SURROUNDED : Episode 1 – The End



Pastor Anthony mounted the podium.

-praise the Lord church!!!


-Thanks so much to you all for honouring this invitation. We were all here a year ago when deliverance was conducted on a brother and the manifestation was scary. I for one had a little fear in me (he sighed) it is good to serve God sincerely. If i had skeletons in my cupboard and conducted that deliverance, i would have dropped dead. Hold God firmly. Halleluyah.


-now, this brother came back last week. He started narrating his life’s story. Jesus!!!!! Heeeeey!!!!! Agghhh!!!! Brethren, things are happening. I sheded tears. I said no, alot of people need to listen to this, alot of people are in bondage, infact they are in the mist of their slave masters who keep praying for their freedom at thesame time tightening the bondage. What an irony!!!!! This programme tonight is been filmed. The world should know that they need ONLY GOD. Only God. For security purposes, please cameramen, his face must be covered. Thank you. As you listen to this testimony, let it push you closer to God. I bring to the stage, Brother Ogugua daniel okoroala.

As he mounted the stage there was shouting and clapping. People were like, wow, what a transformation !!!!! Is that the same guy on the night of deliverance? He has changed so much.

Ogugua mounted the podium. He sat on the seat kept for him. He smiled.

-praise the Lord church.


-first, i want to thank the Lord for saving me by bringing me into this church. I have been to churches, so many churches, what was happening was still happening. The grace for my deliverance is here. I’m thanking my pastor for this opportunity to share my life’s story to everyone. Thank you sir. As you listen, pray that the Lord will reveal what’s surrounding you so you can be delivered from it.


My name is Ogugua daniel okoroala. I am the last child in a family of six children. My father was so poor while we were growing up. He was the poorest amongest his brothers. Every other one of his brothers were stinkingly rich. My father’s poverty was smelling. We still lived in the red sand house then. I know how many times we harvested yam when it wasn’t time, we had to hide and eat i for fear of being caught by the villagers. It is a taboo to eat yam before iriji (new year festival) in my place. There’s this festival always done in my place they call MGBOCHI AGURU. It is a festival for cleansing hunger in the Land. It is performed by wives of Nzes and ozos. They cook assorted foods and present to the gods at a particular spot at the village square. For the sake of hunger and starvation, my siblings and i ate from those sacrifices. Infact, we hide in the bush near by. Once it is dropped, we turn it into our pots. The person or persons who brought the sacrifice is not ment to look back, he or she will die. So we use the opportunity well.

Our most elder, brother udoka was taken to the city to serve one man. He was just 13 years old. My mother cried. She didn’t want any of us to be servants in anybody’s house. She was once one and she knew what she suffered. My mother had this mark on her face. She said her madam deliberately gave her that mark so she won’t be more beautiful than her daughter. Mama instructed bro udoka that once they start mistreating him, he should steal their money and transport himself home.
Nothing my father did was moving. He was a very hard working man but his efforts yielded nothing. He had very rich brothers but they never helped.
One day, i fell sick. My father took me to a native doctor very far from our village. Immediately i got there, the native doctor took me and shaved off my hair and put the hair in a pot. He burnt it to ashes. He added the ashes into a cup of water and asked my father to drink it. I didn’t understand why. The native doctor bought eggs and laid them on my body. After few minutes, a snake crawled from a pot and was coming towards me, i started shouting but i could not move my body. The snake swallowed all the eggs then coiled around me. My father was crying and i was shouting. The snake remained around me for a long time. After everything, my dad warned me never to disclose it to anyone or i die.

I never knew, that was the beginning of the journey of bitterness in my life.

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