By Ella N.


“Fk!” He cvrsed,and started running out like a mãd man.

Why in the world is he acting like an insane person because of the guy he saw Georgia with.

This is definitely not just about his car that was bashed by Kraisee,this is totally a different mission.


Georgia is the main reason for his màdness right this moment.

His heart has suddenly started malfunctioning,and he’s not liking it,one bit!

But he can do absolutely nothing about it,because the heart has control over him,and not him over it.

With fast strides moves,he finally rushed out,breathing heavily like he just returned from a marathon race.

Luckily,he met them there. They were still standing,talking and laughing over only what God alone knows.

That laughter is driving Caesar madder.

How can she be that happy,laughing so much with a jerk that scratched his car?!

At a time,both Kraisee,and Georgia turned their gazes to his direction.

His fast,and noisy movement actually got their attention.

Georgia furrowed a little when she saw him coming in that manner.

Kraisee also furrowed,seeing Caesar too.

Wait! Isn’t this the guy who called his car an old jalopi,after he untentionally scratched his car,some days back?

He knew it! He knew that he had seen Caesar before,but he just couldn’t pin point where,or on what occasion.

He’s the same guy whom his friend,Lamon showed him the news of Georgia’s wedding.

This is the guy he saw in the wedding photos!

Wait! He’s also the popular actor everyone talks about.

So,this is her husband?!

The same guy who took Georgia away from him?

Now this is getting so interesting!

“How dare you come to my house after bashing my car?
Are you here to complete what you couldn’t finish,by setting it on ablaze this time?!”Caesar barked like an angry dog that was given no food to eat.

His gaze was solemnly on Georgia who was left in total confusion.

~ What is this jerk talking about? ~

Georgia thought dumbfoundedly.

“Dude,I already said I was sorry,and I didn’t intentionally bash your car” Kraisee spoke calmly,and Georgia got more confused.

“Be sorry by staying away from her,and my house!” Caesar spoke possessively,and Georgia frowned

“Okay! What’s going on here! You know him?” Georgia asked Kraisee.

Wait,why is Georgia asking Kraisee instead of him?
Shouldn’t he be the one Georgia would turn to and ask?

Caesar thought,as he got more angry.

“Yeah,our first encounter wasn’t so good. Who is he though?” Kraisee knowingly asked,whilst staring at Georgia intently with a handsome,but an intended smile.

Why did he ask such a question when he already knows he’s Georgia’s husband?

Well,he knows why he asked the already obvious question.

“Oh,it’s just my driver with amnesia,who thinks this house and cars belong to him. He’s lost one of his nuts too.

We shouldn’t let him make us late,so let’s go please” Georgia spewed out without blinking,or thinking twice.


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