Episode 31

Anita pov

I sat inside the car with Alex and we were heading home since I have been discharged already and I am so happy because that place irritates me.

I can’t believe Elizabeth plan this, I mean even if she was that desperate why would she want to kill me because of a man.

My parents’ plan on disowning her as their daughter and I am really scared of that coming to pass.

Alex told me the story of how I almost died and I could not help but give thanks to God because he alone has done that for me.


I sighed sadly when my mind drifted to my school, I mean I am supposed to be in university if not for my pregnancy.

It really pains me that I can’t go to school with my baby bump showing, I have read day and night so that I can gain admission but it seems my labour is in vain.

Sweetheart what are you thinking about? He asked looking at me worriedly and I sighed sadly.

We wil ltalk about it when we get home. I said and he nodded and slowly he placed my head gently on his shoulder while he pat my head closing his eyes.

I was already feeling sleepy when the car door opened and Alex carried me in a bridal style heading inside the house.

I saw the guards sighed in relief as they look at me and I could not help but smile, surrounded by people who like and care about you is something amazing and that is why I am happy.

I looked around and saw different types of car parked in the compound making me wonder what was going on but a particular car caught my attention, it seems new as it has no plate number yet.

He pushed the sitting room door and we entered but everywhere was dark and I clutched on Alex the more.

The light turned on and… Wow the room was decorated.

There was a board decorated written on it bodly was ” welcome back”.

Welcome back home. I heard voices scream and then I looked around to see people looking at me with smile and I gasped covering my mouth in tears when I got to realize they were welcoming me.

Alex dropped me gently on the floor and then my parents, my in laws, my friends and Alex’s friends came to hug me while the few people clapped.

I don’t know… I don’t know what to say but I am greatful for doing this. I said sincerely and they all smile

I have a gift for you. Alex said and I turned to look at him expecting him to say something because I can’t wait but he just took a key from his pocket shaking it in my front and I scoffed in confusion.

Wait… Is that car.. outside for me. I said when I realized it was a car key and he nodded while I gasped in shock.

You mean you bought a car for me? I asked tears already flowing down my eyes and he laughed before shaking his head.

Wow!!! Mr alex is so romantic

I can’t believe he bought a car for his wife

He is just so amazing

I wish I was his wife. These were the comments said and some were even videoing the scenes.

Anita.. calm down… Calm down. I said talking to myself but dmnit I was so happy

Oh my God Alex thank you so much. I jumped on his torso breaking down immediately while he just wrap my hands around my bu tt.

I love you so much. I said kssing him on the lips not caring people around me.

You wanna check it out? He whispered to my ear and I nodded crying while he handed over the car key to me while I jumped in excitement.

I ran outside immediately he handed over the car key to me and the people followed me outside still videoing the scenes.

Am sure this is going to go viral

I gasped in excitement as I looked at the beautiful white Glk car before me .

Oh my God. I screamed running around the car like a mad person while the crowd just laughed looking at me.

I bursted into tears again before running to hug Alexander who was just laughing at my behavior.

Thank you so much. I said sincerely crying silently

Come on Anita you deserve more and you should know that this is just the beginning because I am going to spoil you with everything I have.

I ran inside the car and sit on the driver’s seat before starting the car and it was so cool.

I walked out of the car after trying the car and I just stood there crying because I never expected this from Alex.

He walked closer to me and held my head up making me look at him.

You don’t have to cry Anita because you deserve more than this. He said and I nodded while he kssed me on the lips making the crowd scream in amazement and I hid my face on Alex chest feeling shy


I sat on the bed smiling as I go through my phone and the topic on the internet was…

“Our popular business man Alexander Huston bought a Glk car for his beloved wife worth 20 million dollars, see photos of the car.”

I clicked the photo and the picture of my car came bumping on my scream and I giggled when I saw the comments.

Wow! the car is so beautiful

Am sure his wife must be feeling so special

He is just full of surprises

He really loves his wife so much. I blush as I read the comments

I scrolled past it and another caught my attention.

Mrs Anita Alexander was feeling crazy early today over the car her husband bought for her.

I smiled happily and scrolled past it but it was still the same topic.

The bathroom door opened and Alex walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist and water was dripping from his sxy chest to his waist line making me wet.

Dmn he is looking so hot

Am I that attractive? He asked with his usual smirk and I rolled my eyes looking away from him.

Alex thank you soooo much. I said smiling and he scoffed opening his wardrobe searching for what to wear.

I told you already stop saying that to me. He said and I just smiled out in tears


After few seconds of quietness I decided to tell him about my education.

Honey I have something to tell you. I said and he turnec to look at me before turning back to his wardrobe.

I hope all is well? He asked and I nodded

Okay go on. He demanded and I sighed before speaking

Alex I am supposed to be in university now and because of the pregnancy I can’t go anymore. I said and he scoffed putting on his shirt but he didn’t say anything

Alex? I called and he struggled his shoulder before putting on his pants in my presence and I blushed as I looked at him.

Well you can go after putting to birth. He said and I spring up in excitement jumping on the bed while he just chuckled over my childish behavior.

So what are you studying? He askdd coming to sit with me on the bed.

Hmm I am studying law. I said smiling and he opened his mouth looking at me like I said something wrong making me scared.

You mean my wife is going to be a lawyer? He said smiling and I nodded shyly

Awnn I can’t wait for you to start solving case. He said looking at me and I blush.

He kept looking at me not even blinking and I became uncomfortable with his stares.

Alex? I called his name but he didn’t reply as he just kept looking into my face making me more uncomfortable.

Alex y.. I tried to say something but he cut me off

Hush don’t say a word Anita because I might loose it, you are just so different and I found myself falling for you every minute of my life.

Without you by my side I found it difficult to stay. He said and I just look at him in tears

No no don’t cry because your tears are precious to me so don’t waist it. He said and I blush the more

The knock on the door ditracted us and somehow I was annoyed.

Come in. Alex responded and a slim girl putting on the maid uniform walked in bending her head down as she walked in.

She walked in fully into the room and stood close to the mirror still bending her head down making Alex scoffed.

Why are you here? Alex asked and the girl remain silent and I saw tears drop from her even through she was bending down her head.

Are you dump or what? Alex asked annoyingly and I patt his shoulder telling him to calm down.

Sir..sir.. I have a confession to make. She said raising her head up to look at us

So go on. Alex said and the girl immediately went on her knee

I am sorry sir i was the one that drug you on that day you slept with Elizabeth. She said closing her eyes and I gasped in shock.

What did you just say? Alex asked slowly but dangerously moving close to her and I know for sure that this is not going to end well.

Am sorry sir… She threatened to ki ll my sister If I didn’t do it. She said crying and I felt sad for her.

How dare you. Alex yelled and sIap her making her fell on the floor

I quickly stood up from the bed and stood at his front blocking him from hurting the poor girl.

Alex that is okay. I said and he calmed down a little.

You are fired. He said and the girl gasped in tears

I was expecting him to say that.

Alexander it is okay, forget about sacking the poor girl I mean she just confessed what she did and you should know not everybody will do what she did now. I said and he kept quiet

I gave the maid a signal to leave and she quickly walked out of the room.

Alex calm down. I said and made him sit on the bed before sitting on his thighs.

Fk I can’t believe Elizabeth would stoop so low to send someone to drug me to have sx with her. He said angrily and I rolled my eyes

Forget it Alex I don’t care about that anymore and one thing I am happy about is I listened to you because this would have ruin our relationship. I said and he looked at me

So don’t sack her please. I said giving me puppy eyes and he smiled but suddenly picked up his phone.

Just remain like that. He said and suddenly I felt the camera light on my face

Look see how cute you are. He showed me the picture and I gasped at how pretty I am

I will just use this as my wallpaper. He said operating his phone and I laugh.


I stood at the shower as it fell on my body and I close my eyes as how cool the water is.

I shivered as I felt someone hand wrap me but I became calm when I saw it was Alex.

You look hot. He whispered huskily in my ear and I rolled my eyes

He has said that more than I can even count

I taught you just finished bathing a while ago. I tease him

I want to bath with you. He said huskily and I shivered

We both remain silent as the water fall on us…

Elizabeth pov

I screamed angrily as I watch the video of how Alex bought Anita a car and not just any car but a Glk worth millions of dollars.

I can’t believe this

When I and Alex were dating he only bought me a range rover on my birthday but now he bought Glk for Anita on returning home.

Anita. I screamed with rage throwing my phone across the room and he crashed to the floor immediately

I can’t believe all my effort to make sure Anita die is all in vain since Gu-Jan di had been sentence to life imprisonment but I am not going to give up easily.

I am going to ki ll her with my bare hands and I don’t care if she is my sister because she took away my man and I will take her life for that.

She thinks that I will consider her as my sister, never, I am going to make her life ends in my hands.

I have not gone home since my parents know already that I was part of the plan so I have been staying in a hotel but I will plan from here and when I strike they won’t know what hit them. I taught as I grin ev!lly…


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