THE PRINCE’S MAIDEN : Episode 1 – The End

(My Crazy girl)

Written by Haryormideh Ayeni

Episode 1

? Tyler’s POV ?

“Ughh….” I groaned as the first ray of sun met my eyes.

I thought I shut the blinds yesternight, I must have forgotten.

I looked to my side and took a look at my new girlfriend.

I met her yesterday in a bar and asked her out.

She had said yes immediately without blinking an eye.

She’s slender, tall, not too bur$ty, moderate a$s. Totally my type of girl but I don’t think I can keep her for this week.

Last night was too rough, I can’t keep up with her.

She’s wild in bed and has gentle deceiving looks.

I thought of a way to get rid of her as I headed to the bathroom.

I turned on the shower, the cold water met my skin causing goosebumps to rise.

I bath quickly and dressed up.

Deciding to use my usual methods, I picked up my phone and called my personal assistant Jerry.

?”I’m tired” I said into the phone when he answered

?”Okay” he replied and hung up

He knows what he has to do.

The girl steered, I don’t even know her name, and gradually opened her eyes.

She blinked rapidly, her eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight.

He body glittering in the sunlight, just the perfect body.

“Hi dear” she croaked

“Ohgawd, what was I thinking yesterday. She doesn’t even have a nice voice” I lamented in my head and turned to face her fully.

“Hello dear” I smiled ruefully

“Why are you all dressed up, come back to bed, let’s have a bit of fun” she said seductively

“What, no no. I think I’ll pass. I’m still tired”

“Come on, don’t be shy” she smiled

“What!! Me!! Shy!!” I protested in my head.

“I’m just not interested” I smiled forcefully.

Gosh, where’s Jerry?!!

I heard my front door open and close.

Jerry has a spare key to all my houses mainly for a case like this.

“Thank God” I muttered under my breath

“What did you say?” She asked

I ignored her and waited patiently for Jerry to enter the room.

“Good morning sir” Jerry entered

The girl quickly covered her body with the duvet, “who’s this?” She asked

“My Personal assistant” I answered “How you doing Jerry”

“I’m fine sir, we have a problem in our headquarters and branches sir”

“What problems?” I furrowed my brows

The girl sat up to listen to our conversation

“All the employees in our branches suddenly quitted and the headquarters is running to bankruptcy” Jerry bowed his head.

“All these happened under my watch?”

“Sir, I think your rivals are behind this”

“Where do I start from?” I slumped into the closest chair, “how do I take care of my girlfriend?”

“Don’t worry dear, we can scale this through together” the girl said

“How?” I asked

“My parents are rich, very rich and I’m the only daughter”

I looked at Jerry from the corner of my eyes.

My eyes saying “this isn’t working, do another thing!!!”

“Sir, we also need to get you to the hospital, I found out this morning that your driver has a flu”

“What….f…..ll…uuaaaacho” I sneezed

I saw the girl shift back on the bed.

“What are you doing standing there? Get him to the hospital immediately” the girl screamed.

“WTH is with this girl, why isn’t she bothered?”

“Better do something fast” I looked at Jerry in the eye.

Sweat was breaking on his forehead already.

“Sir, I just got a call from the TiVip” he tried again

“What’s it about?”

“We’re in more shit than we ever imagined. I think your rival called them in. They threatened us”

TiVip is a very powerful gang here in Ohio. People are scared of them even the police and government officials. No one wants to enter their net mistakenly.

I looked at the bed, the girl isn’t there. Where’s she?

“Bye I’m off and I’ll pretend never to know you” I heard her distantly say.

She must have reached the front door.

“That was brilliant” I slapped Jerry on the shoulder.

“Thank you sir” he smiled.

“Call the driver and let’s go to work” I laughed.

As I entered the car, my phone rang.

I looked at the caller ID and switched off my phone

Few minutes later, Jerry handed me his phone.

She must have called him!

I collected it with a sigh, there’s no escaping this one.

? “When will you come home to pick your bride. I need to see my grandchildren”

?”Hello Mummy, I’m very good and work is going fine”

?”What’s my business with your work? Are you drunk again or are you with a prostitute?”

?”No ma”

?”When are you coming?”

?”Mum, I don’t want to pick a bride there, they’re all stupid and naive”

?”Are you insulting my hometown, you know that’s where I come from”

?”Sorry ma but when I’m ready to get married, I’ll get a wife here”

?”It’s against the tradition”

?”I don’t care about the tradition” I replied

?”Well then, your sister will have to suffer for your mistakes”

“What mum!!! Please don’t. I don’t want to” I heard Brenda sob under

“We don’t have a choice Brenda” I heard dad deep masculine voice say

?”What’s going on mum?”

?”Your Sister will be married off to your father’s oldest friend. He already asked her hands in marriage. Only you can stop it my coming home” she hung up.

“Aaaaarrrrggghhhh, using my weakness against me is against the court of Law”

My sister can’t be punished because of me.

“Tell mum I’ll be home tomorrow” I told Jerry

“You’ve thrown my phone out in frustration sir”

“Stop at a mall and get a new phone, also we’re leaving the office early. I need to prepare for my trip tomorrow”

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