MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 41 – 50

? EPISODE 41 ?

By Princess ?

We resumed 400level, for my bad character to reduce rather it was getting worse. After releasing first batch Admission list and second batch list, my sister’s name was not there. There was serious apprehension at home because there was a guy she knew which had secured admission. We started pressing buttons again, thanks to Aminat who knew a professor that was the dean of post graduate school. We told him and he was surprised she has not be given admission despite her high score, her name later came out on the supplementary list.
Before her name was out, her mind was not at rest and she had already moved to school, where else will she stay if not my place since i was already in 400level, i would be leaving school in like a year so she could continue staying in the house.
She was so happy when her name came out, she couldn’t wait to go and bring her things from Offa and start staying in school.

My sister was a decent lady to the core too, she used long hijab and always in jalamia most times, even though she used to wear jean trouser, you would not notice because she used to cover it with her jalamia. I never wanted to support her coming to live with me because i knew she would definitely block my runs, none of my family members knew my character again, they were still thinking I was that innocent Alfa Abdulrahman, how would they know when it had been up to 3 years I last visited home and they had not by any chance pay me a visit in school. All what they do was to send accommodation fee to me and pocket money anytime they had extra cash, in fact i didn’t even ask them for money. My sister noticed my mode of dressing the first time she set her eyes on me and she asked the reason for my new look i lied to her that i decided to change the way i dress and remove my beards because people always run away from me when i first got admission and they were scared of associating with me. Ismaeel had already gone back to Offa, he only came to school once in a while for his final clearance.

At the beginning of 400level first semester, Aminat tried to be close to Nimat, even though I was not in support of it as i didn’t want my sister to be corrupt just like Aminat, i didn’t want her to use her innocent outlook to deceive my sister, i was a bit cautious but i was incapacitated because if i tried to force it, i knew she would want to say a lot of things to my sister, she would expose the kind of person I had changed to to my sister and she could in turn tell our parents at home. The only way i could stop her was to always be with them at every particular point in time. Aminat was becoming so nice to my sister and i couldn’t allow her to corrupt her.

300level second semester result was out and after the final result was pasted, i was already at 3.49 gp. Even though i was not having any carry over but I had dropped drastically as I was now in second class lower.

I asked Aminat about her own result and she told me they have not released their own result. I was in my room this lovely Saturday afternoon with my sister when we started hearing strong voice, we quickly stepped outside and there i saw a man in Agbada putting on a white cap with something like bead on his two hands, standing beside him was the dean of post graduate school and some guys packing belongings that looked like Aminat’s properties out of her room. “omo ranu omo lasan yi, you are a disgrace to royalty, we thought you will be serious that is why we sent you down here not knowing you will come here to disgrace us”, those were the words from the man in white Agbada.
Aminat was crying as she stood somewhere in the compound, i greeted the prof and i never knew he still knew me very well. It was then he explained to me that Aminat had been advised to withdraw from school as her result fall below the acceptable limit in Unilorin. He said he was surprised when he saw her name on the list during the senate meeting and there was absolutely nothing she could do. He asked if i didn’t discuss academics with her and i told her i still asked her like last week and she told me their result was not out yet. They packed everything inside her room without leaving anything behind and they zoomed off.

I was surprised with what just happened and was wondering how on earth Aminat result will be so low to the extent of the school authority giving her advice to withdraw from school. I started thinking about our lives together, the life we live, how we started, what we have done together and how i never envisaged it will all come to an end just like that.

I tried calling her later in the day but her number was switched off, her ATM card and some other personal belongings were still with me.
I was trying Aminat number for like two weeks and it wasn’t going through at all, to say i was missing her was an understatement, i missed her a lot, no more night out like that, no more S£x and r0mance. Where will i even start from? I have never toasted any lady before in my life so, how will i do it now? I used to visit Bode once in a while and hang out, what i used to do most times is to drink as i don’t have any girl i used to carry along with them.

It was the third week Aminat left Ilorin, i had never stayed two days without S£x for almost two years and this is almost three days, i resorted to watching m0vie and masturb@ting almost every day but i make sure that it was always when my sister was not around, i had series of Adult movie CD at home kept in my bag that i always slot into my DVD to watch. There was a day i was watching one of my Adult m0vies DVD, i had just started playing with my deek when NEPA struck, it was so unfortunate that my sister came back from school at that particular time too.
I started thinking how i will remove the CD from player, i thought of staying indoor till when NEPA would restore light and i would be the first to retrieve it then a thought came to my mind and i took the player away from the house under the pretence that i was taking it to electrician to repair. I never allowed my sister to suspect my behaviour, the only prayer i used to pray in her presence was the early morning prayer, i always excuse myself from the room anytime she finished taking her bath, she will go to the toilet with her jalamia on and come back putting it on. As for me, i always go the toilet too with my trouser or three quarter short with a top and come out fully dressed most times.

Masturb@tion will never and can never be like the real S£x, i was seriously missing the b0s0m sU-Cking, the pu$ssy sU-Cking and all the k!sses.
When i couldn’t hold it again, i decided to give ashewo joint a try, have always been hearing about coca-cola road over a long period of time but have never been there before. I decided to give it a try this particular Friday evening, i entered a cab from zanrab to challenge and took a bike from challenge to coca-cola road after Unity roundabout, i asked the bike to drop me at the entrance of the street.
I walked down the street to where there were no houses again, i walked back to the main road, walked back again and again, i noticed there was a house by the entrance of the street where some girls were out in the compound parambulating, i waited across the house looking at things, i thought of going in but the face of the guys there was so strong for my likening. I moved away and walk straight down again and i saw a 3 storey building, the gate to the compound was opened and music was playing there and i saw like two girls standing.
I entered and saw guys drinking on tables put outside there, i looked for empty space but there was none. I saw an entrance by one side and entered the place, there were people there and empty seats too, so i sat down and called a guy to give me two big stout. I was drinking and different girls were coming into the place, roaming up and down, i noticed that guys would call them they would whisper to their ears and off they go, i don’t know where they do go to. I was using style to look at each girl that enters the place until i saw one entered which i believed will be in her early twenties, she walked pass me and i held her hand, she bent down and i whisper to her ear…”how far now babe”, “i Dey” she responded. What next to say is what i don’t know as i still held her hand, i knew she was expecting me to say something but i don’t even know what to say, i guess she sensed i was naive so she sat beside me and whispered to my ear “can we go to my room”? i answered with “sure”.
She held my hand as i stood up and led me to the second floor of the building, she opened the door and what was there was a red light, a bed put on the floor, there was hanger for clothes and two travelling bags on the floor too. She locked the door from behind and said “2k for 30mins, 3k for an hour and if you want me to follow you home its 10k”, follow me home for what i said to myself, i said i will be okay with 30minutes. “oya off your clothes she said”, on my mind i was like “just like that?”. She pulled off her clothes and helped me unbutton my shirt and lied down on the bed, i was just staring at her “oga oya now, customers are still waiting for me outside”, i pulled off my shirt and jean and was left with boxers, i moved to her and wanted to k!ss her but she said no, i wanted to sU-Ck b0s0m she also said no “oga you dey waste my time oo, which kind thing be this now”, i removed my boxer and wanted to slot my deek inside her “ wetyn you wan do oga? Where your c0ndom? She asked..”c0ndom ke?, i no get ooo” i responded….” you them carry come make you come give me HIV abi, tell them say you no meet me abeg, see c0ndom dey there, carry one wear abeg”
She pointed to where she kept her c0ndoms, i picked one there, tore it with my mouth and i was struggling to wear it on my deek and she collected it from me.

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