By Ella N.



“I am so gonna devour you,food” Georgia smiled happily,as she talked to her food like a crazy person.

That shows how much she loves and cherishes food. She can kll for it.


She had just reached the dinning room when Caesar,and his girlfriend entered the house together.

Georgia smirked the moment she sighted them. She dropped her food on the dinning,and walked to them,smiling knowingly.

Seeing the looks on their faces,just tells her that there was no pregnancy blah blah blah.

“Welcome back,Cindy. I kinda missed you though” She smirked,then rolled eyes at Caesar.

Even though her heart was fluttering so much,especially when she was close to Caesar,she could swear he heard her heart beats,but she was able to compose herself.

That’s what her silly heart does these days,it just keeps beating repeatedly whenever it sees Caesar.

Insane heart!

Cindy hissed,and muttered some inaudible words,as she watched Georgia walk away.

She already knows what Georgia is up to,but she wouldn’t let her know that she isn’t pregnant like she claimed to be.

Caesar only stood,saying nothing.

Has her màdness moved to another level,or what?

Because,what’s the meaning of the nònsense she just said?

So,she literally left her darn food to come spew rùbbish.

Those were all Caesar’s thoughts in his head,right at the moment.

Lol. If only he knew that Cindy already told the whole of Chiang Mai City that she is pregnant,he’d think no more.

Georgia stopped walking,and turned to them again.

“You told me about your pregnancy,Cindy…I mean,Cindy Ruslee.

“How did it go,and how old is the pregnancy?

Smokes! I really can’t wait to carry the baby” Georgia pouted mockingly,while Caesar’s eyes widened.

Did Cindy tell her that she was pregnant? Of all the people,is this totally insane Georgia?

Shit! What was Cindy thinking?!

“Oops! Guess I was the first to know about her pregnancy,what an honor” She smirked,seeing Caesar’s confused face.

“Yunno,Cindy. People with brains actually affirm things before they start spreading the news….but you…” She chuckled,clicking her tongue,and shaking her head mockingly.

Right that instance,both Caesar,and Cindy felt like sewing Georgia’s mouth completely.

“What exactly was your plan,when you stupìdly came to tell me that you’re are pregnant,huh?

“Oh,perhaps,I look like a Doctor,or…a midwife. Humph!” Georgia chuckled,and turned to Caesar.

“Tell your girlfriend to stay away from me,because I won’t hesitate to start doing what my sister,Alvira…does to st?pid people.

It’d be a great pleasure,if she becomes my first customer” Georgia warned. She left there instantly,heading back to the dinning.

Caesar’s heart literally jumped when Georgia made mentioned of Alvira.

It reminds him of the day she wanted to tie him like a gòat,and that made him pray immediately that she never comes his way.

If only he knew who is on the way,coming.

“Are you happy now,huh? Are you happy that you’ve given her the chance to make mockery of you?

“Fk! I am so disappointed,baby. Very much disappointed” Caesar finally said the word he had been avoiding to say to Cindy.

He left for his room,instantly as he was boiling with anger.

Cindy stood still for a while,before following up,but not without hearing Georgia chuckling at her,derisively.


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