MY PRINCE CHARMING: Episode 51-The End


? Together forever ?

?? Written by Lois ??

? Episode 51 ?

? Harry ?

“The meeting is by 2pm sir”

“The venue??”

“It will be forwarded later”


“I’d be in my office sir” he said bowing

That was derrick My new PA

Two weeks has been gone since I found out and Chloe is still at my house.

She has been beaten

I have stepped up the intensity of Tiana’s search and it has been tiring

I had to go beg the entire family for my foolishness last week

Now I have came the end of another week and no sign of Tiana been found

I went to all the places I could think of but it was a abortive

I went to LA where we had first met during childhood but it was effortless

The police are trying their best but it seems as of it wasn’t enough


“Sir the whole event of the meeting had been changed”


“Yes it has been changed to one month conference at New Orleans”

“A month at new Orleans? Why? What did the secretary to the board say about it”

“Well he said during the period of the conference the all team will be able to put an eye on the joint project and think of ideas to enlarge the firm”

“On whose directives are these”

“It is from the top business organization which the company is a big share owner to”

“Okay I have heard you, you can leave”

“Thank you sir”he said slightly bowing

Now I’d have to go to new Orleans for a month


?New Orleans ? two weeks after



“You aren’t dropping me off today Mason”

“I am too”

“No you aren’t”

“Just buzz off” I said and he chuckled

“What?” I said pouting

“It’s been awhile since I saw you this lively”


“Nah that’s a lie it’s the first time”

“No it’s not”

“Yes it is”

“Geez I just can’t with you right now” I said and stick his out at me

“Let’s just go already”

?Harry ?

“I will go get it”

“Okay and make sure you get back to us”

It has been two weeks since I got here

The police hasn’t gotten any lead of she might be

The business here too is entailing and not is to strap off

I got in to my car and drove to the general hospital where I was meant to get some information and health backups for the organization

I was going out of the hospital when I caught a glimpse of Tiana’s structure at the parking lot

I wasn’t so sure but I found myself walking towards the direction

Getting closer I saw clearly that she was the one with a potruding belly

Oh my baby! I thought on excitement

My joy took the best of me as I ran towards her hugging her before planting a peck on her forehead not minding the guys beside her

“Tiana” I called softly staring lovingly at her belly she’s now heavy

“What do you want Mister” she yelled at me

That took me off gaurd

“Tiana c’mon don’t be harsh” the guy said and I looked at her in awe

“Tiana am sorry”

“How did you know my name cos am sure I don’t think I met you before” she said and my jaw dropped

“What are you saying Tia”

“I don’t know who you are so if you’d excuse I got somewhere important to go* she said dragging the guy beside her along giving me a confused look

Okay what just happened??

“Tiana” I called not ready to give up and she looked back

“Mister I don’t know you, you might know my name but I don’t know you I have never met you my entire life okay and next time don’t go about kssing people you think you know so you won’t have to land six under” she said conclusively before going


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