MY LIFE AT THIRTY : Episode 51 – 60

? EPISODE 51 ?
Me and my sister had s*x on Saturday and there was also good bye S£x on Sunday afternoon when i left for park. I went to Unity to board a bus going to Lagos at Kasmag, i had the details of the hotel we would be lodging. I was told once i got to CMS, I should take a bike to the hotel around the area. The kasmag driver drops me at Ijora and was magnanimous enough to put me on a bus going to CMS around 5pm.

I arrived at the hotel and it was then i realized we were much. Then come Monday, there was a staff bus waiting for us as early as 7pm because they already told us the previous night that we would be leaving by 7:30am. We left the hotel exactly 7:30am and classes started by 8:00am. Organization in the training school was top notch as we had tea break by 11am and launch by 2:30pm, the launch break was always an hour.
There was always much to eat and drink but nothing alcoholic.
That was how the training was going, it was always a week we started the induction program when i remembered that i had someone call Joke in Lagos. The last time we spoke was on our POP day but i didn’t tell her i would be coming to Lagos. I wanted to call her on Saturday but decided not to because i believed she might be beside her husband and might not be that free to talk to me.

I called her number during my breakfast break on Monday, we talked about so many things and he said it had been more than a week we spoke last, I apologized that not calling her was not intentional that i would make it up to her, she joked maybe i now had a new girlfriend that was why i didn’t have her time and i said no. I asked where she was serving and she said she was working with an investment firm on the island. She said she was working full time but NYSC did not know about it, i asked where the office was, she said her office was on the 3rd floor of one of the high rising building in Broad street, Marina. “Why are you even asking this question” she inquired. I told her i was only asking because i care about her a lot. She asked about my own banking job too and i told her that we had not resumed fully.

Upon going for launch break that day, i quickly ate my food within 15 minutes which means i still have close to an hour to go. I stepped out of the training centre, asked of the high rising building she told me and a bike took me there for N50.

I got to the entrance of the building and the receptionist asked me to take the lift to the 3rd floor. I came out of the lift and saw another security guy asking where I was going to. I told him i was looking for Mrs Adejoke, a guy was passing and the security guy asked him if Madam Adejoke is in the office and she said Yes.
She led me to the corridor and pointed at the door of her office, i knocked at the door and heard her voice said who is that? I opened the door and she shouted “Ahhhhh, Rahman what are you doing here”, she jumped at me and gave me a hug but i k!ssed her back even though she responded, she quickly released herself from me.
She asked what I was doing there and how long I had been in Lagos. I told her it was just a week that i was in Lagos for 6 weeks induction training for my banking Job. She argued i came over a week and I was just seeing he. I told her that I wanted to surprise her and that was what I just did. I told her about the program and the hotel we lodged in. I told her I just came to see her since it was not far from the training centre.
I didn’t spend up to 5 minutes there when i told her i wanted to be going, she said she would call me later in the day after close of work if there was still time for us.

She called me around past 6 and I told her I was in the hotel, she said there was serious traffic and everywhere was blocked. She said she would need to chill in the office for a while for the traffic to reduce. I convinced her that instead of staying back in the office, she could just take a bike to the hotel where I was, spend some time together maybe like 30 minutes or an hour and by then the traffic would have come down. Initially she didn’t want to come, feigning she would use the opportunity to do some left over work but I was able to convince her.

She arrived like 10 minutes after the call and I led her to my room, it was every one to his/her room. She sat on the bed, I made a move to touch her but she rejected my advances. I tried all i could but she rejected too, i thought it would be that easy but it was none. She made me understand that she couldn’t have S£x with me again, what happened in camp belong to the past and we should leave it there. She said i should respect her decision. I didn’t want to force it so that it wouldn’t turn to something else but i was seriously hard, her cloth was already roughen and there was sweat all over me.

I pull off my cloth because i didn’t like how i was looking, i proceeded to the bathroom for shower, i came out of the bathroom Unclad with the towel round my neck, i started moving all around the room packing my cloth from the bed to the wardrobe inside the room, i stood in front of the wardrobe looking for cloth to put on.

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