By Tiana Isaac

Episode 61

The next day…?

“Let go home Eric,” Nadine held his little hand as she turn to leave but Eric stopped her.

” Please mom… Let’s stay here,” Eric pleaded.

“Dad is willing to change and our family will be complete again,” Eric said blinking back the tears in his eyes.

” Is that what Leon has been feeding you with? She asked angrily while Leonard walked up to her.

“Nadine… I know we have our issues and it all started with me. Am sorry, I don’t want to make this a hard way for both of us. Please come back home to us even for the sake of Eric, ” Leon pleaded.


” Please mom, ” Eric held her two hands while Nadine look away angrily, she wished Eric will understand the situation.

“Please Nadine, we don’t have to involve our families in this, we are adult enough to resolves this issues,” Leonard pleaded, as he went on his knees.

” Allow me to be part of your lives and to make it up to you, ”

” How many chances do you want me to give you Leon! you had your chance but you destroyed everything,” Nadine yelled back in tears.

” Just once more Nadine. I love you please,” he pleaded.

” Let go Eric,” Nadine dragged him as they stormed out of the house and headed straight to where her car was parked outside.

“Mom…,” Eric cried.

“are we just leaving like this,” he asked in tears.

” Am sorry Eric but I don’t trust Leonard anymore,” she said wiping away her tears, seeing how broken he was make her wonder if he’s serious about what he said or not.

“Mom why can’t you forgive dad, why can’t everything be back to normal? it obvious you don’t love me because if you do- you’ll always want to see me happy,” Eric yelled back at her while Nadine just watched him in surprise.

“Don’t ever think that way Eric. Everything am doing it’s for your own good,” she said.

” No!



“It’s okay Nadine atleast you’ve got Eric back,” Cassie console her when they get back home.

” If Leonard isn’t gonna give up then we have to involve the police in this again Maybe it will be better if he goes back to jail again,” Josie said.

” No dad, I don’t want to involve anyone in this, the trauma is getting much, I want everything to be within us here and not for the public. Eric might just hate me the more, he’s so angry with me,” she said sadly.

” Eric will understand, he’s just a kid,” Julianna said.

” Your happiness matters to us Nadine and you can’t go back to Leonard no matter how much Eric wants that,” Cassie said while Nadine nodded sadly.



The next morning..?
Nadine went to check on Eric in his room, this time she notice he was still on his bed but when he saw her walked in he quickly covered himself with a duvet.

“Good morning Eric,” she smile but he shun her. On a normal day, he will greet her first and kiss her on the forehead but this time is different.

“Seems like he’s still angry” she thought.

“Breakfast is ready, I made your favorite..”

” I want to be alone mom,” he said.

” Aren’t you going to school?

“How can I concentrate in school after what you did to daddy. Maybe he was right all alone am just not lucky,” he sigh.

” Eric! Whatever your dad tells you isn’t true. I just want some time to think things through and I love you so much Eric, I don’t want you to end up like your dad who is nothing but a hot tempered man.

We still have a lot of potholes in our marriage that we need to fix, you might not entirely understand me but I understand you, I understand your desire to see our family complete and to have a father figure around but things might only get worst if we go back,” she said .

” But he didn’t ask for much, all he want is for us to be together,” Eric said sadly as he remembered his conversation with his dad yesterday.


(“Mom hasn’t showed up and it getting late,” Eric asked as he eat his pizza.

” She’s always busy, too busy for you,” Leonard said. He knows by now Miguel will go to their mansion to look for him but he was smart enough to bring Eric to one of his house which on one knows about it to avoid much problem.

“And this the first time I have been here,” Eric asked looking around.

“Your dad has many houses,” Leonard smiled.

” I missed Nadine and I wish she will fully come back to us,” he said sadly.

” Have you promised not to beat, fight or quarrel with her again? Eric asked while Leonard nodded.

“All I want is to see you happy. You’re all I have. I know Nadine hasn’t been a good mother and that’s because of our separation. But I want to change the story now,”

” I will talk to mommy tomorrow,” Eric said.

” Thank you son,” he smile….

Leonard thought of the easiest way to win Nadine back. His plans was to use Eric to make her come back but he changed his mind and texted her his address to come the next morning and pick Eric so he can plead with her.

He wanted to see if he could set things right by all means because he needed Nadine in his life by all means.


***End of the Flashback••••

“But can we visit him tomorrow to know how he’s doing right? Eric asked while Nadine nodded, even thou she doesn’t agree to that in her mind she have to agree to that because of her son, she don’t want him to think she don’t care about his feelings too.

“All this will be a story someday. It will be over soon. I love you so much Eric,” she pulled him into a hug.

” Once I get to see Leonard tomorrow maybe I can tell him the whole truth about Eric,” she thought.

Later in the evening…

@ The bar

” She left.. despite my plead and everything,” he said sadly as he gulped down from his bottle of beer.

** Or Maybe she’s seeing someone else* his subconscious said.

“Whoever that person is I must end his life just the same way I did to Lorenzo. No one dares the Enersto’s, I will kill anyone who get in my way. Nadine is mine and if she refuse to come back in the good way I will force her to do that in a hard way,” he mutter to himself. He was half drunk as he stood up and was about to leave when he bump into someone.

“Hey watch your steps! The guy yelled at him.

” Isn’t this Leonard Enersto’s? The other guy behind asked while they laughed.

“Look at how miserable he have become because of his failed marriage with Nadine,” he said while they burst out laughing. Leonard heard them as he dragged him back and pvnched him.

“Hey! The other yelled and Pvnched Leonard too.

” You just got out of the prison recently… So you’re nothing now ,” he smirked.

” How dare you!” Leonard took a bottle of champagne and break it on his head while they go into a fight….

The whole place was getting crowdy as the security men came in and people start to run away.


“Leonard my son,” his mom cried when he was brought back home so injured.

“She left me again,” he muttered.

“Is this how you’ll end your life?

” I need my family back,” he said slowly before going into a deep slumber.


The next day…?
The first call Nadine receive that morning was from Leonard’s mom.

? Leonard is gradually loosing his senses, he got into a fight last night at the bar and he was injured, he wants to end his life and he has been mentioning your name and Eric’s. Please come back home to atleast see him,” she pleaded.

?What! How is he doing now?

?He just wants to see you,” Beatrice said on the phone.

? Am coming..,” Nadine said.
“Who’s that? Are we going to see dad? Eric asked.

“Yes dear,” she replied.

@ The Enersto’s Mansion?

“Leon,” Nadine called when they got inside the house. She was surprised to see how miserable he was.

“Nadine,” he called as he reached out his hands to hold hers.

“Daddy, what happened? Eric asked seating beside him.

” I would have die..,” he whispers.

“Come back home Nadine.. I need you. I love you so much and I won’t let you slip away from my hands. We will have more children and a beautiful family.

I promise to be the best husband ever, I mean it this time. I don’t want to hurt you again that’s why am pleading with you,” he said sadly.

” Please mummy I don’t want to lose my dad,” Eric sniffled.

“Nothing will happen Eric. Leonard is strong enough and I believe he will sail through this,” she said .

” If only you come back to me then all these wouldn’t have happened,” Leonard said.

” How can I tell you the truth about Eric in this condition of yours! Nadine said to herself wondering if this is the right time to speak up.

“Please Nadine,” Leon pleaded in tears.

“I will always be there for you,” he said while Nadine just watched him in tears.

His words doesn’t move her anymore, it never did right from the beginning because the foundation of their marriage wasn’t built on love and trust.

She tried so hard to love Leon these pass few years of their marriage but it never works out. He’s right whenever he feels she neglected him.

They have never been a true companionship between them and now that the marriage is getting toxic she believes her heart is no longer with him again and she want to be free from that toxic marriage that is draining her emotionally.

“Please mummy, do this for daddy,” Eric pleaded with her.

” It’s okay Eric. I will,” she said while Leonard looked at her, happy to hear that from her.

“I will often come here every evening to atleast visit him until he get better, and after that we will think of what next to do,” she said.

” Thank you so much Nadine, I appreciate,” Leonard said.

” Thank you mummy,” Eric hugged her.


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