Written by Raji Abigael

Episode 41



“Karen, Kathrine get down here we are getting late!
Kimberly yelled at the top of her voice, annoyed at how long she had been waiting for the girls to finish dressing up .

“Mom, you need to stop yelling, it’s not good for your health. Kathrine said heading downstairs in a shining gold dress. By her side was Karen (Ariel) also in a shining gold dress, wearing an apologetic look on her face.

“Mom, my sweet mother, my lovely mummy. Karen teased Kimberly but she still wasn’t smiling.

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“Karen, mummies are dead people stop calling mom that, she’s not dead yet you know, Kathrine whispered the last part in Ariel’s ears making both of them laugh.

“Seriously, so this is what I get for volunteering to take you girls to the party right, well then you both should find your way. Kimberly said angrily and turned to leave but heared their silent chuckles.

“Old age, Kathrine whispered to Ariel making both of them laugh.

“What are you girls talking about? Kimberly said slowly turning to face both of them who were trying to hold their undying laughter making their face turn red.

“Urm, it’s nothing we will be in the car bye, they both said in unison, before running out not without releasing their muffled laughter.

“Oh God, these girls won’t be the end of me. Kimberly muttered before she followed suit.


A month ago, after the text message was sent to Ken and Kimberly, they did a DNA test the next day, and it turned out to be positive. They were too overjoyed and didn’t want to be heartbroken, so they tried three more hospitals, all proved positive. All these results were brought to Ariel who didn’t believe them thinking they only wanted to make her feel complete. But after taking glances at each paper, the truth was revealed.

It took Ariel just two weeks to get used to them being her family and also accepting her name to be Karen. Things were going on just fine, Kathrine and Ariel already resumed a new school and they were both treated nicely.

Now they are all heading for a business party for their project which is going on just fine. Ken already left in his car, because of how slow the girls were getting ready.




“I am going to miss you alot, are you sure you don’t need me, I could come with you if you don’t mind. Mrs Damien sobbed on Jerald’s shoulder not wanting to let go.

It already completed a month of non stop reading, planning and training for Jerald. Dr Charles really mentored him to his very best also with the help of Mrs Damien. Now that he was done with training and learning, he had duties to perform the name of his late father.

Due to Jerald’s memory loss, it was more easy for him to accept Antonio as his real father and Austin Ferdinand to be his actual name. Mrs Damien felt sad each he answered a different name from the one she gave to him.

Jerald was a fast learner from childhood, even after losing his memory, he never lost his ability to learn things faster.

Although Jerald already knew a lot, he still needed to learn from Mr Beverly. Before he could be given any business to handle, this was the main reason he had to leave for Italy to meet Mr Beverly.

Now, it was time for him to leave and Mrs Damien didn’t want to let go. She really wanted to be with him but it was too impossible, she has her own business to run and Jerald also needs to be on his own as well. This will make him recover slowly until he has fully adjusted. But Mrs Damien was permitted to visit once in six months, yeah it was hard but it was her only choice.

“It’s okay mother, am going to be okay, you just have to take good care of yourself for me okay. I will call you every night to check up on you. I am sure that will make you feel better. Jerald assured his mother. This made her smile out tears, she had been so blinded that she couldn’t see how precious and priceless Jerald was to her. Even after losing his memory he still cares about her when is most likely a stranger to him.

“Alright, fine I will let you go but please keep to your promise okay, always call me, I love you very much son. Mrs Damien said, shedding uncontrollably tears.

Jerald smiled and pulled her into a hug, such an understanding woman, God sent to his rescue.

“Bye mom, I will call you when I get there. Jerald said after breaking the hug. He walked into the private jet, waved at Mrs Damien before the door closed.

“Claire get a hold of yourself, he’s going to be fine, come on let’s head back home. Dr Charles said as he lead the way back to their car.


After Jerald arrived at Italy, he was welcomed wholeheartedly by Mr Beverly and his wife. Jerald was taken to his own penthouse specially made for him suggested by Antonio. Although the penthouse was close to Mr Beverly’s mansion.

His penthouse had everything in it, even maids, guards and the likes. His father always wanted the best, and that he would surely get.



“Are you ready son, let’s get going. Mr Beverly said to Jerald who nodded in return.

“What about your wife sir, isn’t she coming? Jerald asked.

“Oh, she’s still getting ready, as you may know ladies and looking beautiful. Mr Beverly replied.

“Oh, well I guess you got tired of waiting for her. Jerald said.

“That’s correct. Mr Beverly replied.


Soon they got to the car and drove off.

“Sir can I ask one question. Jerald said.

“Of course, go ahead son, oh and you can call me David. Mr Beverly said.

“Why is there a party on an incomplete project. He asked curious.

“This is how business men get more shares into their business. David said.

“I don’t understand. Jerald replied.

“Let me explain it to you, when a business is being set up half way, business men like to throw parties, but that is what an amateur would think. To us, it’s a gathering of shares, throwing a party means your business is progressing and people like progressive business. Now let me ask you a question, if you have a business and it’s progressing, then you throw a half party, what do you gain from the party you threw? David asked.

“I would get shares because business men through the party get a feeling about your business being profitable to them. Jerald replied and Mr Beverly smiled.

“You are one smart young man. I know you will handle your father’s business in the best way possible and he will be proud of you. Mr Beverly assured.


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