STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 41 – 50

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 41 – 50

Park Sun’s house**

“I’ll miss you greatly when you’re finally gone” Riya’s mother, Mari said as the maids started packing her bags

“Me too mother, but I’m glad I’m finally getting married, you won’t believe I fell in love with him at first sight, though our first meeting wasn’t very pleasant but still…I love him so much, can’t wait to peck him” Riya replied and Mari laughed

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 41 – 50.

” I heard he’s very handsome, you know I wasn’t in town during the festival, I didn’t get to see him” Mari said

” He’s a good example of handsome, mother his handsomeness is blinding, can’t wait to carry his baby, I just fell in love with his authoritativeness” Riya replied

” I know you like that kind of men, but please…I have something to ask” Mari said

” Anything for you mother” Riya replied

“Everyone knows your arrogant and proud personality, everyone in Miryang is aware that the only daughter of the Park family… Riya Park is an arrogant peacock, can you please reduce the arrogance when you get married?” Mari said

” You don’t have to worry mother, I’ll handle everything carefully, I’ll be the the one to supervise his meals and everything concerning him, two days to come, I’ll become the wife of the second prince of Miryang, aren’t I so lucky?, It’s good to be pretty too, if I wasn’t pretty, King Jung Mal wouldn’t have noticed me for his son” Riya replied

“I can’t wait to see you getting married too, honestly I want to carry your child soon” Mari replied

” Riya” Park Sun said, coming into the room

Riya stood and rushed to hug him

“Habeoji (father)” she said

“Be good when you get to the palace, you can’t tarnish the image of the Park family” he said

” Yes father” she smiled.



“Your highness, Princess Royalty calls for you at the pavilion” a maid reported to Suzy inside her room

” Royalty?, Why?” She replied

“I have no idea your highness” the maid replied

Suzy sighed and stood then followed the maid out, she was led to the pavilion where Royalty is waiting with a big dinner table filled with different meals

“Why did you call for me?” Suzy asked

“Let’s eat dinner together” Royalty said

“Wae?” Suzy asked

“I.. just want to….. please” Royalty said pleadingly

Suzy hesitated before sitting with her

“I ordered them to add shrimps to the rice since you love shrimps so much, and I .. boned the fish myself, so enjoy” Royalty said with a big smile

Suzy started eating slowly, occasionally looking at Royalty

“The drinks” Royalty said and drinks were brought in

” It’s your favorite wine” Royalty said, pouring it into a cup for her

Suzy drank slowly, looking at Royalty throughout

“I brewed it myself, how’s it?” She asked

“Not bad” Suzy replied

” I’m glad you like it” Royalty smiled

“Why are you doing all these?” Suzy asked

” I wanted to be closer to you, that’s all I want, and I want us to forget all enmities, I know we’ve not been the best of friends but…..we can start gradually and eventually we’ll be…. and about Cory….it won’t be easy but I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll forget about him, that’s the only way he won’t be in danger, I hope you try and do the same” Royalty said and drank from the wine too

Suzy stared at her like she won’t stop, then she drank from her cup of wine again, thinking about what she just said

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 41 – 50



Kimora literally rushed to the flower garden when it’s night time but when she entered and blood came out of her nose, she rushed out, knowing that Jimin is not in there

She wiped the blood on her nose and sniffed, it’s a cold night and the cold is just much, she’s shivering slightly

“He must really be annoyed” she said, hoping he’ll just appear and give her a hug

She hugged herself and sniffed again, her nose is red and her lips is not exceptional as a result of the cold

She started walking back to the maids chamber with an heavy heart but she suddenly saw someone entering prince Cal’s chamber

Judging from his back view, it must be Darrin his dog

“Watching me?” She wondered and looked up at the sky

“The stars aren’t beautiful tonight” she thought, maybe because Jimin isn’t beside her

She rubbed her eyes to fight back her tears

“Petal..why aren’t you coming to see me” she wondered within herself..

She bent down sadly, still looking up at the starry sky..

“Jimin I miss you….I miss you so much,…. it’s so cold tonight” she whispered, burying her face on her knees

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 41 – 50


Gisaeng house**

Ginelle just finished serving the man she was assigned to for tonight

Normally he should use her till dawn but he says he’s busy so he has to go and that’s just too good for Ginelle

She finished up by 10 and got her share of the pay from mistress Yeo Sang before going to change

She changed to her normal clothes and wiped her makeup then left the house

She walked home under the shinning bright stars, it’s so cold tonight and she can’t help but miss Brayden like crazy

She kept thinking of him as she walked back home

She left her hair down, too tired to roll it into a bun so the cool night breeze moved it slowly

She stopped and looked at the stars. “I miss him so much, I want to see him” she said to herself

Since she told him she hates him two days ago, she has never come across him again

He once told her his house direction so she decided to go, she might get lucky and catch a glimpse of him

She walked as fast as her legs could carry her and soon she got there

She inhaled softly before tiptoeing to the front but she quickly stepped back when she saw him sitting under a tree in front of the house

Her heart started racing as she peeped at him

He’s the only one sitting there and it seems like he’s deep in thoughts

She remembered how she talked to him harshly two days ago

“He must have been so hurt” she thought, glancing secretly at him again

The bright star lights shone on his handsome face and she smiled when she saw it clearly

“I’m sorry” she said slowly

Her legs mistakenly hit a stone and it rolled down the place, making a loud noise

Her eyes widened and she stood still

“Who’s there!” She heard him asking

“He¢k” she said and started running off

She can hear his steps behind her as he ran after her so she increased her pace, running so fast

Suddenly she stopped hearing his footsteps but she kept running

She got home and immediately she entered and wanted to close the door, someone obstructed it and forcefully opened it

It’s him!

Her face showed how shocked she was as she stared unbelievably

“It was you” Brayden said, breathing heavily


” What were you doing in my house?” He asked, moving closer

” I… dunno” she replied, moving back

“You told me you hate me, so what are you doing in the house of the guy you hate” he said, still coming closer

” I…. just… wanted to check on you” she replied slowly

“Why?” He asked when she finally got to the b.ed and stopped moving, he stood in front of her , staring intently at her

“I dunno too….I just…found myself in…your house” she replied, avoiding his eyes

” I missed you” he said and that made her look at his face

Right now…she doesn’t want to lie again, not anymore since she feels the same

“Me too” she said, taking in her lip slowly, bashing her lids gently

He held her face in his palms suddenly

He kssed her upper lip and that prompted her to bring out the lower one from her mouth

Their hearts is busy thumping seriously

“You’re so beautiful” he said, dipping her hand in her hair, not staring away from her lips

“Brayden..” she said slowly, unsure of what to say next

“I love you” he said and slammed his lips on hers affectionately.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 41 – 50

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