*Fifteen Years Later*

Kira’s shoulder dropped as she listened to the doctor.

“She has stage four br?®st cancer.” The doctor said.

“W-What?!” She blurted out.

Kira couldn’t believe her ears! She thought she just misheard the doctor.

‘No! Impossible!’ she said to her self.

“This is the result of her biopsy.”


“That’s impossible! how could it be?!” Kira is in denial.

She couldn’t believe it!
She has a healthy lifestyle!
She is a good person!
How come?!
Of all people, why her?

“She knows her illness, but she wants to keep it as a secret.”

Kira didn’t understand the doctor’s next words. She felt like her world collapse!



Kira walks to the ward while in a daze, she has heavy footsteps, she felt so down!
She thought, it was just a simple illness, she did not expect that her auntie has cancer!

Kira stopped on the ward’s door and silently watched her auntie who is talking to her best friend Lea Agustin.

Kira felt like crying, Auntie Helena is the person who adopted her after her parents died. They may not be blood-related, but she gave her the love and care of a mother.
She couldn’t afford to lose another love one again.

She doesn’t know what would she do if her auntie…

Kira shook her head, ‘No! She won’t let that happen to Helena!

Kira tried to calm her self before she continued to walk and approached Helena and Lea.

“Auntie…” She called her auntie in a faint voice.

” Kira, dear, what happened? Why your eyes are swollen?” Helena asked worriedly.

Kira walks closer to the bed and sat down in the chair beside it. She lifted her hand and held Helena’s hand.

“Auntie, why didn’t you tell me?” She asked worriedly.

Helena understands what Kira mean to say!
She lowered her head to hide the guilt in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to worry you…”

“Auntie, you’re the only family that is left for me. I don’t want to lose you.” Kira said as tears started to fall from her face.

“Auntie, let’s do the chemotherapy!” Kira suggested.

Helena looked up to Kira, “Chemotherapy?” she repeated.

“Ennn…” Kira nodded her head and she wipes her tears.

“But it’s too expensive! We can’t afford it.” Helena said.

“I will find a way auntie, what is important is that you will get better,” Kira said.

Yes! She will do everything! If it is the only chance to extend her auntie’s life!

She would do every possible way to be able to sustain her auntie’s medical needs!


The next day Kira went to the bank to apply for a loan.
She needs a big amount of money.

Her earnings as a primary teacher in a private school isn’t enough to provide her auntie’s medical needs!

“Good morning ma’am!” The teller greeted her.

“Good morning, I am here to apply for a loan, I wonder where I can get a form?” Kira asked.

“Could you please wait a minute ma’am.” The teller took a piece of a loan application form and gave it to Kira.

“Thanks!” Kira said as she took the form from the teller’s hand.

Kira filled up and answered all the questions before she returns it to the teller together with all the requirements.

After a while, the teller told her to call her after three days if her loan is approved.

Kira nodded her head and thank her before she gets out of the building. She hopes that everything will be alright!

Kira gets back home from the bank.
Lea is the same age as her.

“I’m home!” Kira said loudly when her auntie and Lea didn’t notice her arrival.

Lea and Helena turned their heads to the door’s direction.

“Kira!” Lea blurted out.

Kira walks towards the living room. She pecks on her auntie’s cheek.

“May I talk to you?” Helena asked as if she has an important thing to say.

Kira notices her auntie’s expression. She looked up at Lea but Lea just lowered her head. Kira looked back to her auntie.

“Why?” She asked.

Helena patted her hand on the sofa as if telling Kira to sit beside her.

Kira sat down beside her auntie.

“Kira, you don’t need to do this,” Helena said.

“What do you mean, auntie?” Kira asked with her brows knitted.

“I heard that you applied for a loan for my chemotherapy.”

“I’m sorry best, I just can’t lie to auntie.” Lea apologized.

Kira just sigh!

“Kira, I am old already, I have already done my part in this world,” Helena said.

“Auntie, I told you, I will do everything just to extend your life. Please, don’t say things like that!” Kira is about to cry.

Helena touched Kira’s face.
“Sssshhh…Don’t cry, alright?”

“Auntie, just promise me that you will fight, we will fight together, I won’t leave you alone,” Kira promised.



*The next morning*

The black Mercedes Benz stopped in front of a bungalow type house. The back seat’s door opened and came out a tall man with broad shoulders and a handsome face.

He has the aura of a strong and influential man. He is wearing a business suit! The man takes off his sunglasses and looked at the house in front of him. The driver of the car walked towards the gate and pressed the doorbell.

Inside the house…

Kira is getting ready for work when she heard the doorbell. Kira stopped what she’s doing and opened the front door.bShe stretched her neck to see who’s on the gate.

She saw a man wearing a black suit, he looked like a bodyguard in the movies that she watched.

Kira walks closer to the gate but she realized that the man in black isn’t alone. There is someone else with him.

The other man is wearing a navy blue business suit.

Well, she can’t lie. The man looked good, he has thick eyebrows, tantalizing eyes, small nose bridge, thin lips, and a cleft chin.

Kira froze for a moment, the man may look good but he looked so intimidating.

” Good morning, how may I help you?” Kira asked the man in black.

The man in black bowed his head, “Good morning.” He greeted and then he straightened his body and ask, “May I speak to Miss Kira Li?”

Kira knitted her brows, ‘How did this man know me?’ she asked her self.

“I… I am Kira Li, is there anything that I could do for you?” Kira asked again.

“Miss Li, my boss wants to talk to you,” The man said.

“Who’s your boss?” Though she has the idea, she still asks to make it sure.

The man looked at the person leaning on the car.

“It’s Mr. Timothy.” the man said.

Kira followed the man’s gaze.

“He is my boss, ma’am.”

Kira looked back at the man in front of her. “Why is he wants to talk to me?” she asked.

She doesn’t even know these men!

It’s better to be sure, there’s a lot of bad people nowadays!

Tim is leaning on the car and he’s almost out of patience, ‘Why is this woman is not letting us in?’ He mumbled.

He has been standing there for a while now!

After a while of watching, Tim couldn’t wait any longer, he walks closer to the woman and his secretary Coby, and joined their conversation.

“I want to talk to you personally,” Tim spoke as he took a stride closer to Kira and Coby.

Kira looked at the man who spoke.

“Why?” Kira asked.
“What do you want from me?”

“Are you not going to let us in first?” Tim asked the woman instead of answering her question.

“Why would I let you in?” Kira asked sternly.

“Because we are your guests!” Tim replied with a smile on his face.

“As I remember, I don’t expect guest this morning!” Kira replied.

“Miss Li, we are not bad people and we don’t have bad intentions, just let me in, and I have something to propose to you,” Tim said.

Kira looks at the man suspiciously, she tried to observe him, ‘this man doesn’t look like a scammer though!

Tim notices Kira’s suspicious look.

He puts his hands up, ” You can do a body check on us if you want.” Tim suggested.

” But I am sure, we don’t bring any deadly weapon, I can ?ssure you that I am a harmless person.”

“Do you want us to take off our clothes for you to make sure that we did not bring any weapons?” Tim asked.

“Don’t bother doing it!” Kira refused.

She sighs, and opens the gate and let them in.


Kira brought her guests inside the house.

Tim sat down on the sofa and crossed his legs.

“Do you want something to drink, Mister?” Kira tried to be polite and asked the man.

“Coffee, please!” Tim replied.

Kira turned and heads to the kitchen to prepare a coffee for her guest.
When Kira left, Tim gestured Coby to leave.

“What is it that you want?” she asked.

Tim did not hurry to answer Kira’s question, he picks up the cup of coffee and takes a sip before he put it down to the table.

Tim looked at the woman in front of her.

“First of all, I want to introduce my self to you. I am Timothy Tan.”

“Your bodyguard told me earlier,” Kira replied.

“Oh!” Tim blurted out.

“Anyways, I came here because I have a proposal for you,” Tim said.

“What proposal?” Kira asked.

“A marriage proposal,” Tim said straight forward.

Kira cough!
She suddenly chokes when she heard Tim’s answer!

‘Wait, what?!’
Did she hear him right?
Are her ears aren’t working good?
Or maybe she’s just hearing things?!

Tim just looked at Kira without a change of expression.
It took a while before Kira calmed down.

“Ehem!” Kira cleared her throat when she calms down.

“W-What…” Kira doesn’t know what to say!
“What did you just say?!” She asked.

“I said, a marriage proposal,” Tim said plainly.

“Ha!” Kira let out a short laugh


“Hey! are you trying to play a prank on me, huh?!” Kira said in an unbelievable expression!

“Do I look like I am playing a prank?” Tim asked back sternly.

Kira closed her eyes tightly as she took a deep breath.

“Mister, I got too much to think about, please don’t add to it, alright?!” Kira said sternly.

“Are you refusing my proposal?” Tim asked.

“Hey!” Kira is starting to get annoyed!

“I don’t care what kind of drug you’ve taken or what your problem is, but please Don’t try me, I have no time for this” Kira thought that Tim is just someone who had unstable mental health!

“Kira Joson.”

Kira automatically froze.

“That was your name before Helene Li adopted you, isn’t it?” Tim continued.

“But now, you are Kira Li, a twenty-four-year-old teacher in J International School, born on the fifth day of January year nineteen ninety-one.”

Kira was stunned when she heard Tim!

‘How did he know it?’ Kira thought.

“How did you know that?”
“Are you stalking me?!” Kira got alarmed!

“Hey! Are you a swindler, pretending to be rich and victimize people like me?!” Kira has gone paranoid!

Tim just smirked, “Do I look like a swindler to you?” he asked.

“Hey!” Kira has lost her temper!

“Why do you keep on asking me back whenever I ask you a question?!” She asked in a raised voice!

“I am an influential man, I can dig every little information about you.” Tim ignored Kira’s attitude.

“You’re a psycho!” Kira started to get scared!

“Leave now, before I call the police to send you to jail!” She threatened.

But Tim did not move, he is unmoved with Kira’s threat!

Kira picks her phone and shows it to the man.

“I am calling the police now!” She said bravely!

“Go on!” Tim said as he picks up the cup of coffee and sips on it again.

Kira started to dial the police’s hotline number.

“I heard that your auntie needs medical attention!”

Kira automatically stopped dialing and averted her gaze to Tim.

“I can provide her everything she needs if you’ll marry me,” He added.

“Who exactly are you?” Kira gets curious!

“I’m your future husband,” Tim replied.


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