for you but the little time i stay with you, I always taught you the right thing,am so disappointed in you”

“Am not doing anything bad,am still yout sweet little girl so don’t think i have turned to a rebel”

“I don’t think so,my sweet little girl won’t get a tattoo,next thing you will tell me that you are sleeping around”

Now,that really hurt me,how could he think i would go sleeping around like a whore.

“Gerald” Uncle cautioned him.

“I wish you died instead of mom” i said and wiped my tears.

“Enough,Nicole,go to your room”

I walked away.

I ran to my room and started crying,i really needed someone to talk to.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?

Nicole called me,she was crying saying i should come over.

I got to her house and sneaked in through her window.

Immediately i got in,she hugged me so tight.

“Shawty, what happened?”

“He accused me of whoring myself”


She told me everything that happened between her and her dad.

“It’s okay,am so sorry”

“I really miss my mom,i wish she was here”

“Trust me,i know how you feel but am here for you”

“Thanks so much”

“Anything for my Shawty” i said making her giggle.

I wiped her tears with my thumb,we kept staring at each other.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

We were staring at each other, Brandon’s eyes are so beautiful.

Suddenly,i felt him kss me on the lips,i was surprised.

He immediately pulled away.

“Am..am.. so sorry,i didn’t mean to….”

I didn’t let him finish,i dragged him by the collar and kssed him.

We kept kssing,his arms wrapped around my waist and my hands in his hair.

The feeling was amazing and i didn’t want to stop.

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