REVENGE : Episode 31 – The End


Written and composed by Excelrhymez

Episode 31

The cries of fire! fire! fire! filled the air. Prince Nnamdi was confused as he called for the guards to do something. There was oanick everywhere, the people were running up and down and trying to put off the fire to prevent it from spreading to houses around the store house.

Eventually the fire was put off, but all the food in the store house was already burnt and destroyed.

The king who by now was completely down and could barely lift himself up was told about the fire, he sat in one place and shouting for someone to put off the fire but nobody seemed to think of him, all they were interested in was saving the food. He was confined to a wheel chair that he cannot even move by himself.

When the fire was finally out, and the villagers had returned to their homes, Prince Nnamdi decided to check on Nina if she was okay. Since she married his father he had done his best to avoid her. Especially after confessing his love for her in that manner. He felt like a fool. When he got to the entrance of her room, he wanted to knock but he was too embarrassed to do so and so he turned to leave. He didnt know that his father was right behind him as a guard had helped wheeled him to that place.

King Azaza: Nnamdi, have you come here to sleep with my wife? Is that the reason you set a fire to distract me and my people so that you can have the chance to sleep with her?
(Nnamdi ignored the king and made to walk away), listen, if you were not my son I would have had you beheaded a long time ago. It is because I do not want the crown to leave this family that is why I have kept you alive. But even as I have done that dont push me to the wall. Do you hear me, Nnamdi dont push me to the wall. (Nnamdi walked away ignoring his father, the king pushed open Nina’s room and asked the guard to roll him in, which he did. After which the king asked him to leave).

King Azaza: bia, you are my wife, whatever you think you are doing with my son you better stop it because the day I catch you I will have you disgraced and killed.

(Nina burst out laughing)
Nina: so you are still talking, you who is almost half dead you are still talking.

King Azaza: Are you talking to me like that?/do you know I your husband and your king?

Nina: No Azaza, you are not my king, you may be my husband but you can never be my king. I know only one king, and that is king OBAMA the second whom you killed in cold blood.

King Azaza: what do you mean? What are you talking about?

Nina: yes! Husband, you heard me well, I am from EKEH land.

King Azaza: Ekeh?

Nina: Yes Ekeh, same Ekeh whom you thought you’ve wiped out. Same Ekeh. You killed my parents and my siblings, you killed my king and Queen and you almost killed my princess and my Prince.

King Azaza: Almost?

Nina: Yes almost, you thought you did, hut you failed. Aguyi did not kill the princess, and now all you have down you will harvest.

King Azaza: Listen you fool. You’ve made a big mistake revealing yourself to me and telling me of your little secret. Now I will …….

Nina: you will do nothing, you fool, you are the one who made a huge mistake by carrying your miserable self into my room. Now this is where you will spend the rest part of your days.
(King Azaza tried to call the guards but Nina quickly stucked a big cloth inside his mouth making it impossible for him to scream. She carefully tied him up to the wheel chair and rolled him inside her big wardrope. Then she dusted herself and walked gallantly out of the room. The guard was standing outside.

Queen Nina: the igwe has said he doesn’t want to be disturbed as he wants to spend quality time with his new Queen.

Guard: yes your majesty.

Queen Nina: secondly he has said that anyone who has anything to discuss with him should see me first. Is that clear?

Guard: yes your majesty.

Queen: Now go
(The guard bowed down for her a and walked away, just then Nina sighted Prince Nnamdi looking at her. He walked up to her)

Prince Nnamdi: I hope you are alright

Queen Nina: I am fine

Prince Nnamdi: Is my father still with you?

Queen Nina: yes, he doesn’t want to be disturbed.
(The Prince looked at her for sometime and she turned her face away, then he also walked away, Nina went back into her chambers and shut the door behind her).

To be continued!
Written and composed by Exxelrhymez

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