NONSENSE MISTAKE : Episode 11 – The End

NONSENSE MISTAKE : Episode 11 – The End

By Ngozi Lovelyn. O

Episode 11

Chidimma felt betrayed watching Ofoma entering the visitor’s room to pacify Oluchi and also plead her down to stay.

“What is going on? Does it mean that Ofoma lied to me? Though he never denied missing her, but he made it clear to me that he will never accept her back into his life again.

NONSENSE MISTAKE : Episode 11 – The End.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have given Ofoma a space in my heart. Anyway, how should I have known, when Oluchi categorically told me that she won’t have anything to do with him again.

It’s obvious that I have wasted my time loving him. Tomorrow morning, I will leave, I will walk away from their lives, because fighting Oluchi won’t guaranty me Ofoma’s love, it will only make me look cheap.

Oluchi is determined to have him back at all cost, and since he still loves her, he will always side with her.” She said, began shedding tears and left herself on the couch, reminiscing how they started, the first day Ofoma asked her out, how she determined to change him and tutor him into a corporate guy.

NONSENSE MISTAKE : Episode 11 – The End

Then, tears ran down her cheeks, profusely.
“Ofoma why? Why do you want to reward me like this?

After all I did for you, you decided to repay me with the exact betrayal Oluchi did to you, are you so blind that you can’t notice the faithful love I have for you, Ofoma why?” She continued shedding tears and began looking at the engagement ring on her finger.
And then Ofoma came out and asked her about dinner.

“Why are you sitting there crying, instead of being in the kitchen, don’t you know that we have visitor?”

The question shocked Chidimma as she raised her head looking at him.

She searched for the words to reply him but couldn’t find any.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Are you not supposed to be in the kitchen by now?” He looked mean as Chidimma kept shut, continued crying.

“Are you preparing the dinner or should I ask my boy to do it? You know he can cook very well.” He continued

“Ofoma, thank you for paying me back with wickedness. After all the love we shared, after all the promises, this is how you decided to pay me back?” She asked standing up..

“Pay you back, how? What exactly are you talking about?” Ofoma asked expecting an answer.

“Ofoma, your actions have made it clear to me that I’m no longer wanted in your life. Don’t worry, tomorrow morning, I will leave and never come back, if not that it’s already late, I would have left by now.”

“Chidimma, I don’t know what your problem is, but since you have already made up your mind to leave, then so be it, I won’t force you to stay” He said, leaving the sitting room to his boy’s room to ask him to prepare dinner.

And shocked Chidimma stood agape, watching him leave. She felt pained, disappointed, betrayed and heartbroken. She couldn’t understand anything.

“If not that it’s late, I would have left this place………..Ofoma, my God will surely reward you for treating me horribly. You will surely regret this, I promise you. All my effort to make him a better person have all been in vain.

I was tushing him for Oluchi, thinking I was doing him a favour. Oh Lord, why me, why this wickedness? This is so unfair.”

When the dinner was served, Ofoma went to the visitor’s room to call Oluchi.

Chidimma was just there watching all that was happening. Ofoma did not care to ask her to join them on the dining table. He was eating, chating with Oluchi as they laughed together.

Oluchi was enjoying the sad look on Chidimma’s face as her hope kept increasing that Ofoma still loved her. And that he was doing all that to force Chidimma out of his life.

“I know what you are doing my love. Since you have engaged her already, you want to use actions to push her out from your life so that nobody will blame you for doing so.

That is a very smart idea, very nice, it will look like she left on her own accord. I know Chidimma’s nature, she can’t stand the humiliation, she will leave first thing tomorrow morning.

Wow! I can’t believe that things will go this smoothly for me. Lord I thank you for answering my prayers.

It shows that Ofoma and I are match made in heaven. After all I did to him, he still has the heart to shower me with so much love! He must truly love me a lot.

And with this single act, I will never betray him again, all my love will be for him for the rest of my life.” While she was still eating, an idea crept in.

“Oluchi, what are you doing? You pretended that you are still friends with Chidimma and you are not saying anything on why she is not eating with you?

You have to act, to look kind in Ofoma’s eyes. Yes, do it” she then spoke up
“Chidimma dear, why are you not eating? Come and sit beside your man. Come and eat OK.” She acted nicely
But Ofoma asked her to continue eating her food, that Chidimma wasn’t interested, that she had no appetite.

“How can that be? The food is delicious, let her have a taste, she will like it”

“I said she doesn’t want to eat, don’t force her. Just sit down and enjoy your meal, don’t allow her ruin this wonderful dinner for us, please” Ofoma urged, looking serious and said in his heart: “I don’t even want her here, I want to have this moment alone with Oluchi”

Chidimma was watching, dying in pain, her heart was breaking down into pieces.

NONSENSE MISTAKE : Episode 11 – The End

“No, I can no longer bear this. This is too much, I better leave and face the danger I will meet on the road than sit here getting humiliated” she then rose from where she was sitting, and approached Ofoma on the dining table.

She removed the engagement ring on her middle finger and placed it for him on the table without uttering any word.
She then turned to leave.

“Good job Chidimma, good job. You have successfully handed my man over to me without putting up a fight. It shows that you don’t even love him enough as you claim. Very good, everything is turning out for my good.” Oluchi rejoiced silently.

Ofoma was watching, wondering what Chidimma was doing.

“It’s already late, let it not be she is leaving” he said, going outside to know what she was up to. When he reached there, he saw her opening the door, crying bitterly.

“And where do you think you are going at this ungodly hour?” He asked

“You are asking like you still care?” She replied

“Listen, it’s already late. I don’t want to be held responsible for anything that may happen to you.

It’s better you sleep here, tomorrow morning you leave, since you have already made up your mind”
He was breaking Oluchi’s heart the more with his harsh words.
And she ignored him and left.

He stood watching her leave, without putting in any effort to prevent her from leaving….

NONSENSE MISTAKE : Episode 11 – The End

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