REVENGE : Episode 1 – 10


Written and composed by Excelrhymez

Episode 1

Igwe Obama looked at his wife and saw the terrified look on her face, he looked at his 7years old daughter and then his 5years old son, he saw fear all over them, he could hear the cry of his people as they were been slaughtered one after the other and the wailing and shouting was getting closer and closer.

He knew that sooner or later they would arrive at where he was with his family. He was confused, he didnt know what to do? This attack on his village was unexpected and that was why they were been killed. He still didnt understand why King AZAZA sent his warriors to attack and wipe away his land. The people of OKU and EKEH had always lived in peace. And then this night this war had started unexpectedly. He was yet to understand what was going on. He was on his bed when one of the guards ran to him and took him into this safe room with his wife and kids, and the maiden who always took care of his kids for the queen.

The guard had told him that they were on watch over the village when the warriors of OKU stormed their land, and started slaughtering them, and setting houses ablaze, killing men and women. He said the chief warrior and the other warriors fought fearlessly before they were finally defeated by the OKU warriors. And that the chief warrior had sent him back to bring him to safety just before he died. King Obama was yet to understand what the warrior was saying but he followed him along side his family into the safe room and now the warriors were fastly approaching the room.

King Obama, was still lost in his thoughts when the guard interrupted him again. ”Igwe, we cant stay here, we have to leave right now.It seemed like the igwe was deaf to what the guard had said.
”Igwe, did you hear what I said? Please we have to live right now, the boys have broken the inner chamber and in few seconds they will come in here, we have to leave right now. ”

Igwe Obama turned and looked at the guard, he drew a sword and said to him. ”Take my family to safety, I cannot leave this place. This is the land my forefather’s handed over to my father who then handed it over to me, I cannot leave and desert my people. Igwe, the guard said, but you will be killed……, igwe Obama drew a sword and turned to the guard and said, then I will die a proud man. Let it be known that IGWE OBAMA 1 OF EKEH KINGDOM, died in battle, rather than a shameful story of the coward Igwe who ran and abandoned his people in times of war, go now and take my family to stay.

At that moment, the queen drew a sword, my husband , my king, the bravest of all the men I’ve ever known, where you are there I will be. I live and die with you. I will defend our people with you. Igwe Obama held her hands and smiled, Queen Nwoko has always been a brave and strong woman and that was why he loved and married her. He tried to convince her to go with the guard and her maid with the kids but all his trials proved abortive and so he let her be. The guard turned to the igwe and said. ”I dedicated my life to serve you, and if you must stand and fight then I will stand and fight with you till the death…..”no Igwe shouted, you will take my children and you will bring them to safety and that’s an order. Yes Igwe he replied! And made to leave with the little Prince and princess who were by now crying. The igwe and his queen took their turns to hug the children and the igwe spoke to his five years old son as if he were a man. My son, from now on take very good care of your sister, you are leaving the land of your father but one day you must return to take your place as the kung of the land. Be strong, be bold and most importantly REVENGE! you must take revenge for all of this. To his daughter he said, you must take care of your brother and you must make sure he returns to take his throne. I love u. Then he removed his Royal ring and handed it over to his daughter. His staff he gave to his son. The queen held unto her maid and said. Love them like your own, to the guard she said, guard them with your life. She kissed them and then asked them to go. The guard carried the little boy, while the maid carried the princess and then they left through the secret door. Just almost immediately the warriors broke the door and came face to face with the queen and king.

King Obama and his wife fought with all their strength, taking down 17warriors, but at the end they gave in to the warriors who stabbed the igwe countlessly on his stomach and the queen on her neck. They fell on each other while holding their hands together as they drew their last breath!

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