By Ella N.


“Georgia!!!” Caesar barked like a bulldog,banging on the door so loud and hard,but Georgia answered him not.

He began pacing around,and roughening his hair màdly. His heart pounding loudly and beating a thousand times in just a second.


Obviously,this marriage is never going to work,because what is this màdness? How can she poíson him?

Like,he’s going to lose it completely,right this moment,if Georgia doesn’t come out and tell him that it’s not true.

He tried to shove his fingers in his throat,but did not throw up like he expected.

Georgia will surely not be the end of him,never!

“She poìsoned my food? Georgia fcking poìsoned me in my own house!

She can’t be serious,can she?” Caesar suddenly calmed down and began questioning himself.

“But,wait. If she did not have any intentions of poìsoning them,why then did she decide to make the food that she’s fully aware,Cindy and I will eat?” He asked again.

~ Do you think I,Georgia Singto will enter the kitchen to make food for you and your amoeba girlfriend? I cooked for a reason ~

Those words suddenly ran in his head,and….

“Georgia, come out!!” He shouted. If not that he’s an adult, and the person he is,he would have bursted into a loud cry.

“She poìsoned me for real…she…

He felt Cindy’s hand on his shoulder.

“Baby, stop! Can’t you see she’s just making a fòol out of you? Do you think if she poìsoned the food,you’d still be here?” Cindy spoke calmly.

Caesar paused for a moment, and looked at Cindy.

He was so engrossed in the poisonéd food thingy that he did not even realize he was still standing there and nothing was happening, not even a stomach growl.

“She did not poìson it for real. She was only… I hate you,Georgia! With every fiber in me!” He shouted, and stormed out of the place, with Cindy following behind.

Meanwhile, Georgia has been laughing her intestines out.

The moment she shut the door,she landed on her bed and got herself into a round of laugh.

“So,Caesar can be this scared? Smokes! That was so hilarious,I can imagine his face of thinking that he was going to dìe” She laughed harder, holding her already hurting stomach.

She actually cooked because she felt like doing it.
Even with the maids in her father’s house,there are days she just decides to cook,especially when she comes back from work early.

So,she’s used to doing that and just felt like doing it today.

That’s why she decided to join the chefs in cooking,whether or not Caesar and his girlfriend were going to eat the food.



“I will deal with her, so much that she’s gonna leave this Mansion with me telling her to.

“I hate you,Georgia. More than anything in this life” Caesar spitefully said, still pacing around in his room.

He’s so angry at the facts that,he ate Georgia’s food,and she made a fòol out of him.

Each time he thinks about it,he feels like going insane.

How can she do that to him,in his own house? Making him act like a fòol in the presence of his workers. How could she be so wicked?

Who even asked her to make his food?

“If that’s a scheme to make me like you,then you’re a total loser, Georgia. I hate you!” He spat,with obvious hate in his voice.


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