Episode 11

~ Aaron ~
My alarm rang making me groan in displeasure. “Stop that bullshit noise!!”, A womanly noise snapped while groaning lowly.
Who the heck is this??
“Urgghh!!! Aaron, I am gonna kill you once I wake up!!”, Okay, I know this voice. Yesterday’s events came back running to me and I realised that this voice is none other than my fake wife’s.
I turned down my alarm and glanced at clock which showed 5:00 AM. I am a morning person, and this is a routine for me. Whether I had a hectic day or not, I don’t change my routine.
Rolling off my bed, I took my gymming clothes and entered bathroom, did my morning business. Wearing my blue half sleeved Jersey and black polyester track pant I came out.
Eva was still sleeping and the mattress was half down, reaching till her torso. Sighing I came towards her and pulled duvet up. She turned sideways in her sleep, letting her head hang little bit on the edge. Putting my hand under her cheek, I pushed it back little and was about to take my hand back when she placed her own palm under my hand and pulled it more closer nuzzling into it. My breath hitched!!
My erratic heartbeats calmed down when she turned on other side leaving my hand in the process.
This woman is surely gonna be the reason of my heart attack at such young age!!
I immediately left room and jogged downstairs. Entering kitchen I spotted Martha inside. She was my nanny since childhood, and after I left this mansion to stay in my penthouse, she offered to come with me for help, but I denied politely. Since that day she is taking care of this mansion. She is like a mother figure to me.
“Ohh dear, you are here?”, She asked gasping lowly.
“Yeah, but where is my protein shake?”, I asked as I noticed kitchen counter empty.
“I thought you had enough excercise last night so I didn’t made your protein shake. But you really have a power of horse, huh?”, She teased, a taunting smirk playing on her lips and I felt my cheeks heating up.
“Ohh shut up Martha!! Just give me my protein shake!!”, I said rolling my eyes.
She giggled and started preparing my protein shake. After five unbearable minutes of teasing, she finally handed me my protein shake. I turned to leave but her voice stopped me.
“By the way son, Happy Birthday”, she said smiling warmly and I reciprocated. I left the mansion passing a curt nod to guards as they wished me same that Martha did.
It’s not that I hate my birthday. I can never hate it. My mother carried me for nine months in her belly, she cried, suffered while giving birth to me and the pain she beared in order to show me this world, I can never pay her back. My parents loved me, showered me with infinite love and that made me love my existence too. I can never hate myself for being born, can never hate my birthday, can never hate my existence. It’s just that, for me birthdays are similar to other work days, it’s just a simple day with similar sunrise and sunset, nothing special. So I too keep it simple.

After the jog in nearby park, I ran back and straight went to gym. Sharp at 7:30 I came back to room only to see my lazy wife still sleeping.
Such a lazy ass!!
I went in bathroom, bathed myself and then came back wrapping a towel on my waist. Picking a navy blue suit and a Calvin Klein brief for me from my walk-in closet, I wore it and then went towards dressing table.
“Ohh Godd!! My back!!”, Eva groaned while rubbing her shoulders and back. A bird’s nest resting calmly on her head. “This pains”, she mumbled.
Probably due to sleeping on sofa.
I feel guilty!!
But I can’t help, I am not comfortable sharing my bed. And that too with a woman, oh no no!!
“Good morning, Mrs. King”, I teased and her eyes snapped towards me, glaring me through mirror.
“Go to hell!!”, She spat and strode inside bathroom.
I chuckled. Gelling my hair as usual, I wore my watch, shoes and came downstairs.
Martha placed breakfast for me on table and I started eating it while reading some important mails.
“Where is Eva Ma’am?”, Martha asked and I tilted my head up. I was about to answer when someone else’s voice stopped me.
“I am here, and call me Eva. Ma’am makes me feel old!!”, Eva said with a smile and Martha nodded. I turned and took her appearance.
“Here’s your breakfast, dear”, Martha smiled before placing Eva’s breakfast before her.
Okay, this is awkward!!
What? I am not habitual to waking up with woman and then having breakfast with her!!
There was an awkward silence until Adam’s high pitched dying **seal type of voice pierced it harshly. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AARON!!!”, He shouted and* hugged me.
“Martha!! Breakfast!!”, He demanded while sitting beside me.* “Good morning, Miss. Collins…. Oops!! I mean, Mrs. King!!”, He grinned evilly at Eva who passed him a forced yet sarcastic smile and went back to her eating.
“Why are you here?”, I asked bored.
“Can’t I come to meet my bestie who was borned on this date??”, He asked pouting and I made a disgusted face before turning back to my phone. “By the way, why are you wearing a suit?”, He asked and I looked at him quizzically. “You are not going to office today, not when you are married recently. Even if to show the world, you both are a happy couple. And joining office at the very next day of your wedding, will make everyone-“, he stopped when Martha came and placed his plate infront of him and ruffled his head lovingly before going in. “Suspicious”, he completed and I nodded in understanding.
“We are not going to office for next two days”, I said to Eva.
“Why?”, She asked.
“Because we need to show the world that you guys can’t get enough of eachother”, Adam said with mouthful of pancakes.

“You are such a p*ervert!!”, She commented and I could agree less. He is really a pervert.
“First thing, by getting enough of eachother, I meant taking care of eachother, doing cheesy r0mantic stuff not the errotic scenes that your mind imagined. And second thing that first thing already proved is that you are a p*ervert not me!!”, Adam said grinning victoriously at her flushed face.
I chuckled lowly and stood up to get changed. I will probably work from home now.
“Sir!!”, One of the staff member called and I stopped.
“Hmm?”, I turned and asked.
“There are some guests who came to meet you and ma’am”, he said and I looked at Eva to know about this unknown guests, she shrugged, gesturally telling me about not knowing them too.
“Offer them some drinks and snacks, till then we will be there”, I said and he nodded before going back.
“Up for the act Mrs. King?”, I smirked and she nodded.
“Me too, me too”, Adam chirped in between.
“Good morning Mr and Mrs. King. Sorry to disturb you in morning.”, A lady’s voice greeted us as we entered living room.
“That’s okay, please have a seat”, I said and she smiled before sitting back.
“First of all, happy birthday sir”, she wished and I smiled. “I am from E&B magazine. Entertainment and Business. My name is Hailey Johnson”, she introduced herself.
“Ohh, I know about this magazine. It’s quite popular!!”, Eva commented and I nodded at her sentence.
“How can we help you?”, I asked.
“Actually sir, we want to you two to feature in our magazine cover as a power couple. You two are role model for successful love stories. It will be really an honour for us to work with you”, she said and I noticed Eva’s face getting paled.
What happened to her??
I nudged her on shoulder and she blinked before smiling forcefully. I was about to refuse when Adam’s hand on my arm stopped me.
“They would love to”, he said with a smile and mine as well Eva’s head jerked towards him.
“Ohh my!! Really??”, Miss. Hailey smiled widely at us.
“Yess!!”, Adam said. Is he in his right state of mind???
“Well, I will get the documents ready and come back till evening.”, She said and stood up. Adam agreed to that too.
“N-“, Adam pinched me as I was about to protest. What the hell is wrong with this man!!
“Why the hell did you agreed??”, Eva asked me furiously.
“Darling, I didn’t he did!!!”, I snapped while pointing towards my sheepishly smiling best friend. “Explain!!”, I demanded.
“Look, you both are gonna divorce each other once the year ends, so let people live the fantasy of you guys being really in love. Your such public appearances will make those people believe too who didn’t untill now. It’s really a great publicity stunt!!”, He grinned widely and I sighed.
“Sir, the lawyers are here!!”, Jacky, one of the staff member said and I nodded.
“Let’s go!!”, I said and we three walked towards entrance. A team of five lawyers came out of the 2 black Mercedes cars. After greeting, we all walked in Study room. I sent Eva to our room, leaving her out of this complicated business politics and she obliged easily.

“Mr. King, congratulations on your wedding”, Mr. Parker said and I thanked him.
“Let’s start with the procedure?”, Mr. Rhode asked and we nodded. “So, Mr. King, the clause in your father’s will stated that you need to get married before turning 27 else the King will be handed over to trust. What’s your age now?”, He asked.
“27”, I answered.
“Can we get your marriage certificate?”, Mr. Parker asked and I nodded. I went towards my study table and bent down, pulling the drawer, I took out a envelope that was given to me by official, and pushed drawer back. Coming back to my place, I handed envelope to Mr. Parker before sitting back on my place.
“Great, an important clause is fullfilled. Now just 7 months of happy married life and King is all yours!”, Mr. Parker said and Mr. Rhode nodded.
I smiled as I felt a huge weight being lifted off my chest. “Can we meet your wife?”, Mr. Carter asked out of the blue. He is always the cunning one!! I really feel like he wants my company to be handed to trust.
“Sure”, I said and asked a maid to call Eva. “Come here Eva”, I called her in as she hesitantly stood at door. Reluctantly she came and I gestured her to sit beside me.
“Why did you married Mr. King?”, Mr. Carter asked. That b@stard!!
“What kind of question is this?”, I gritted as anger bubbled up inside me.
“I asked her, not you Mr. King. And we are ordered by court to check whether this is real marriage or just a trap to get the company!!”, He snapped. How dare he!!!!
“Me marrying Aaron just before his 27th birthday raises lots of questions as it is related to some legal issues, but it has nothing to do with the love that I posses for him. We married for love not for money. Now if you will excuse me, you are guest and this is my house and my duty to take care of your hospitality. Excuse me please”, and with that she was out, leaving all of us stunned.
“I hope you are staisfied with the answer, David?”, Mr. Parker asked as he smiled admiringly at the door from where Eva just went.
“Yeah”, that bastard nodded.
She came back with tea and some snacks and politely handed to everyone. Even to me she passed a heartwarming smile.
“She smiled at me!!”, Adam whispered and I ignored.
As soon as the lawyers went back, Adam too went for his office while I stayed in my study and Eva went back to our room.
At night while having dinner I asked about the stunt she pulled infront of Mr. Carter and she replied, “I just said whatever came in my mind”.
“Be ready tomorrow, we have a shoot”, I reminded her as remembered Miss. Johnson who came in evening with documents.
“Bad night, Sweet nightmares Mr. King”, she said our usual greeting and my lips tugged up a little bit.
“Same to you, Mrs. King”, I replied before closing my eyes.
She didn’t wished me!!

Next Day 2:00 PM
“Ma’am, please relax. You are really being concious. Be natural”, Steve, the photographer said. I was wearing a black suit and she, a same color gown, that had slit till her thighs which kept her long legs for my eyes to devour. We were trying hard for the perfect pose, but she was not focused, and wearing heels didn’t helped her much. We were told to lean on table and look into each other’s eyes which felt d@mn uncomfortable. My one arm was around her waist while other was holding a wine glass and she was holding the same.

“He is standing there holding camera as like a laser gun and wants me to be natural. Idi0t!!”, She hissed lowly and I snickered, that earned me a glare from her which kept my mouth shut there after.
“Be calm!!”, I said and she rolled her eyes. “Here, look at me”, I said and she turned involuntarily. Drowned!! That’s what her hazel orbs make me. She is such an unique and eye catching piece of God’s creation that can put any artist to shame. Her eyes are familiar in a different way, a way my heart wants to find but couldn’t.
“Perfect!!”, Steve’s voice broke our staring contest and she immediately took a step back.
“Let’s get you guys changed”, Miss. Johnson said with hopefull smile and I have her a curt nod before striding into green room.
This is so frustrating!!
I just wanna strangle Adam for putting me into this hell hole!!
I came out after getting changed and saw her wearing another beautiful gown.
“Okay now the next pose is that Mrs. King will k!ss Mr. King onto side of his neck and we will click!!”, He exclaimed and my mouth went agape.
“Are you out of your mind!!”, Eva shouted and everyone stared at her dumbfoundedly.
“She is not a big fan of PDA”, I covered up and everyone nodded. “It’s just a matter of few minutes”, I assured and she glared.
I wrapped her in my embrace and she came closer. Having her so close makes me go blank. Just her warm breath on my neck is enough for my heart to race for miles exceeding it’s limits. Why does this woman feels so good in my arms? Having her around me is the most comfortable feeling I ever felt.
No Aaron!! Snapped out of it!! She is acting, it’s fake!! And you are again falling for her act. My mind went blank again when I felt her soft petals of lips touching the crook of my neck. This girl can definitely seduce anyone without even realising. I closed my eyes, feeling her lips, her enthralling scent, her soft hands, her little frame in my arms.
“Perfect!!”, And I was back from my Dreamland.
“This is so frustrating!!”, She mumbled which felt like a slap to me. It’s frustration for her and I was feeling perfect with her in my arms??
What the hell is wrong with me??
“Let’s prepare for next shot”, and with that we were off to green room.
When we both came out, I noticed the clip of her stilettos unclipped. So I bent down, sat on my one knee and clipped it. When I stood up, many faces held shock, surprise and awe.
What? I just helped her!!
Next shot was quite simple, with her on my lap. But my heart couldn’t decipher it and started beating wildly against my ribcage.
At last I got to feel her long creamy legs!!
Urghh!! Stop being a p*ervert Aaron!!
After mumbles of ‘congratulations’ and ‘thank yous’ we headed off to mansion.
It was 8:00 PM, when we reached mansion, had dinner and headed upstairs.
“You can sleep on bed for today Mrs. King”, I said when she came out of bathroom after getting changed in her nightwear, she looked at me shocked.
“What? Today was tiring day, I know you need it so now hop on. I will be alright on couch”, I said and she grinned before jumping on bed.
“Thank you, Mr. King!!”, She chirped.
“Bad night, sweet nightmares, Mrs. King”, I said and tugged quilt upwards.
“Same to you, and belated happy birthday”, she sang and I could feel her smiling.
A peaceful smile made it’s way on my face too. Don’t know why, but her wishing me gave immense pleasure than anyone else’s.

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