REVENGE : Episode 31 – The End

Revenge! Written and composed by Excelrhymez Episode 31 The cries of fire! fire! fire! filled the air. Prince Nnamdi was confused as he called for the guards to do something. There was oanick everywhere, the people were running up and down and trying to put off the fire to prevent it from spreading to houses … Read more

REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30

Revenge! Episode 21 Obi and Ibe stormed out of the palace reigning insults on Odogwu, causing and swearing for him as they left. Chimamanda who was leaving the palace saw them and shook her head. She knew the King’s enemies was increasing by the day. She listened to them as they were talking. Ibe: who … Read more

REVENGE : Episode 11 – 20

REVENGE! Episode 11 As Nina and Ikenna , approached the palace, memories of all that happened to the princess flooded her heart, she suddenly became filled with anger and hatred. She wanted to turn back and leave but Ikenna urged her to go in. They were already here, no turning back. They stepped into the … Read more

REVENGE : Episode 1 – 10

Revenge! Written and composed by Excelrhymez Episode 1 Igwe Obama looked at his wife and saw the terrified look on her face, he looked at his 7years old daughter and then his 5years old son, he saw fear all over them, he could hear the cry of his people as they were been slaughtered one … Read more