SHE IS THE ONE : Episode 1 – 10


Episode 10

The next day, Steve’s guards were at Alex’s house to carry on their boss mission.
Steve knew that they were there, he went to the system to gain the signal again about where Bella was, on switching on the system, the track was lost as the location could not show again on the screen.
“Nonsense! he shouted and hit the table
“What’s that? Alex asked coming in
“We lost them,the signal is no longer there.
“Too bad” Alex said
Steve walked up and down without knowing the next step to take.
“I must find her no matter the consequences “he said aloud
“Bro what’s happening? You
haven’t behaved this way before, why behaving like this?Alex asked
“Bro, I love her.
“I love Bella.
“My missing rib
Alex was surprised that the same girl that slapped him is the one his friend is falling for
that was unlike him.
But there was something strange about that Bella that he too have been noticing.
She looked like he had known her somewhere before.

Bella was looking pale because she had not yet eaten for the past five days .
All her thought was on how to escape from their captives.
An idea hit her head due to how cunny she was. She smiled looking out through the tiny window to observe the environment.
“Who’s there? She shouted but no response
“I need help oo “she shouted just then the door fling open and there was Bella rolling on the floor from left to right.
“What’s this? Arrow asked.
“I’m going to die any moment from now. I’m very hungry please I don’t want to eat those foods please.
“Kindly get me some apple and a small kitchen knife to eat.
Arrow smiled and left after few minutes he returned with a tray of apple with a knife inside of it.
Arrow had been crushing on Bella but because of his mission he dare not to love her.
“Here it is “he said licking his lips.
Bella collected the tray and thank him pretending to cut the apple and Arrow left.
Bella too have been noticing that arrow was crushing on her but she hated boys in all categories, not to talk of falling for a murderer.

Mr Williams placed a call to his long time friend his partner in business.
Soon the gate to Mr Williams house flung open and the former minister of defense in the state Mr Adams came down with his pretty daughter Jennifer who was just like a Queen.
Mr Williams requested to see them, his plan was to marry Jeniffer to Steve before he could let Bella free.
“Welcome my friend “Mr Williams shook hands with Mr Adams
“It’s quite been a while ” Adams said
“Welcome my princess, how are you doing?
“I’m fine thank you sir”Jenny replied blinking her lashes
This was the type of girl that he wanted for his son not a poor wretched girl.

Bella was still struggling to make a hole in the wooden door with the help of the kitchen knife.
She has been trying that for the past one hour just only to make a tiny hole out of it.
She was still struggling, her aim was to make a hole that her body would pass through to the outside so that she could escape.

Arrow who was standing close to the door heard the noise from the inside of the house Bella stayed.
He forcefully open the door only to find Bella relaxing with her back on the door. He was surprised because he heard the noise from that room.
“What’s happening here? He asked
“What do you see happening? she asked too
“I heard noises from here.
‘Who made the noise? she asked
Arrow didn’t answer but turned to leave.
He noticed an hole beside where Bella was sitting.
He stopped and turned back, Bella knew that she’s in a big mess because he has seen the whole.
Arrow stopped before her.
“What’s that hole for? he asked and Bella heart began racing so fast thinking of the reply to give.
“Since I came in here have you guys ever allow me out? she asked forming to be angry
“And how does that relates to my question? Arrow asked
“It does relates because that’s the hole that I normally pee “she lied.
“oh I’m sorry forgot. Sorry to question you”he said and left
“Oh thank goodness he believed me. What a silly being how can he possibly believe that. anywhere let me be fast about this “Bella said immediately he left and started making the hole again.

To Be Continued

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