SCARLETS : Episode 21 – 30


(Life of a fan girl)


(You want another?)

?Episode 21?

?Mabel’s POV?

I was so enraged,I just want to kill him right there but Dian have to show up at this point when I think of nothing else but to strangle him.

“Babe he…he sl@pped me.” I said crying.
He stood beside me and stare at Aurora. By now everywhere was already crowded with the students.

He was just quiet not saying anything.

“Aurora? He called and he looked at him.
“Why did you hit my fiance? He asked him.

“Sir she…..”

“The fk are you trying to say? After hitting a girl is that how you want to apologize? You must be expel from this school for hitting the Queen.” Sam said.

She will be rewarded for this speech,I starred crying when she said that.

“Aurora why did you do it? He asked him.

“Are you seriously asking him that Dian? Don’t you believe me? Look at my fking face it is swollen and you are still asking him questions? D@mn! The fk are you picking sides with him? I am your fking fiance Dian,am your future wife! I yelled.
The place was calm by my outburst,why is he always hurting me? I am trying my best to let him see the good side of me but he doesn’t want to.

He stare at me for awhile and scratch his slicked hair making it a little bit messy.

“I am sorry.” He apologized in front of the students.

“And what about him? I asked pointing at Aurora.

“I’ll deal with him .” Barley said coming out of the crowd.

“Bar…ley? Aurora called.

“I don’t know if anybody told you this before but hitting or disrespecting the Queen if this school leads you to permanent expel.” He said and I smiled.
Just what I wanted.

“So Aurora you are hereby expel from Scandal international.” He added.

“You don’t just expel whom I admitted into this school Barley.” Dian said and walk out of the cafeteria,I ball my fist in anger. Why can’t he just approve of this?

I stare at Aurora as his face lit up. I walk closer to him and glare at him.
Whenever I see him or around him I feel a sense of insecurity which leaded me into bullying him.

“Are you happy now? I asked him.

He smiled at me and brought his mouth to my ear.

“You want another? He asked and winked at me before walking out of the cafeteria too.

Why is this goddammit trying to piss me off so badly that I want to get him out of my way.

I watch his retreating form and bite back my anger. Nobody pisses me off and go away with it.
We shall see to that Aurora Mamman.

I walk out of the cafeteria with Arielle and the girls trailing behind me.
“Don’t be mad sweetheart,at least your man did stand up for you.” She said.

“The fk are you saying? Stop being a p$$y and reason,he didn’t do sht because he didn’t let Barley expel her! I screamed.

“Okay Mabel,your angry so just calm your nerves before you do something drastic.” Sam said and I scoffed.

Of course I will surely do something drastic today or tomorrow.

We went out of the school as I got into my car and drove off.
D@mn you Dian.

Aurora’s POV

We got to the mansion and immediately I got in I was bombard with questions from the boys.

“What is your problem? You slapped Mabel like do you want to rot in jail? Asher asked and I shook my head.

“Not just once but twice,Aurora you will get yourself into trouble if you don’t stay away from Dian’s fiance,she have the power to expel you Aurora but you’re lucky that Hyung saved you.” Bobby said and climbed up the stairs.

What have I done?

The other boys were sitting quietly on the couch,Barley acted like he knew nothing.
Dian walk inside the sitting room and stared at me for a little while before turning to face the boys.

“We are living for the states in thirty minutes,the jet is ready.” He said and walk upstairs.

“You too Aurora.” He said and my heart skipped. The way my name rolled out of his mouth is incredibly beautiful.

That means that I am not fired!

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