IT’S OKAY TO CRY: Episode 11-20


Episode 11.

Anastasia dropped the kids in school and still arrived at Julia place quiet late,
“Hi good morning, she replied to the gateman and saw Alfred coming out of the door with Julia.

“See you later and have a stress free day, Julia said giving him a peck and they saw Anastasia approaching.
“Good morning Mr and Mrs, sorry am late again today, Anastasia said.

“Its alright, okay baby bye, Alfred said hugging her and got into his car while Anastasia and Julia went in.
“How is Palesa? Anastasia asked.

“She’s very fine, I just cleaned her up and brea$tfed her, Julia replied and offered to carry Hope.
“OK I’ll go check her, Anastasia said and went upstairs while Julia carried Hope to get a glass of water.

Done with the water she settled on the Sofa and the maid approached her,
“Ma money to purchase fruits, Patra said.
“Oh yea, please hold her I’ll be back, Julia said giving her to Patra and went up to her room to get some cash.

Shortly after she returned and Patra returned Hope to her,
“Ma she kind of look like you, and can you see the curling hair on her head like that of your husband? Patra asked and Julia smiled.

“Kids are like that, at this stage they can look like anybody. Don’t Palesa looks like me? I mean she has a curly hair too, doesn’t she? Julia asked.
“I can’t tell for now anyway, alright I’ll go get the fruits now, Patra said and left.

That afternoon Julia noticed the moody face of Anastasia and knew something was wrong as she kept pacing around calling a number,
“What’s wrong? Julia asked.
“Its nothing really, Anastasia replied.

“But you seem disturbed, its okay to share you know, Julia insisted.
“Anyway I had a little fight with my husband last night, this morning I woke up and didn’t find him at home and he’s not picking up either, She replied.

“Just let him be, he’ll come around. Concentrate on your kids please, Julia said.
“I should let him be? Do you realize I have 5 kids Julia? Anastasia asked.

“So? If you have something real good you are doing, you can live with your kids without him. Thats why no matter how rich Alfred is, I still make my cash and soon I have to resume to my business, Julia said.

“And your kid? Anastasia asked.
“Thats why there is a nanny. Somehow its your fault, you’ve embraced your kids to the point you can’t help yourself out now, and your husband can deal with you however he likes. You presented yourself as a liability sorry to say, but I think you have to buckle up and get something to do, Julia said and Anastasia smiled nodding.

“There is nothing more important to me like my children, I need to be there for them, like I have to train them real good and make sure they become something useful in the society, that’s how I was brought up by my mom. Pursuing career is not the answer when your kids become wayward and you can’t tell of their wellbeing, Anastasia said and Julia laughed.

“OK fine you were brought up by a house wife who trained you real good as you said, but what has it done for you? Are you using the training to better your life right now or has it helped you earn some respect in your marriage? Times has changed common, women needs to be a voice in our society of today and no more as house wives stuck in the kitchen smelling onions. You can be ambitious and also train your kids real good, it won’t change anything rather they will end up having the best.
Look at Palesa, soon I will fly her abroad and give her the best education ever, now tell me, will I achieve that as a house wife? Be smart Anastasia, this won’t pay you anything now in the society, Julia said and Anastasia faked a smile trying to hide the slap on her face hearing all what Julia is spilling out to her.

“You may be right anyway, good for you, Anastasia said and checked the time.
“My kids will soon be done from school, I have to go please, Julia said.

“This soon? Julia asked.
“Yea I was told they won’t stay long today, am so sorry, Anastasia said.

“There’s no problem, I think the cook must have packaged something for you and your kids, just check up on her and don’t bother yourself too much okay, Julia said.
“No problem, please take care of Palesa, Anastasia said.

“Sure I will take care, bye Darling Hope, Julia said smiling at her as Anastasia left…………

Anastasia lied about picking the kids early from school, she went back home fueled with anger as Julia words kept ringing in her ears.

“So it has come to the extent that she’s now giving me advises and went to the extent calling me a house wife huh! Just look at small Julia, look at the dumb girl in high school I was helping out in tests, she’s now a madam growing wings and I am working for huh? Well brag all your mouth on my daughter and I will tolerate all of it because of Palesa, when the time is right we’ll know who is the smartest, Anastasia said and heard a knock on the door.

She quickly ran out to open up thinking it is Mpho but saw Ditebogo,
“Good afternoon, Dite greeted.
“Where’s your brother? She asked instead.

“I can’t remember ever carrying my brother on the back and after all he’s your husband, how will i know where he is? Dite replied.
“so what are you doing here? Anastasia asked.

“Well i can’t remember running away from the house, I am discharged and back to my brothers house, She replied.
“My house, Anastasia sternly said.

“I wasn’t struggling it with you, well let the owner come drive me himself, Dite said and made way for her to go in while Anastasia stood angry watching her as she happily carried Hope.

“Yes my baby, did you miss me? Because I missed you, Dite said carrying Hope to her room………………

4 days later, Mpho didn’t still showed his face near the house and Anastasia was worried sick.
That evening Anastasia looked at Dite and noticed she was less concerned about the disappearance of Mpho..
“Where did you keep him? Where is she! Anastasia shouted on her.

“Excuse me ma’am, I was in the hospital when he disappeared from home, now where did you keep him? Dite asked back.
“I know you know where Mpho is, is he with another woman huh! Anastasia shouted.

“How will i know? Did you see me with any monitoring machine i am using on him? Dite asked back.
“If he doesn’t get back this week, tell him i said he won’t come back to meet this house and i mean it, Anastasia seriously said and Dite burst out laughing.

“Who will get hurt? Me? At least i have a place where i can lay my head, I am only here for a reason so be careful what you wish for, Dite said and carried Hope to her room leaving Anastasia in the sitting room…..

“Hey what’s wrong? The cook at Julia place tapped Patra who sat lost in thoughts.
“I’m fine, Patra replied.

“But you know you are not fine, you can tell me your ridiculous dreams again, I’m listening, Bibian said smiling at her.
“Thats the problem, no one believes in my dreams because its always stupid, Patra replied.

“What is it? Bibian seriously asked.
“Its Anastasia, the way she acts with Palesa is more than just her doing her job as a nanny. And again, I think there’s something she’s hiding under her sleeves, because the first time she resumed work here, I had a revelation about her but i don’t really know how to point the exact problem in her, Patra said and Bibian was just smiling.

“OK its stupid right? Patra asked and Bibian nodded laughing.
“Please go to bed and let me be, soon am sure the problem will be out and you’ll see it for yourself, Patra said.

“That was how you said Madam will give birth to twins and it’ll be girls but she didn’t, now you’re saying another thing. please go relax you head for tomorrow work, Bibian said getting up.
“At least she gave birth to a girl, Patra said with a frown.

“Fake dreamer, Bibian said and left for her room.
“We shall know soon, Patra said………..

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