(Ugu Juice)

Have you ever heard about the positive impact of ?Ugu vegetable’s leaves on your health? This vegetable has tons of vitamins and minerals, which help your body to stay healthy and skin to remain smooth. But how do you cook beneficial Ugu leaves juice? There are several approaches of Ugu’s leaves usage in food. A shot of blended Ugu leaves may not sound very tasty, particularly for people with a sweet tooth. However, a careful blend of a selection of fruits along with fresh Ugu leaves can be made into a tasty nutritious drink brimming with loads of health benefits.

The most popular is to make a juice out of them. Let’s see how you can do it and learn the health benefits of pumpkin leaf juice.

?Pumpkin or Ugu leaf juice is widely used in African cuisine as an aside-dish for meat or a natural substitute for carbonated drinks. It is a very big source of vitamin D and minerals, so it is very beneficial for your health. It is also very delicious and many vegetarians give a preference to Ugu over other products. Sometimes it is used in many sweets or even when making medicine products. The Ugu leaf or simply pumpkin leaf is filled with iron, which helps with blood circulation and eases pain during “special days” in every woman’s life.

?Pumpkin leaves have a lot of vitamins. The healthiest are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron. However, one more benefit, which pumpkin leaves juice has is that while the juice is very tasty, it still has low calories. The amount of vitamins works well for all areas of your body. Vitamin A benefits your vision. Vitamin C helps your skin, which means that in the case of any wounds, scars, this vitamin helps your skin to renovate and recover faster.

Also, pumpkin leaf has a lot of iron in it. Iron helps keep our muscles strong and carries oxygen itself from our lungs to other parts of the body. This is, what we call – hemoglobin. If you’ve ever had to deal with “anemia”, you know that this disease is caused due to iron deficiency.

Take Alabukun with lime water, squeeze ugu vegetable into a glass cup with two local eggs, half tin milk and two spoons of natural honey mix together and drink it. Three times a day after meal.


It is more a smoothie than a juice. The taste of the drink is unforgettable. To make it, you need a sieve and a blender to process the leaves. This method of making the juice is easy and takes only about 20 minutes.:

?Take Ugu leaves and rinse them with water, wash properly to avoid contamination. Make sure to remove all insects.

?Juicy and tasty juice is made out of raw Ugwu leaves
After the leaves are ready to go, to blend easily cut your Ugu leaves into small sizes not need to cut them.

? Add a bit of water and blend it until you see that the leaves have turned smooth. If you use a high speed to blend, this could take up to five minutes. It can also depend on what kind of blender you use.

?Five minutes later, pour the juice through a sieve.The above Ugu & fruit smoothie recipe can easily be turned into juice drink by filtering out the fibre after blending the mixture.

?The juicy mass should be boiled for 90-120 seconds(optional) you can also drink it freshly made raw.This way, all the vitamins will stay in juice, which makes it not only tasty but a healthy drink.

?You can add some fruits in Ugu smoothie/juice such as banana, strawberry, mango, grapes, orange, melon,avocado etc. You can also use a blend of more than one fruit to get more exotic flavours as you desire. Other people prefer to add a full cup or tin of milk or malt bottle drink into their Ugu leave juice solution.

?Now, your Ugu leaf juice is ready to enjoy!