By Authoress Tee

Chapter 11

Draco smiled sadly touching the picture in the locket, it was the only thing left of his mum his dad had given him.

He cherished it more than anything he ever owned, to him his whole world was there, right there in that locket.


“More, he said referring to the maids and more wine was poured into his glass cup.

After taking some sips, he closed his locket and dropped the cup on the table as he stood up to go to bed.

“Hi love, Someone called from his back as he took few steps to the stairs.

“Lyra?, He muttered surprised to see the girl smiling in front of him.

“Missed me?, she winked, waving her hand in a childish way.

“What are you doing here?, He asked with a slight frown.

“Back to my rightful place silly, she replied with a smirk.

?Draco’s Study?

“Why exactly did you say brought you to my house?, Draco asked Lyra rudely as he sat down.

“Never knew there was a rule between a fiancee visiting her fiance, Lyra replied, touching Draco’s awards on the shelf.

“Thought you have learnt to give up on those words, he frowned.

“They never slipped my mine for once, she smirked turning her gaze to him.

“Then I should wish you a happy time dreaming, he smirked back.

“Am going to be yours Draco, you should learn to live by that now, Lyra said walking to him.

“I have told you countless times Lyra, that is left for me to decide, so you can stop whatever absurd thoughts you’re having, Draco replied opening up a book.

“Whatever, now about that pretty little girl?, she smiled deviously and he shot her a cold look.

“And what’s there about her?.

“Found it strange you keep pets now.

“Does that really surprise you?, He asked with a smirk.

“Of course, knowing clearly who you’re, she replied. “The great Draco no longer feeds on his pet but keep it alive, she added with a devious smile.

“Learn to live by change love, he smiled and got up. “If you would excuse me, I got important stuff to do, and I hope you don’t plan on staying long, he said and disappeared.

“What game do you have up your sleeve this time Draco?, Lyra muttered to herself as she stared into space.

?Business Meeting?


“I must say your proposal is very lovely Mr Grey, one of the men said and smiled keeping his cup of coffee down.

“Thanks, yours was quite interesting, Draco smiled back.

“You’re just the type of business man we would love working with, your ideas are superb, the other man said and he smiled shortly.

“Am sure these would bring a great progress to our companies, the first man said as the box of cash was opened, they exchanged fierce gazes at each other as they stared at the staked up cash.

“A huge progress it would be, Draco said with a smirk and signaled his guards to take the money.

“We look forward to a wonderful collaboration then, they stood up and shook hands with a short smile.



“Is the deal done?, the man on the other side of the phone asked.

“Yes, we got the tough tiger, one of the men said with a devious smile.

“He wasn’t actual proving tough, had a cheerful business look on, the other man added.

“You scumbag, you really don’t know a Dvil’s smile when you see one, the man on the phone replied with a hiss.

“Still keep your eyes pilled, a sleeping be.ast ain’t a d.ead one, He added before hanging up.

“Well let’s pray it doesn’t wake up, one said as they chuckled and drove off.



The man stared lost at the beauty that walked seductively to him, the girls hovering around him weren’t worth his attention anymore.

“What planet are you from?, Cause I doubt earth houses such being as you my lady, the man said and kssed her raised hand.

“Please to meet you sir, the girl said with a charming smile.

“And am beyond pleased to meet you too, he smiled back sheepishly and ladies around glared hatefully at her.

“Please, he said turning his right hand at a direction, she nodded and followed him.

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