SHE IS THE ONE : Episode 1 – 10


Episode 1

What? she just slapped me? Steven was so angry he looked everywhere for the girl that slapped him but could not find her due to the crowd of people present in the club. He scratched his head and pulled down everything on the table thus making the glass to break into pieces. No one dare question him because he is the son of the number one millionaire in the state.

Steve is the only son to Mr Williams, he is just 30 and he is managing one of his father’s companies in the state.
Mr Williams is known to be the number one millionaire in the state, therefore giving Steve the opportunity to do as he wishes.

“Ah it’s all because of that pro$titute called Sandra. She is the cause why am into this big mess today. Never in my life has anyone dare talk one on one with me talkless of a girl slapping me? Steve complained feeling the pains of the slap as he rubbed his cheek.

Flashback ….
Steve was on his way back from work. He decided to surprise his girlfriend Sandra, so he branched a nearby boutique and on getting there almost everyone bowed for him due to who his father is.

He walked pass them and one female attendant approached him.
“Sir how may we help you?
“I need some female stuffs like bra, panties and other stuffs”.
“OK sir this way please”. She said and left the way.
Steve paid for the things he bought and they took it to his car and he zoomed off heading to Sandra’s house. He was over excited because he was going to propose to her that day.

On getting there, he parked his car outside and noticed another car parked at the far end which does not belong to Sandra. He was thinking about who could own it but later waved off the idea and head straight to her apartment with the small polythene bag in his hand.
He was about to turn the door knob when he heard something like moan in the room. he dropped the bag down and looked through the small hole in the door to confirm his ears. Lo and behold he saw his Sandra with another man on top her riding her like an horse. He wanted to leave unnoticed but he decided to go in. He turned the door knob with full force and stormed in. They all looked and saw Steve standing behind the door. Sandra was more shocked she covered herself with the blanket.
It was as if Steve was being controlled by a remote. He knelt down with one of his knee and keep the bag down.
“Sandra, this was for you and I can’t take it back without giving you “.
He dropped the bag and head to the door.
“Steve!, please I can explain everything “Sandra finally found her voice.
She was battling with tears but it finally dropped.
Steve stormed out,tears had already formed in his eyes but he had to be a man for once. He got into his car and zoomed off to the club.

End of flashback

He hit his hand hard on the glass table as the memory of Sandra lying naked with another man came flooding back.
He stood up after vowing that he will pay back the lady that slapped him.

Mabella had already gotten to the house. She dropped her hand bag and settled down on the couch.
“What a proud ant? Because his father is rich he thinks he can control everyone as he likes. nonsense even in my next generation I can’t bow for him.

She smiled and headed to her room as she recalled how she slapped Steve earlier.

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