By Ella N.

“Smokes! My bad. Kraisee,meet my best friend,Monique. Monique,meet Kraisee my….

Both Monique and Kraisee stared at Georgia,as they waited in anticipation.

Kraisee was seriously praying she says what he prays and hopes she says.


“Your….?” Monique questioned Georgia who was thinking of what to tell Monique who Kraisee is,to her.

She can’t say “ex”,because they actually did not have any breakup,neither did they have any issue.

And she can’t say “boyfriend” either,because she’s married now. That won’t be cool at all.

“Well….my ex boyfriend” She replied,nonetheless.
Kraisee’s happy face turned sour immediately on hearing that.

That wasn’t what he thought she was going to say.
He still let out a handsome smile anyway.

Monique gasped a little,taking time to look at Georgia,then at Kraisee who was busy gazing at Georgia,seriously.

Could this be the same guy Georgia had always talked about,while she was still in Law school,studying?

“Nice to meet you,Monique” Kraisee smiled,stretching out his hand for a handshake.

“Same here,Kra…

“The name’s Kraisee” He cut in,completing the name for her as she was finding it a bit hard to remember.

“Yeah,thanks” Monique replied,chuckling as they both shook hands,pleasantly.

“Where are you ladies up to? What are you doing in my area,by the way.

Do you stay around here,or something?” Kraisee asked three at a time,and Georgia couldn’t help,but to chuckle.

“We actually had an appointment with someone. So,we are done,and are just heading home now” Georgia replied,and he mouthed an “oh”.

An awkward silence ensued afterwards,with neither of them having anything else to say.

“Hey….mind if I get you ladies some cups of ice cream?” Kraisee broke the silence with a smile.

“Aww. Thank you,but…uhm,the weather is a bit cold,yunno. We might just freeze into ice” Georgia joked,and he chuckled. Monique did,too.

Her craziness is one of the things he has missed so much.

“Alright…alright. I seriously do not want to freeze anybody. I’m so happy to see you around my area though” He stated.

Georgia only smiled,holding her handbag tight as she and Kraisee both stare at each other. completely lost in their worlds.

“We should be on our way now” Monique said,and Georgia concurred with a nod.

“Right! Have a great day,you two” Kraisee said. They both replied him,positively before they began walking away.

“I miss you a lot,and I….I’m still very much in love with you,Georgia.

Wish you are always in my arms like you used to,and I wish I never left.

“It’s just…” He paused,stopping himself from saying whatever he wanted to say.


“Who is that guy?” Monique asked Georgia again. As if she did hear whom she said Kraisee was.

“I already told you he’s my ex,smokes!” Georgia scoffed with an eye roll.

“Yeah,right. Is he the same guy you always told me about while still in school?” Monique asked curiously.

“Uhm,yeah…?” Georgia replied,with a little shrug.

“Oh,wow! But,how come you never told me about your breakup?” Monique questions,as she drinks from her water bottle.

“That’s because we had no breakup” Georgia replied simply.


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