REVENGE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 11

As Nina and Ikenna , approached the palace, memories of all that happened to the princess flooded her heart, she suddenly became filled with anger and hatred. She wanted to turn back and leave but Ikenna urged her to go in. They were already here, no turning back.
They stepped into the palace and informed the guards that the king had sent for them, the guard went inside for a minute, when he came back he asked them to follow him inside which they did.

The king was sitted in a beautifully decorated parlour, his facial expression was neither happy nor sad. When he saw Nina, he wanted to wear a smoke but then he saw Ikenna follow behind.

King AZAZA: I asked you to come and not him, (he said pointing at Ikenna, who quickly replied)

Ikenna: igwe, if you ask to see my sister, then you ask to see me, she goes nowhere without me.

King AZAZA: so you are what to her, her protector and defender or what?

Ikenna: Igwe, whatever you call it is okay by me, but wherever Nina goes, I go.

King AZAZA: uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Nina stared at him for a while and finally decided to speak up.

Nina: Igwe, you sent for me, here I am. What is it you want me to do for you?

King AZAZA: such boldness, such spirit. That is what attracted you to me in the first place. Anyway, I do not intend to beat around the bush. I invited you here because I wanted to inform you that in two market days I will be taking you as my wife.

The words of the king came like a bomb to the ears of Nina and Ikenna. She was so shocked to understand what the igwe was talking about. She finally regained her tongue.

Nina: wife? What wife? I don’t understand

Ikenna: yeah me too, I don’t understand.

King AZAZA: what is it that the two of you don’t understand, I spoke English not Swahili. I said in two market days, you will be my wife.

Nina: tufiakwa! May the gods forbid it. (the king was shocked at her reaction) I can never be your wife, may the gods take my life first.

King AZAZA: eeeh! This is an abomination, you dare turn down the kings proposal? Do you know what it takes to be the wife of AZAZA 1?

Nina: I don’t care. I will never marry you;

King Azaza: you will be the Queen of the land, Queen of my heart plus so many advantages.

Nina: Am not interested in whatever you have to offer, I don’t want to be queen of your land and worse of all queen of your heart.

King Azaza: how dare you? ( he stands up) how dare you turn down the proposal of the king? How dare you?

His face was filled with anger. He would have slapped her but he kept calm.

King Azaza: you are lucky that am in a good mood today, you are very lucky.

Ikenna: can we go now?

Nina: Yes igwe, can we go now?

King AZAZA: In all my years as igwe, nobody has dared talked back to me,nobody has dared refused any of my order and nobody has dared disobeyed.

Nina: Igwe I don’t want to marry you, or is it by force to marry?

King Azaza: such rudeness, such boldness, I have only seen in one person. (He turns and looks at Nina straight in the eyes), only one person in the history of my life has dared talked back of me, and that was the princess of EKEH village. And she suffered greatly for that. And now you dare reject my proposal and this little tramp you call a brother dare insult me. (He took a closer look at Nina and them at Ikenna) who are you?/what gave you the boldness to talk at me? Who are you?
Guards……. (he shouted) and the guards came running in, seize them and send someone to go bring in their aunt, I need to speak with her and verify some things. Also send someone to go call the ezemoi for me now. Go now!

The guards bowed his head before running out of the palace.

Guard: Igwe what do I do with the girl and the boy.

King Azaza: tie them up, tie their hands and feet and eyes until the chief priest comes so I can decide what to do with them. (And the guard took a very strong rope and tied Nina and Ikenna down)

Ajuwe was brought in minutes later, she was scares and terrified, she saw Nina and IKE sitting on the floor, so many thoughts ran through her mind, but she didnt know exactly what has happened.

Ajuwe: Igweeeeeeee…..(she greeted) igwe you sent for me, here I am.

King Azaza: Ajuwe, I’ve known you for a long time now, right before your parents died and your husband was a close friend of mine also before he died. You have been a very good woman, but I have reasons to believe that something is wrong.

Ajuwe: Igwe, I do not understand, you still speak in parables.

King Azaza: you told me this girl and boy are children of your late sister from Akator village. When I thought of it I remembered that your father who was friends with my father had only you as a child, so I begin to wonder what sister gave birth to this two rude children. Which of your sister is that?
Secondly this your so called nephew and niece are so rude and arrogant, so I want to know what punishment do you think is best fitted for them. And Ajuwe don’t you dare play on my intelligence. You know what I can do.

Ajuwe was about to talk when the chief priest walked in, interrupting whatever it was she wanted to say. Ajuwe breath a sigh of relief, glad that the ezemoi came at the right time, at least she will be able to think of what to reply the king.

Chief Priest: igwe, you sent for me…..

Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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