IT’S OKAY TO CRY: Episode 21-30


Episode 21.

Anastasia left to meet Bobby and informed him about what Mpho said, “do you think they suspect something? She asked he smiled.
“Do they have any proof? I understand why you’re scared because you’re guilty, but then don’t be foolish, Bobby replied.

“You’re right, even if am the suspect, they need to get proof to proclaim me one which that will be so impossible, Anastasia replied.
“Short and simple. So don’t tell me you came to see me just for that, Bobby said going close to her.

“No no no stop, am in a hurry now. I don’t need to stay too long outside today, she said stopping him.
“But I wont take long, he said.

“No next time, okay bye, she said taking her bag and left while Bobby smirked looking at her….

Anastasia met up with Regina and saw few of her colleagues with her, after some minutes they excused themselves and promised to return.

“How are you doing here? Regina asked.
“P@ins p@ins p@ins, Regina slowly replied.

“Oh sorry about that. Is the doctor aware? She asked.
“He is, but he can’t take away all the pain you know, Regina replied and Anastasia heaved.

“When are you going to leave this place or get this bandage from your body? Am getting unpleased with this, Anastasia said.
“Probably 2 months time, but I won’t stay here that long, Regina replied.

“Why? Anastasia asked.
“When once the wounds on my body are healed so the ointment can be applied, and when my legs are kept down, my husband will be taking me over to Dubai. I think the change of environment will help and I see it very necessary because its boring here, Regina replied.

“You’ll be leaving soon? What if you get healed completely to avoid complications in the process of flying out, Anastasia said.
“Healed completely? You’re so funny like I will ever use my legs, that’s the only healing I know. Change of topic how are the kids? I thought you’ll be coming with Hope, Regina said.

“Dite took her to church, Anastasia replied.
“Looks like she really loves the girl, Regina said.

“She really do, have you heard from the cops yet? Anastasia asked.
“My husband asked them to forget about it because they are completely useless, Regina replied and Anastasia laughed.

“That reminds me, Mpho told me something yesterday, what were they thinking? Anastasia asked.
“They were only doing their job they think they can do best. You and Mpho are patching things up right? Regina asked.

“Who? You are only seeing us together because you’re here. That man doesn’t even make love to me anymore, he even brings ladies to the house, so just forget about him, Anastasia replied and Regina was surprised.

“Are you serious? Then how are you coping? She asked.
“With my job of course, it keeps me company when I leave in the morning, get back in the evening, eat and sleep and it continues that way. Thats why when you got angry why I should get a job instead of taking care of Hope, I knew you won’t understand what am going through now. Its not all about Palesa, I wanted helping myself out of depression, Anaesthesia calmly replied and Regina felt bad.

“Am so sorry scout that, if you don’t mind can I talk to him? Regina asked.
“No o, please don’t o I beg you. He may smile here with you but you don’t know what he will do to me at home, let us be the way we are please, Anastasia replied.

“Alright if you say so, but I know you both will come around, Regina said and Anastasia laughed.
“Alright I believe you, by the way where is your husband? She asked and the door opened.

“He’s here, Regina replied as James walked in.
“Mrs Mpho, a happy Sunday to you dear, James greeted……………

The next day Anastasia left to work and Julia insisted to visit Regina.
Anastasia had no choice but to accept and Julia wholeheartedly bought some stuffs for Regina on the way,

“Why are you this loving? Not that you know her, Anastasia said.
“At least she attended to me over there in the hospital, in a time like this I should show her love this little way I can. Also courtesy demands when you visit someone sick, you don’t go empty handed, Julia replied.

“Well i thought Atheist should be harsh, rude and wicked people knowing that they don’t believe in religion which is helping us reduce some crimes at least, Anastasia said and Julia laughed.
“I believe in what I can see and that is humanity. We should be loved, protected and looked after for, why do you think we should be heartless because we don’t follow religion? Julia asked.

“Because religion teaches about Love and you guys lack the teaching, Anastasia replied and Julia nodded.
“I see, now how many religious followers share this love among themselves? Julia and Anastasia was silent knowing truly, that love was not in her from inception.

They got into Regina room and found her screaming as the medical team was attending to her legs,
“What’s going on? Regina asked James who leaned on the wall closing his eyes not to see her in pains,

“I don’t know I don’t know Anastasia, all I know is they are checking her legs, James replied.
“If its going to be painful this way, i think she should be induced with something to make her sleep rather than making her go through this pain, Julia said.

“She was induced the whole night because the pain came so hard that she couldn’t sleep, they can’t be injecting her always so they have to carry it out this way. Please let’s go outside, James slowly said leaving the room and they sluggishly followed and sat down besides him.

“Am so sorry, Julia calmly said to him.
“Its no problem, sorry do i know you? He asked.

“Oh she’s my boss, she gave birth on the same day I did over there in the capital, Anastasia replied.
“Wow its a pleasure to see you, and Thanks for visiting, James said.

“Don’t mention, Julia said……..

Few minutes later Regina voice was no longer heard, James quickly opened up the door scared and met the doctor just about going out.
“What happened? James asked.

“Calm down, we are done and she slept off in that weakness, she’s perfectly fine, the doctor replied and James sighed.
“Alright I thought it was another thing, he said.

“No don’t think of such, please just let her be and no one should disturb her when they leave, she needs to rest, the doctor said and they nodded.
“So how is the state of the leg? James asked.

“As you can see the damage is still very fresh, and more work needs to be done before getting to the wheel chair level, he replied but James only nodded sadly and the doctor patted him and left.
James looked at her for a while as she was tidied up by the nurses but Anastasia held his hand out.

“You need to be strong now for her, do the kids know about this? She asked.
“No I don’t want them to and if her family finds out about this, they can worry to death. I want her to get better than this, else with this condition her mom won’t take it, they’ll understand why I kept it away from them anyway, James replied.

“I understand you mean well but please don’t let this weigh you down because she needs you now more than ever. I bought this for her but i won’t love to wake her up, please tell her i visited, Julia said giving him the bag.
“Thank you so much, i don’t even know your name, James said.

“Julia, I’ll take my leave now, Julia replied.
“Thank you, i appreciate, James said.

“Have you seen Mpho today? Anastasia asked.
“Yea we had a drink together earlier today, he replied.

“alright, i’ll try to visit before today runs out, bye and please take good care of her, Anastasia said.
“I will, thank you dear, and Bye Julia, James said and they smiled and left…………..

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