Episode Thirty-one

Brian ?
Immediately after the dinner, I thanked my host and walked towards the guest room.

Mr Park insisted I stay in his house instead of lodging in a hotel. I’d rather do the latter cause I now think Mr Park is trying to matchmake me with his daughter.

And the lady even seems infatuated with me, that picture Ken took further confirmed it. She was looking at me coyly and being a former playboy, I know when a lady wants me.


It’s such a pity. If it was the former me, I would have gladly accepted but now I have kitty. I can’t see any other lady except her.

She totally have control over me. I was lost in thoughts of kitty that I didn’t notice Susan in front of my room. Until she cleared her throat and called my name.

I looked at her and stopped in my tracks. I’m a little bit surprised at the short and transparent nightie she’s wearing.

I looked away immediately. Kitty already said I shouldn’t look at any other lady. “Miss Susan, it’s late. Go to bed,” I said politely rejecting her obvious offer.

“Don’t you like what you see. While you are here, I can help relieve your stress,” she answered walking closer about to touch me with her hands.

“Don’t you dare touch me!,” I raised my voice at her. Kitty said I shouldn’t let any other lady touch me. I looked at her face,“ If you didn’t understand when I said it earlier politely. I’ll say it again. I’m not interested in your body or whatever game you and your father are trying to play. Once I finalize the contract, I’m out of here.” My tone sounding harsh.

She looked hurt but I don’t care. I hope they will back out of the stupid ploy they are doing to matchmake with this $eductress. She immediately turned away and I entered my room.

I was just about to go to bed when Ken entered my room. He immediately brought his phone to me.

“Sir, you have to see this trending headlines on Winsford college news feed,” he said.

“What does that have to do with me?,” I asked. Kitty and Brad should be the ones checking their college’s news feed not me. He didn’t answer. He only tapped on a video and gave it to me.

As soon as the video played, loud m©aning voice filled the room. A lady is being s¢rewed by three hefty guys in the video. I frowned looking at Ken. Is this why he’s disturbing my sleep? I don’t even know the lady so why should I care?

He collected his phone immediately blushing. “Sorry boss, I tapped the wrong video.” Then he tapped another video. I watched it. It’s Brad and Kitty chasing themselves lovingly in the their college’s garden and falling on each other. I checked the headline and saw that it says Brad is dating kitty.

I felt so angry that I glared at Ken. He’s the nearest person so I can $trangle him easily. He cowered in fear,“Boss please don’t look like you want to kill me. Shouldn’t you be happy that your brother stopped being a playboy and finally have an official girlfriend?”

I sighed, he doesn’t know about kitty that’s why he still has the guts to say nonsense. I picked up my phone and called Brad. I don’t care if it’s early in the morning there.

? Hello brother- he answered with a sleepy voice.
? Brad! I’m gonna forget you are my brother and murder you as soon as I get back!- I yelled into the phone.
?Oh no! What did I do wrong brother? Please pity my young age- he said pleadingly. I think he’s fully awake now.
? What was my wife doing ontop of you in the college’s garden!!- I shouted.

Immediately Ken choked and started coughing. He quickly drank a glass of water from the jug on my bedside drawer. He patted his chest gently as he looked at me with a shocked look.

? Brother I swear, it’s just a misunderstanding. Sister in-law isn’t cheating on you- Brad answered panicky.
? Shut up brat! I know kitty would never cheat. Cause I saw that she was trying to get something from you in the video before she almost fell. But others won’t see that. You didn’t even clear up the misunderstanding!
Ken gasped… I glared at him.
? I’ll call someone to delete the video right away. I didn’t know you would feel this jealous. And please don’t murder me when you come back.
? Wait till you have a wife and let me try it with her. Let’s see how you’ll feel then. And don’t just delete the video, make a statement that you two aren’t dating and people should check the video again to see that kitty was trying to get something from you. Or else start preparing for your grave.
? I’ll do that right away brother- he hurriedly cut the call.

I looked at Ken. “Get out. I want to sleep now.” He immediately stood and left.


I feel like I’m gonna faint now and that would be so embarrassing since I’m a guy and not ladies that faint easily.

But my brain still can’t comprehend what I just heard. ‘Kitty’, ‘Wife’, ‘Sister in-law’. So boss is actually married to the kitty that I was thinking she’s his girlfriend. How are we not aware of this? Well all this rich people, they like doing things in secret.

Boss seems like he’s in love with his wife. And Brad also seem to adore her. I checked the video again. I didn’t even watch it when I saw it earlier. I only brought it to boss because of the headlines. I’m curious to see the lady that has both brothers wrapped around her finger.

I watched the video. Her face looks familiar. I frowned and replayed it before I finally remembered her. She is that P.A that was hired for just one day. What’s her name again? I… I… Oh! Ivy.

I gasped softly. I have a good impression of her. She is a beauty, kind and nice when I met her. I shivered thinking of the fact that I was with the lady boss and didn’t even know. Thank God I didn’t behave rudely that day.

I kept my phone. Determination glinting in my eyes. Whatever Susan is planning to do won’t succeed cause I won’t let it succeed. I already have the perfect lady boss. We don’t need Susan.


***Winsford college

Raine ?
“Raine, you should have just stayed at home. Your cheek is still swollen badly. That lady must have an iron hand,” Jessica said and I glared at her. Is she mocking me?

It’s because I haven’t found that bitch that did this to my face or students won’t be mocking me like this.

“Raine! Come and see this new headlines,” the gossip queen Nikki said running towards me.

I rolled my eyes angrily and hissed. The last time she showed me the headlines, I ended up with a swollen face. I don’t want to have broken legs this time around.

“I’m not interested. Keep the news to yourself,” I answered turning away.

“C’mon Raine, it’s about Brad,” she tried to persuade me. “Take it away. I don’t want to see any news of him finally kssing Ivy this time. You’ve done enough harm,” I replied.

She shoved the phone in my face,“I’m really hurt that you can say those things to me.” I was about to tell her to fuck off and throw her phone away when the news caught my eye.


I hurriedly checked the video again and zoomed in. I gasped seeing that Brad is holding a pinkish phone and Ivy is trying to get it back. She was about to trip when he held her. And as the video ended, I saw Ivy hands on the floor raising her up so she was not laying directly on Brad. Meaning immediately she fell, she stood up but the video didn’t show that.

I jumped on Nikki happily. “Sorry babe, I was rude earlier and I’m sorry now?” She pouted her lips acting cute which she isn’t at all. I laughed and immediately winced at the pain I’m feeling in my cheek.

“This video doesn’t change the hatred I have for Ivy. She might actually be interested in Brad. She’s still got to pay for this slap. She and that wretched lady,” she said smirking.

My friends looked at me and shook their heads. “She would never change,” Mia uttered. Do I look like I care?


**One week later

Ivy ?
It’s Saturday and I don’t have any lectures today. I already went for my therapy session. I have to admit that the new therapist is better than the one I had at father’s place.

That one seemed to blame me like it’s my fault that I’m a Klepto. I’ve been idle since I came back so I’ve just been chatting with hubby.

I miss him so much. My room is lonely and empty without him. I survived through one week and it’s left with just one week to go.

We were chatting for a while until he video called me.
?Hey kitty, I missed you- he said blowing a kss at me.
? Hubby, you have to come home soon. I can’t take it anymore- I said pouting and he chuckled.
?Very soon. Oh! Now that I remember. We have a party tonight. Help me select my outfit- he said opening his closet and showing me.
I frowned. Party means more sexy bitches that will try to seduce my husband. I sighed and touched my necklace to feel my wedding ring. Then I opened my eyes to select clothes for him.

?Wear that your grey Giorgio Armani, Rolex wristwatch & Louis Vuitton shoe. Then you are good to go. Don’t forget to send a picture when you are fully dressed hubby.

? I’m sure I’ll look so handsome that you won’t recognize your hubby again- he answered praising himself.
?Stay away from ladies.
?I Know. Five meters away from them and I shouldn’t let them touch me. I know kitty. I have to hang up now.
? Okay bye.
?I love you- then he cut the call.

I’ve just realized that I’ve never told him that… that… I… love him…too.


Brian ?
I picked out the outfit Kitty just selected for me. Mr Park wants to hold a party to introduce me to all the partners we will be collaborating with on this contract. I thought of Susan. She didn’t come close to me after that day. So she must have given up.

I checked the time. I still have few hours before the party. As I walked to my luxurious bathroom, I thought of how lonely kitty sounded on the phone.

Well it’s Saturday there while it’s still Friday here. She must be lonely all alone at home. I can’t wait to get back and show her how I’ve missed her. Through the bed exercise of course. It’s only on bed that I can really show her well how much I’ve missed her.

I whistled happily as I walked to the bathroom. Soon… Very soon.



At the party

Susan ????
I walked into the female restroom and locked the door. I can still hear the blaring music from the party though it isn’t as worse like when you are at the party.

I brought out my phone and called my friend.
?Hello, are you really sure this Red Ginseng will work well on him- I asked immediately he picked up.
? Susan are you really doubting me now? That red ginseng is all the way from China. It’s a very strong aphr®disiac. Once you use it on him and he starts showing sign of headache or stomach ache, you’ll know it’s working.
?If it really work as you have just said. I’ll pay you in a better way than the money you are receiving- I said.
? Susan, he’ll destroy you tonight that you won’t be able to walk well. But don’t forget me, I still have to enjoy from your sweet pot- he chuckled.
?Of course- I kssed him through the phone and cut the call.

As I rinsed my hands in the sink, I shivered thinking of the pleasure that I’ll experience tonight. Brian will be all mine.

When I walked out, I was shocked to find a guy standing in front of the restroom. I stood there frozen thinking if he heard all what I just said.


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