By Authoress Tee

Chapter 1

?Draco’s Mansion?

Those eyes fixed it’s gaze at nothing exactly but just observe the movement of every single thing outside.

His blank mind had no thoughts swaying in it, nothing seemed to amuse him at all.

A knock from the door drifted his eyes from the window.

“Excuse me sir, your attention is needed, someone said from the door after a knock.


He walked to the door and it got opened for him, the guards who opened it gave a slight bow each.

His gaze turned Mr Tom,

“What is it Tom?, He asked dryly.

“You have a visitor sir, Mr Tom replied.

“A visitor?, He raised an eyebrow and he nodded, then he followed Mr Tom as he lead to way.

“Where is Pearl?, He asked.

“She’s still in her room, must still be asleep, he replied replied as they went down through the elevator.

“Asleep? Hmmm…, he frowned.

“Sorry sir, I will tell the maids to go wake up her up, Mr Tom said and he shook his head in disapproval.

“Let her be, I will send for her when I need her, he replied and Mr Tom nodded.

The elevator opened and they stepped into the living room, seeing the back of the person who came visiting, he frowned.

“Hi Draco, the man turned to him with a devious smile on and his hands in his pockets, a man in his late 40s.

“What are you doing here Seth?” Draco asked still frowning as he went to take a seat.

“Can’t your dear uncle pay you a visit anymore?” Seth asked with his cunning smile.

“Dear uncle my a$s” he snapped with a scoff.

“You should learn to welcome me warmly you know, Seth responded sitting.

“Don’t get too comfy and tell me what the h’ll brought you to my house” Draco said angrily.

“Now, now dear nephew you always break my heart each time you talk like that. The word “Respect” still lives”.

“I don’t think it would live anymore, if you don’t tell me the need for this fking visit”.

“Wanted to know if you have considered the offer I made earlier?” He said.

“What offer?” He asked back with a frown.

“The company” he replied with a short smile.

“Ha!” Draco laughed shortly. “What irritates me most about you dear uncle, is how you don’t learn to catch on fast” he said with a mocking smile.

“A company you once pulled to it’s debts, now you plan on getting it back as it has returned to the peak” He added with his eyebrow up.

“You seem to forget that’s rightfully mine, and I can have it back whenever I want” Seth replied sternly.

“You mean rightfully your brother’s, who you destroyed like the company” Draco responded with a smirk and Seth swallowed hard with a frown.

“If that’s all you came for, the door is open now” he smiled deviously.

“Right, why waste my time on a single company, when I have lots more.

Not like getting one more would be much of a trouble” Seth smiled back deviously.

“Am sure it won’t” Draco replied with a nod getting up as Seth stood up too.

“Do come by some other uncle” it was my pleasure having you here today, he added, stretching his hand for a handshake.

“Of course dear nephew” he smiled deviously shaking him and he read his unspoken words through those cold eyes.


Draco went back upstairs after Seth left, no one needed a soothsayer to predict the murderous cold look in his eyes and face.

Each step he took past the greeting maids and guards, they bowed fearfully and kept shaking with great fear in them.

He stopped on his tracks as he walked to the front of Pearl’s personal maid, and he turned his gaze to the scared maid.

“Why isn’t she up yet?” He asked with that deep cold voice of his.

“S… she, she went to bed very tired last night” she stuttered with her head down.

“Tell the cooks to get my breakfast ready, wake Pearl up and get her dressed, then tell her to join me in my room right away” he ordered and she nodded, hurrying off.


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