By Authoress Tee

Chapter 71

?Global Group?

Amber has had this cheerful smile ever since she came to work.

Everyone found it strange and wondered what happened cause that is unlike her.

“What happened to Miss flat a$s?” Britney said as Amber walked past them with her smile on.


“I think she got h!t on the h.ead by a burglar” Kendrick replied.

“Whenever wtches smile, it means one thing, they’re up to another evil act” a worker said and they all nodded.

“Just wish boss could get rid of her and I’ll stop seeing her annoying face” Britney muttered, folding her arms.

“You’re looking pretty today” Ken smiled at her.

“So I’ve been ugly the previous days” she glared.

“No baby, you have always looked good” he said and pecked her cheek before running off.

Britney blushed a little but came back to her senses immediately.

“Hey! Come back here. Who said you could peck me?” She shouted and ran after him not minding the fact that they’re in the company.

Other workers in the section laughed at their ¢razy act.



Getting to a hidden spot, Amber brought out the tiny bottle in her bag. It’s content is a darkish one.

“Time for a happy ending” she smiled d’vilishly, rubbing her fingers on it.

She put the bottle back in her bag and adjusted her clothes before walking away.


?Pearl’s Room?

Pearl stepped out of her changing room with her new outfits on.

It’s a white hanging tank top, which is revealing her cI.eavages and a black baggy trouser.

She looks sassy and hot in the outfit. Her almost invisible belly button made her flat tummy more sexy.

“Ahumm!!!” She cleared her throat to gain the attention of Evie, who is on her phone.

Evie blinked repeatedly because of her dressing. Instead of talking, she stood up and knelt in front of her.

“Will you marry me?” She blurted out, kneeling in a proposing gesture.

“Yes I will” Pearl replied and pretended to accept a ring dramatically.

She kssed her hand and stood up.

“You should really become an actress” Pearl said and laughed.

“You look freaking hot girl” Evie complimented.

“Thanks momma!”

Evie was about talking but stopped when her phone made a beeping sound.

She opened it and smiled heartedly.

“My baby wants me” she said.

“Not again!” Pearl frowned childishly.

“Am sorry princess, promise to spend the whole day with you tomorrow”.


“With my heart baby” she replied.

“Okay!” Pearl sighed.

“I love you” Evie smiled and planted ksses all over her face, making her giggle.

“Bye” Pearl muttered as she closed the door.

She sighed out, feeling bored already. With Evie gone it means it’s just her again.

Turning back to her room, her body went limp. Adonis is sitting on her couch with his legs crossed.

“Hi doll!” he smiled with a wave.

“Ho.. how did you get in here?” She stuttered and swallowed hard, feeling scared. Her legs were already shaking.

“You said you believe in supernaturals, I don’t think my sudden presence should be a huge surprise” He said and appeared in front of her.

“So you’re one all this while?” Pearl muttered with a broken voice and he nodded.

“You don’t have to be scared of me, if I wanted to hurt you it would have been a long time ago”.

He raised his hand to pat her hair with a reassuring smile. Pearl began to feel free again.

“I missed you”.

“I missed you too and our painting play time” she smiled while he chuckled lightly.

“You look extremely beautiful” He said and hugged her and she hugged him back, tightening the hug.

The thought of Draco flashed into her mind and she broke the hug hurriedly.

Adonis sensed her trouble.

“I.. I don’t think you should be here, my master wouldn’t be pleased” she muttered.

“Close your eyes” he said, ignoring her last words.

Pearl reluctantly closed them and he took them out of there.

Opening her eyes, her gaze fell on the most beautiful place she has seen, aside the one she sees in her dream.

“Wow Adon! It’s beautiful here” a wide smile curved on her face.

“I knew you love it” Adonis smiled charmly.

They’re in a beautiful meadow filled with magnificent flowers that produce sweet scents.


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