By Ella N.


“Caesar!!” Georgia screamed when she saw Caesar in there,looking helplessly stvpid.

“Smokes! What the h’ll is this?” She unbelievably questioned no one in particular.




Alvira could be seen downstairs,walking around,aimlessly.

She just finished reading her books.

Well,she alone knows why she stayed up to study. It’s not like she’s got any forth coming exams,she just read for a reason best known to her.

After she had seen that everyone was gone,she walked straight to Caesar’s room,without wasting time.

Getting inside,and seeing Caesar sleeping peacefully,she smirked Knowingly.

Caesar was extremely tired after the much work he did earlier that evening.

He was so exhausted that he slept off like that,and couldn’t get up to lock his room door. Now giving Alvira free and easy access to his room.

Alvira bounced in with a wicked smile like she owns the room.
She dragged a chair very close to the bed,and sat on it,placing her legs on Caesar’s bed,her favorite thing(Headphones) over her head.

“Anyone who messes with my sisters,messes with me. I already told you that,but you still went against my rule” Alvira said,as she started pulling out a rope from her big pant pocket.

“Don’t worry,Brother-in-law. The rope is specially for you,because I just got it yesterday,and I haven’t used it on anyone”She ironically said to Caesar who is obviously long gone in his dream land.

It was just a mock though,because she knew he was deep in his sleep already.

She started by tying his legs first,professionally.

Caesar didn’t even shake a finger,he didn’t know someone was touching him.

Yes! That’s how good Alvira is,with what she does.

“I know my sister doesn’t want to say what you are doing to her,but I don’t need her to,because I know the shit you do.

“My sister is no trash,silly man.
She only married you because of the signed contract,else,you are nowhere near her match.

“Is it her beauty,brains,class?
Yeah,she’s got them all in one! So,stop messing with” Alvira said angrily,as she kept tying him up,until completely.

After she was satisfied with her work,she went back to sitting down,which she sardonically did with a smile.

Funny how she’s been smiling anyhow since she came to Caesar’s house.

Alvira doesn’t smile that much,but when she does,it only means two things.

It’s either she’s in a happy mood,or she’s up to no good. Which is béating,or tying sènseless people up.

As she sat back,she placed her legs on Caesar’s body this time,crossed them,then adjusted her headphones.

“Stupíd man,look how he’s stùpidly sleeping like a twelve months old pregnant elephant”She insulted,releasing her crossed leg,and placing it on his head this time,and that was when Caesar made a move.

He tried to change position,but couldn’t. The ropes were restraining him.

~What the h’ll is happening to me? ~

He wondered in his heart.

Alvira rolled eyes,and placed her legs down.

She stood up,walked to a switch,and turned the light on,then walked back and sat.

When Caesar’s sleepy eyes cleared,he widened them,and..

“The h’ll!!” He exclaimed fearfully,trying to get up again,but landed back on the bed.

Without waiting for him to say anything else,Alvira shut him immediately with a tape.

“Special wedding gift,Brother-in-law” She mocked,and began dragging him to the closet,where she threw him in after threwing his clothes out.

“Have a good night rest” She said it like a joke,and exited the room instantly. Leaving Caesar to kick his life out.


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