SOLD TO MR RUDE: Episode 11-The End





By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Episode 11?

Nicky’s Pov:

Mr Eric tried to stop me and talk to me but I pushed him away and walked out of the house with my luggage.

I can’t even face him…

I know we didn’t do it on purpose or knowingly but I just can’t bear the thought.

Why did I even drink the whiskey?

Am so stupid to have done that.

I walked out of the gate and flagged down a cab.

I hopped into the cab after putting my luggage in the car boot.

The car speeded off.

Thank goodness!

Thank God! The debt have been paid at last.

But I wish it was done more earlier to prevent this incident from taking place.

The cab pulled over in front of our slum house.

I got down from the taxi after paying the driver.

I walked into the house with my luggage.

I watched the cab zoom off as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I walked into the house.

Eric’s Pov:

I poured out some rum from the bottle to the glass cup.

I was already reeking of alcohol.

I belched noisily and the stench of alcohol filled the whole place.

I gulped down the glass and proceeded filling the glass again.

“Man! This is not the right thing to do” George said

“Really? So what’s the right thing to do? George she’s gone for good…. I don’t know what exactly to do anymore” I screamed in pain.

“You caused all these… You should have admitted your feelings to her… You should have boldly told her how you feel about her” George said

I rested my head on the couch helplessly.

“I just wish I did but I didn’t! When I found out that am deeply in love with her, she was gone! That was when I realised that she’s very important to me and that I need her in my life not as a maid anymore but as a soulmate” I wailed

“It’s not too late man.. I mean she’s not dead yet so you can always tell her” George said

“No George! It is too late already! How am I even going to confront her when she’s so mad at me” I said as I shook my head in disappointment.

“But that’s not the end of the world dude” George said

“No George! It is the end of world for me… You don’t understand how I feel, I haven’t felt this way for any woman… She’s the only one that made my heart beat” I said

I continued drinking and drinking.

Now I actually realised that I truly love her but what can I do?

She’s gone…

Worst still I deflowered myself and that’s one thing I don’t think I can forgive myself for.

Nicky’s Pov:

I sat on the bed sulking as I covered myself with a duvet.

I’ve been like this since I came home.

I don’t even know the main reason why am crying or why am feeling bad.

I know this isn’t about being deflowered.

Am I crying because I don’t want to leave the mansion?

Or am I crying because I miss someone?

Who is it that am missing?

Is it Sir Andrew?

Or sir Eric?

I didn’t stop sulking.

My door throw open and mother walked in.

I quickly cleaned my tears with the duvet.

“What’s wrong with you Nicky? Tell me what the problem is?” Mother asked anxiously sitting on the bed.

“Am fine mother” I managed to say

“No you are not! It’s obvious” Mother said

“Am just not feeling okay for the meantime but believe me I will be fine” I said

I was backing her.

“Are you sure about that?” Mother asked anxiously

“Yes mother!” I nodded my head.

She stood up and left the room.


Thank goodness mother didn’t notice anything strange.


I already started my work at the coffee shop.

My life was back to normal but I have been really sick and dizzy.

I sat on the bed heavily as I stared at the table.

it was filled with medicine…

I’ve been very sick for the past a month now.

I don’t really know what the problem is.

I keep on throwing up and sleeping even at work

Thank God my boss haven’t found out and my mom too.

I opened my handbag and brought it out.

Actually a friend suggested I test.

I looked at the pregn@ncy test stripe with nervousness.

I walked into the bathroom praying it’s negative within me.

I dipped the stripe into my urine in nervousness.

My eyes widened in shock…

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