SHE IS THE ONE : Episode 1 – 10


Episode 3 ??

Steven rushed out of the coffee shop, the speed he carried almost made him knocked down the guards that were guarding the door.
“Get out of my way idiots “, he yelled at the security and head off to his car and zoom off.
Mabella also left the coffee shop heading to the door, she was stopped by the owner of the shop
“Miss, you have to pay for the damage” the woman said
“But it’s not intentional, she defended.
“You must pay”.
After too much of arguments, she finally paid and left the shop.
Steven reached the house, he got out of the car and headed straight to his apartment he took the steps hurriedly not knowing that his mom is there. He wanted to take the last step
“Why are you in a hurry that you don’t even recognize my presence?” Mrs Williams asked.
He turned and that was when he noticed his mom on the couch.
“Oh mother am sorry, good afternoon. he walked down to her and peck her.
“Mum I will be back soon I have some issues to handle.
“OK dear.
He entered his room and slam the door, he stood there for minutes recalling the event of the day.
Alex was Steven best friend, he was sitting in his office busy doing some stuffs unlike Steven who does spend much time in his office.
Just then his phone rang, he looked at the screen and saw that it was Steven. he smiled and picked the call and put it on speaker still concentrating in his work.
“Can you come over to the house now”?Steve sounded on the phone
“Whatsup bro, why the tone? Alex asked
“No time for explanation, just come now!
“ok I will be there now. he said and hung up the phone.
Alex hurried with his work and round up everything and then called his accountant to pick the files up.
He entered his car and zoom off to Steven house.
Mabella finally got to her destination. she gently knock on the door.
“Who’s that? Angela asked standing up from the inside. she knock again without saying anything
“I say who is that? she wore her slippers and head to the door. she turned the door knob and open it fully nobody was there, she was scared at first she wanted to close the door back when Mabella jumped out of her hiding place and hug her from behind and she froze.
“What? you this silly girl, you won’t stop being silly .she said and open the door fully for her to enter.
“What can I offer you silly girl “?Angela asked chuckling
“Good mother, chill water will be ok”.she replied and they all laughed.
Alex was already in Steven house, he knocked on the door before entering.
“Whatsup bro, you sounded so dull on the phone ” he said and sat down
“Bro, I’m in trouble. never in my life had a girl argue with me talk less of slapping me”?
“What? you must be kidding. Alex questioned
“How can I joke with this?
“You mean a girl slapped you? He asked looking at his cheek and saw the red sign. She must pay for this, you know her?
“take it easy bro, but I can recall her face “.
“Let’s go get some coffee, we will talk later.
They stood up and head to the door and zoom off to the coffee shop.
Mabella was done with Angela, so she bade her goodbye and rushed out.
Steven and Alex stepped out of the car and was about entering when he sighted Mabella.
“That’s her! Steven shouted and pointed at Mabella.
Alex turned back and look back.
“What? He exclaimed

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