Written By Tosin Ezekiel

Episode 1

“Baby, let me rush to the toilet, this pain is too much,” she said holding her stomach with her two hands.

Some minutes later, she came out with a squeezed face, something was wrong, she couldn’t even stand straight.

“How is it, Baby,” her husband muttered.

The wife was trying to sit on the sofa screaming a sharp sound like someone pushing hard sht, she managed to talk, “I feel like my stomach is tied with a rope.”

SCATTERED BY FIRE : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

Husband: I know today the 6th day of our 7 day fast, but I think you should break now.

“No, I will endure till 3 pm, the devil is a liar,” she said as she struggled to adjust her skirt.


Two days later, they went to church where the husband preached, he was the youth pastor.

Before he preached, the assistant pastor preached the first message though it was not exciting as many of the youth were sleeping.

But when the husband, popularly called Pastor D, climbed the pulpit, everything changed. He said, “Raise your hands and say, every destiny truncating force, scatter by fire… ”

The whole congregation went into prayer, roaring and shouting fire, there was an echo of their prayer as the church building shook.

The wife was sitting at the back, she left to the church toilet. Managing to walk straight to avoid anyone asking any question. She came out a few minutes later, she almost stumbled on the way.

The church was still praying, she went inside the church, tapped Ella by her shoulder and whispered, “I need to rush home and take care of something.

Ella: Oh goodness, let’s go out and talk

“Don’t worry, I am fine, just help me take care of my boy, Chris, he’s at the children church,” she said.

Ella nodded in agreement and continued praying.

She walked out gently.

After the service, Ella, who had a car, drove Pastor D and Chris home.

They lived in the same estate. Ella went inside to see Mummy Chris who was lying on the sofa in their sitting room.

Ella didn’t want to disturb her. She left and came later with noodles made for Chris.

Mama Chris was up that time but she was not fine.

“Why not visit the hospital?” Ella said.

“I’ll be fine…” Mama Chris said.

Ella, after some time playing with Chris, left for her house.


At midnight, the stomach trouble her the more and Mummy Chris was crying wrinkling in pain on the floor, it was severe, the husband had to call Ella to use her car.

It was still early in the morning and the Lady was not used to driving in the dark. Chris was still asleep, Ella stayed with him while Pastor D drove his wife to the hospital.

Mama Chris passed out in the afternoon. It was the saddest news.

Many paid condolences visit, being a youth pastor in a big church, his house was full of people.

Nneka and Joy came too that evening to greet their pastor, they met Ella there playing with Chris. Nneka and Joy left later and they were discussing

Nnaka: Hmm, Joy did see what I am seeing?

Joy: What?

Nneka: This Sister Ella of a thing.

Joy: Yes, she is very kind. Look at how she was there for her late friend.

Nneka: Which friend? Who knows what she did?

Joy: Aha, was do you mean,?

Nneka: Nothing ooo

In their discussion, Nneka said Ella might be the one who kllèd Mama Chris. The rumour spread a little that Ella knew about Mama Chris dèath but it didn’t go far before it stopped.

Ella was old enough but not married, very successful though, she was living well. She was the welfare secretary in the youth fellowship.

She was gifted in teaching, and apart from this, she was generous though many still considered her to be a proud lady die to her success. Her challenge was no husband.

The church was large and the two most celebrated people were Pastor D and Ella. The two just make the place perfect.

Pastor D was known for ‘fire fire’ and deliverance while Ella was a teacher. When Pastor D led prayer, he liked to use the phrase “scatter by fire.,”


On a cool afternoon towards evening, it was freezing gently, Chris was shouting that he wanted to see Ella. His dad took him and they strolled down the street to Ella’s house.

He had the intention of leaving Chris while he would return home. They were close to her house when the breeze increased and it was about to rain.

Pastor D had to stay at Ella’s veranda pressing his phone but the rain became violent and he entered her sitting room.

Chris slept off not to long and the two were discussing for a long time until it was late.

Pastor D didn’t use to enter Ella’s apartment but from that day he entered regularly. Something was budding and building between them that they would not discuss. They got closer and closer but they never mentioned anything about love.

Pastor D was already fond of Ella and Ella who had been trusting God for a husband….


After one fellowship, Chris was shouting “Mummy, mummy” calling Ella his mummy. This was the time Nneka and Joy were coming out of the church.

Ella carried Chris and drove home. But Pastor D followed another person who had a car. Nneka and Joy saw him.

Nneka: I told you, I told you, Joy.

Joy: It may not be true ooo.

Nneka: It’s true. See how Chris was calling Ella her mummy. Pastor D is just trying to camouflage by not following Ella. Ella knew about his wife dèath. That is it. The two will wait and later marry.

Joy: Ahh, don’t say that. I thought you have always liked Pastor D?

Nneka: That was before. Not again. Why should I even like him when he’s liking Ella already?

Joy: Nneeeeeka!

Nneka: Leave me oh. It’s not even my business. Do I like him? I don’t think so.


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